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Toshiba LEAD 2018 Empowers Art of Business, Providing Tools to Craft Masterpieces

Las Vegas—Agile, bold, creative, determined and empowered. Those ABCs of characteristics certainly exemplify the approach employed by Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) were on full display during the company’s sixth LEAD...
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The New Customer

Make no mistake about it: the market is in charge. As a provider of services, the best you can hope for is to understand your customer better than the competition, give them what they want, anticipate their wants, needs and demands, and be as multimodal as possible in your...
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Sales & Service

Broaching the Topic of MPS: Where to Begin with Clients

Attention, dealers. Who wears the decision-making pants in your family of customers? Obviously, it varies depending on the product or service offering. On the subject of managed print services (MPS), many will point toward the chief financial officer. If the value proposition...
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Visual Edge Technology to Host its Presidents Meeting at BTA National Conference

Canton, OH (Sept. 10, 2018) — Visual Edge Technology has announced it will be co-locating its quarterly meeting at the 2018 BTA National Conference in New York City, bringing presidents from its family of companies. Visual Edge Technology is comprised of a group of 34 office and...
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