Broaching the Topic of MPS: Where to Begin with Clients

Attention, dealers. Who wears the decision-making pants in your family of customers? Obviously, it varies depending on the product or service offering. On the subject of managed print services (MPS), many will point toward the chief financial officer. If the value proposition
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MPS Can Be a Launching Pad for New Services

MPS is about adding value, and if a provider has built its tools and infrastructure properly—or found the right partner—then it has options for expanding its managed services beyond print. “We’re a managed services provider for managed business services,” said Doug Johnson, chief
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Between the Lines: Mixed Messages about MPS

After interviewing MPSA President Greg Walters and attending Photizo Transform back in the Spring, I get the feeling that managed print services is alive and well and continues to present an opportunity for dealers of all stripes. However, after talking to various dealers over
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