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Between the Lines: It’s Time for the 2015 Elite Dealer Nominees to Get it On if You Haven’t Got it On Already

Let’s get it on! Shades of Marvin Gaye there, but the deadline for us to receive your completed Elite Dealer nomination forms is September 1 and that date is fast approaching. I can see it clearly on my calendar. Over the years I’ve done my best to streamline the nomination form...
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Between the Lines: Sometimes You Can’t Know Everything

I interview and shoot the you know what with a lot of people in this industry, including Presidents & CEOs, sales managers and sales reps, service managers and service techs, marketing executives, and analysts and consultants. Should I be surprised when someone tells me they...
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Sales & Service

Contex HDiFLEX Scanner Spec/Feature Review

Back in the day, there were no automatic document feeders on copiers, just a platen (glass table) that you would place the original on, and then make the copy of the document. It was, as I called it, “one on and one off,” meaning you could only place one document at a...
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How I Turned $15 into a $24K Opportunity

Fifteen stinking dollars!  That was all it took for me to get in on a $24K opportunity! If you’re a P4P’er (Print4Pay Hotel) member, you’re aware that once a week (Sunday nights, except in the summer), I send an update of the past weeks threads on the Print4Pay...
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