Elite Dealers: Under $5 million

4 The Office
Pittston, PA

Carmen Pitarra

Year Founded: 2006
President/Owner: Carmen Pitarra
Number of Employees: 6
Primary Vendors: Xerox, HP, Sharp
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Axess, Printsmart, online store (40,000-plus office supply items)
Primary Leasing Partners: Xerox Financial Services, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Furniture (120%), equipment and service (150%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: 4 The Office successfully transitioned into ECI Solutions’ e-automate ERP software and improved all aspects of the business process internally.

Why We Consider 4 The Office Elite:

  • Web sourcing. Search engine optimization remains a top priority for the dealer, which continues to reap double-digit sales growth online, including some large companies for service and equipment.
  • Top takedown. 4 The Office secured business with a local school district that featured 20 machines with a service agreement, including eight Xerox D series units, A3 and A4 products, and print management.
  • Local exposure. The dealer is engaging with community organizations such as Little League, including team sponsorship and multiple sign placements for added exposure.
  • Community support. 4 The Office supports local non-profit organizations through donations of money, equipment and supplies, as well as providing time and resources for community events.

Advanced Business Solutions LLC
St. Augustine, FL

Year Founded: 2004
President/Owner: Adam Gregory
Number of Employees: 7
Primary Vendors: Xerox, OKI Data, Lenovo, ClearTouch
Primary Solutions Offerings: Xerox
Primary Leasing Partners: LEAF, Wells Fargo, CIT, Xerox Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Advanced Business Solutions sold its Atlanta operation and focused on growth at its Florida office.

Why We Consider Advanced Business Solutions Elite:

  • New initiatives. Advanced Business Solutions’ technicians collaborated with the company’s admin to develop a new service offering, which has been warmly received by clients. The dealer also augmented its inbound and outbound marketing strategies through increased use of social media.
  • Big scores. Two of the top new contracts for Advanced Business Solutions were with a large health care provider and a facilities management group.
  • Employee-friendly. The teamwork exhibited by Advanced Business Solutions employees is rewarded through company trips. The dealer also relies on employee feedback to develop an enhanced business model.
  • Charitable endeavors. The company makes donations to non-profit organizations, schools and churches. In addition, it sponsors not only local youth teams, but also Chamber of Commerce events.

Choice Office Equipment and Supplies
Willowbrook, IL

Year Founded: 2010
President/Owner: Tod Alsip
Number of Employees: 12
Primary Vendors: Kyocera Copystar, FP Mailing
Primary Solutions Offerings: Kyocera solutions
Primary Leasing Partners: TIAA Bank, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (30%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Choice Office Equipment and Supplies has been able to deliver a consistently strong customer experience for clients due largely to its ability to hire and retain the best employees.

Why We Consider Choice Office Equipment and Supplies Elite:

  • Quick turn. With the addition of Kyocera Fleet Services, Choice Office Equipment and Supplies can offer full remote and on-site service support and supply replenishment.
  • Contract success. The dealer’s top takedown of 2019 was a large and growing health care provider with multiple locations.
  • Custom solutions. Rather than trying to force a client to use a specific program, Choice Office Equipment and Supplies customizes the program to fit their particular needs. Their customers appreciate the flexibility.
  • Community caring. The company makes donations of money and equipment to a variety of local causes, and its employees participate in various fundraising activities.

ClearView Business Solutions, LLC
Tampa FL

Year Founded: 2014
President/Owner: Matt Lane
Number of Employees: 18
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, KIP, Lexmark, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Drivve, ECI Software
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $2.5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Color MFPs (30%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: ClearView recorded a 40% increase in revenue over the past year.

