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Like Rock and Roll, the Dealer Channel Is Here to Stay

You may have noticed a theme among many of the major manufacturers at their recent dealer and media events. They love the channel more than ever, and they believe that success of their new initiatives and product lines are heavily dependent on the success of their dealers. Xerox,...
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Diverse Printing Environments Create Complexity for MPS Accounts

An assessment of a prospect’s printing environment should be part of every MPS proposal. Done properly, it will show where an MPS program can bring value and properly set expectations. Infrastructure providers offer help in this area, too. Another advantage of an assessment is...
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Sales & Service

How Social Turns Sales Reps’ Downtime into Prospecting Time

Face to face interactions are typically viewed as the single most valuable activity by any sales professional. However, opening the door and gaining a seat at the business table is tough. How does a sales rep in a highly connected, digital business world capture the attention of...
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Why You Don’t Buy a Copier from the Web

With a recent appointment, my sales process took a few steps back when my prospect (net new client) challenged my pricing for a new A3 black Ricoh device. They stated that the price of the same device on the web was $2,500 less than my price and wanted to know why we were so much...
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