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Avoid Liability and Keep Your Print Software Updated

Outdated software is a huge liability for enterprise IT teams and their broader organizations. When technology is not updated and software is used long after it’s supported, businesses risk gambling their financial resources, security, and reputation. In one famous example, the...
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As Winds of Change Blow, Sharp Difference Maker Akisa Matsuda Never Stops Learning

In many cases, change can be slow to come about, whether it’s related to technology, culture or societal norms. Invariably, change prevails, however, and takes hold in the blink of an eye. Akisa Matsuda has first-hand knowledge of the impact of change and its acceptance. The...
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Sales & Service

Attention Sales Leaders: How Skilled are Your Sales Reps at Opening New Conversations?

Conversations are the strongest sales tool that sales reps have in order to effectively build credible relationships with their clients, their brand and their company. Unfortunately, many in sales believe their customers enjoy working with them because they have the best products...
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It Takes an Industry Village to Embrace Everything-as-a-Service

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” has the ability to take root, in its philosophy, with the everything-as-a-service movement as it applies to the office technology universe. After all, it requires more than just one or two of the industry’s largest...
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