Why We Consider ClearView Business Solutions Elite:

  • Namesake objective. ClearView Business Solutions believes every business deserves to have a clear understanding (or view) of all expenses associated with their copiers and printers. The dealer’s simple qualification and approval process ensures the best use of its customers’ time when choosing an office equipment vendor.
  • Industry kudos. The company has been recognized by Toshiba as a ProMasters Service Elite dealer for quality service and support. GreatAmerica bestowed its Prestige Partner honor on ClearView for the fifth year in a row.
  • Game on. ClearView Business Solutions recently invested in a gamification application that makes it more entertaining for its sales team to prospect.
  • Supplying hope. The dealership donates copiers, printers, toner, parts and service to non-profits and startup companies in need. ClearView also sponsors and participates in a 5k run that supports nonprofits.

Fort Myers, FL

Year Founded: 2002
President/Owner: Cynthia Duff
Number of Employees: 17
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Xerox, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: 1mage Software, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: Wells Fargo, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Wide-format (300%), rentals (21%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: CopyLady donated 10% of its profits back to the local community.

CopyLady executives Cynthia Duff, president and CEO; and Dan Detrick, vice president

Why We Consider CopyLady Elite:

  • Pit prowess. To promote the company’s two-hour, on-site service guarantee, CopyLady changed its technicians’ polo top to a NASCAR-style bright-blue shirt with checkered flags and logos for the company and the service guarantee. With the techs’ outfit resembling that of a racecar pit crew, it’s a conversation starter for CopyLady’s commitment to fast and accurate service.
  • Top contracts. The dealer landed a pair of key wins in 2019; one was the largest law firm in its county, the other is the biggest interior decorator in southwest Florida. The latter included copiers and service for multiple offices across several counties.
  • Selfless approach. The “service above self” company culture is embodied by executive and team member participation in volunteer activities at women’s shelters, food banks and community clean-ups. The activities have a salutary effect on building camaraderie among the employees.
  • Female empowerment. CEO Cynthia Duff participates in local business workshops as a guest speaker to empower other women to achieve success and confidence in business.

Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies
Columbus, OH

Year Founded: 1979
President/Owner: Karen Hoskinson (president), John D. Hoskinson II (vice president)
Number of Employees: 18
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Lexmark, Kyocera, Muratec, HP, Fujitsu
Primary Solutions Offerings: Field2Base, Ancora, Formed A.I., Simply Paperless, SentryFile
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Hardware (25%), solutions (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies reinvigorated its culture with the addition of new employees with fresh ideas.

Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies executives (from left): John Hoskinson Sr., founder; Karen Hoskinson, president; JD Hoskinson, vice president

Why We Consider Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies Elite:

  • Happy anniversary. The dealer is working on a marketing campaign in conjunction with its 40th anniversary. A series of events will include an open house and showcase opportunities that will pull in the community and other businesses, in addition to clients and prospects.
  • Contract success. There were two pivotal takedowns for Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies, including a hardware deal for a manufacturer that provides interior accessories for automotive vehicles. The dealer also had success in automating a number of construction companies’ business processes.
  • Industry honors. The company is a two-time winner of the Top Women-Owned Businesses honor for central Ohio. GreatAmerica also cited Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies as a Dealer of Distinction and a Prestige Partner.
  • Community awareness. The company supports multiple non-profit organizations through donations of money, time and resources. Churches are another target of the dealer’s generosity in an effort to help them enhance their technology.

Premium Digital Office Solutions
Parsippany, NJ

Year Founded: 1999
President/Owner: Alan Schwartz, Van Seretis (managing partners)
Number of Employees: 16
Primary Vendors: Muratec, Lexmark, Brother, Panasonic, Neopost, Dahle, Konica Minolta
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, All Covered, Ademero
Primary Leasing Partners: TIAA Bank, Wells Fargo, GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, DLL, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Color MFPs (20%), Printing services (20%), A4 (30%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Premium Digital Office Solutions added All Covered IT and VoIP solutions, giving it a complete approach to the office environment.

