Welcome to ENX MarketPlace

We are excited to introduce ENX MarketPlace, the office technology business hub that connects fellow dealers throughout the country. The MarketPlace is a forum for dealers looking to buy or sell a business, source employees or forge partnerships. Whether you’re looking to sell and retire; seeking to buy a dealer in the Chicago area to expand your reach; hunting for a superstar sales rep for the West Coast; or wanting to locate a dealer to assist you with installations or service in another part of the country, this is the forum for you. ENX MarketPlace represents the next generation of classified advertising, sharing your business proposals through all three ENX Magazine outlets—the print edition, our enxmag.com website and weekly enewsletter, The Week in Imaging.

The Benefits of ENX MarketPlace

For 30 years, ENX Magazine has served as a trusted source of connecting dealers with the products, people and technology that they require to be successful in today’s evolving business climate. The MarketPlace aligns like-minded dealers and other providers to the industry in a way that facilitates partnership opportunities at every level. Whether it’s seeking to engage buyers or sellers; searching for sales reps, managers or other personnel; or searching for potential business engagements with dealers in another part of the country; the ENX MarketPlace is a forum to address any need or desire. We’ve long endeavored to “engage ‘n exchange,” and this hub provides a platform to take your business to the next level. With 17,000 print subscribers, 10,000 weekly enewsletter readers and 20,000 unique visitors to our website each month, ENX MarketPlace provides you with the visibility to gain your desired connections.

Join the ENX MarketPlace

We’re offering MarketPlace “booths” for the introductory rate of $350 per month. A MarketPlace booth enables users to showcase up to 10 separate listings per month, which will be featured in our magazine and website, and highlighted in our weekly enewsletter. Click on the radio button to access the submission form. For more information, email erik@enxmag.com or susan@enxmag.com.

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