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Between the Lines: Who’s Making a Difference in the Document Imaging Industry?

This month in ENX magazine we’re celebrating the Difference Makers from the Document Imaging community. These folks represent all corners of the industry, from the OEMs, to services and solutions providers, to supplies folks, to analysts, to social media mavens, to speakers, and...
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Between the Lines: Before All This

How often do you step back and remember what it was like before all this? I do it all the time. It truly is amazing all the technology we have today to help us do our jobs. Take my job for example. I still don’t know how I wrote and rewrote articles on a typewriter as compared to...
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Sales & Service

Color Copier Cost Per Page Survey for Segment 3 (No Minimum)

I thought it was time to report on some of our Color Cost Per Page Surveys that we’ve been running on the Print4Pay Hotel Survey Page. Not a scientific poll, but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that our P4P’ers (Print4Pay Hotel members) are right on track since...
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3D Printers and Copiers, Is There a Common Thread?

That was the deal when I was in grammar school in the sixties. If you needed a copy of something, you went to the local library. I guess what I remember most about those machines is that a copy cost a nickel. The top of the copier had a rubber mat to put the original under and...
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