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Fujifilm Launches $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Xerox for Nixing Deal

It didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop. Fujifilm Holdings has taken Xerox to court, seeking more than $1 billion in damages for a breach of contract after the Norwalk, CT-based manufacturer announced it would no longer pursue the proposed merger between Xerox and Fuji...
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Marketing to the Masses: Is it Time to Rebrand?

OK, so we’ve just about hit the midway point of 2018, as incredible as it may seem. Time to focus on following through with those business plans and plow through the third quarter with a vengeance prior to the holiday season. And perhaps, just maybe, it might be time to revisit...
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Digging for Data: Capture Solutions Complement Dealer’s Enterprise Content Management Platform

To err is human, but there is no forgiveness for users whose repository of information is flawed. Content management explodes on the launching pad when content fidelity is compromised. Fortunately, there is a wealth of solutions that can ensure optimal confidence in the...
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Visual Edge Technology: Owners on the Same Page, Writing a New Chapter for Office Technology Dealerships

Brian Frank had a pretty good idea of what the future would look like for the office technology dealer universe, and the president of Graphic Enterprises Office Solutions wanted to play a big role in shaping that future for his company by following an M&A path to growth....
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