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Kyocera Accelerates at FY17 Business and Technology Conference

At the KDA FY17 Business and Technology Conference at the Omni hotel and resort in Orlando, Florida, the theme was “Accelerate.” During the welcome reception on Monday evening, Ed Bialecki, Senior Vice President of Sales announced the company’s goals for 2016. “Our strategy at...
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Difference Maker Spotlight: Continuum’s Michael Amiri

Michael Amiri, Director of Dealer Services for Continuum, states that the best advice he ever got was to “Listen more than you speak.” That ability to listen has certainly been critical in earning the respect of his peers and helping him communicate the value proposition of...
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Sales & Service

12 Tips on How to Return Leased Copiers

Over the years I would say that 90 percent of my clients leased their copiers with an option to buy the copier at the end of the term. Most of these leases had a buyout option for FMV (Fair Market Value). The general idea of an FMV lease is that the customer has no intention of...
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Tips for Hiring and Building Your Team

No matter what part of the office equipment business you are in, finding the right people for your team is probably one of your biggest challenges. That’s because everyone is looking for the same qualities and experience for a given role, and often you are competing with...
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