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Konica Minolta Webinar Explores Evolution of AI in the Workplace

People of a certain age fondly recall cartoons from the 1950s and 1960s that featured the home of tomorrow and all of the technologies that would simplify life, from robots serving our every need to hovering automobiles. Many of the predictions were laughingly far off the mark....
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Breaking the Chains (and Threats) to Unleash the Power of Big Data (Part One)

Scottsdale, AZ—For the second time in the last four years, attendees of the Executive Connection Summit were favored by the oratory skills of Joseph Bradley, vice president, Internet of Things for Cisco. OK, maybe “psyched” is a more appropriate description, as Bradley clearly...
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Sales & Service

Sometimes We Forget to Mention All of the Value We Provide When Selling Copiers

Tonight, I find myself doing an overnight in Philadelphia. My day tomorrow will consist of consuming additional knowledge about ink technology which will one day replace toner technology.  However, that’s not want I want to blog about tonight. Last night I found myself...
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How Social Turns Sales Reps’ Downtime into Prospecting Time

Face to face interactions are typically viewed as the single most valuable activity by any sales professional. However, opening the door and gaining a seat at the business table is tough. How does a sales rep in a highly connected, digital business world capture the attention of...
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