Premium Digital Office Solutions team members (from left): Van Seretis, Alan Schwartz, Gary

Why We Consider Premium Digital Office Solutions Elite:

  • New partners. In addition to onboarding All Covered’s IT and phone offerings, Premium Digital Office Solutions turned to Brother for incremental business and MPS within its customer base, which has already paid dividends.
  • Proper match. The biggest win for Premium Digital Office Solutions in 2019 was a non-profit client that included the installation of 50-plus machines. In right-fitting equipment within the client’s facilities, the dealer was able to reduce costs, as color jobs can now be sent to the proper device instead of desktop color printers.
  • Familiar faces. The dealer believes it is vital for the sales force to establish personable one-on-one relationships with clients, and not rely on phone calls and email blasts to forge connections. Premium Digital Office Solutions wants to make each client feel as if they are the firm’s only customer.
  • Benchmark excellence. In 2018, Premium Digital Office Solutions was presented the Excellence Award by the U.S. Institute of Trade & Commerce for exceeding industry benchmarks for all of its shipments.

Team Office Technologies
Austintown, OH

Year Founded: 2003
President/Owner: Thomas Reeveley
Number of Employees: 26
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Lexmark, Brother, OKI Data, Epson, HP, Fujitsu, KIP, Dell
Primary Solutions Offerings: Adobe, Drivve, eBridge, PaperCut, Square 9, Pharos, PSIGEN, Kofax, cybersecurity, computer network support
Primary Leasing Partners: LEAF, Wells Fargo, Marlin
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $3.5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed services, IT support, copiers, VoIP
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Team Office Technologies continues to convert clients to a fully managed business-process solution, managing their servers, workstations, copiers/MFPs and business applications.

Why We Consider Team Office Technologies Elite:

  • Vertical solution. The dealer custom developed document management software for the title documents industry.
  • Client success. Team Office Technologies secured a deal with a legal client that entailed Kofax eCopy scan stations and a live query connector to Time Matters software.
  • Task masters. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, Team Office Technologies handles many challenging projects that involve multi-tier integrations.
  • Helping hands. Team Office Technologies provides copier donations, along with gift baskets and certificates, in support of local events, as well as goodie bags for children’s Christmas parties.

Upstream Office Solutions
Tampa, FL

Year Founded: 2012
President/Owner: Mark Wild
Number of Employees: 9
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Kyocera, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, SentryFile
Primary Leasing Partners: TIAA Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Service (14%), sales (13%), supplies (8%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Upstream Office Solutions increased its share within customer accounts through several large equipment upgrades.

Why We Consider Upstream Office Solutions Elite:

  • Growth initiatives. Expanding its managed print services platform has been critical for Upstream Office Solutions, including current clients and prospects.
  • Client success. The biggest takedown in 2019 for Upstream Office Solutions was a 21-branch health care provider with new MFPs in a deal worth $210,000.
  • Earning power. The dealer abides by the philosophy of “you get out what you put in” when it comes to employees. The result is a strong core of workers who are competitively paid and treated well by the company.
  • Giving spirit. Upstream Office Solutions provides equipment donations to local charities in need, and also sponsors many events.

Yuma Office Equipment
Yuma, AZ

Year Founded: 1998
President/Owner: Daniel Bombard
Number of Employees: 15
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Xerox, Lexmark, Sophos
Primary Solutions Offerings: ScanShare, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Marlin
Approximate Yearly Revenue: Less than $5 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Yuma Office Equipment continues to thrive in its ability to offer VoIP solutions.

Why We Consider Yuma Office Equipment Elite:

  • MSP strategy. A multi-tiered marketing strategy that includes direct mail, email, social media, radio/TV broadcasting and billboard placements has enabled Yuma Office Equipment to grow its MSP offering substantially.
  • Business growth. Yuma Office Equipment became the sole technology provider for a pair of health care organizations. The deals included copiers and MFPs, managed network services and VoIP systems.
  • Managing success. The dealer was awarded MSP of the Year during a ceremony at the Harvard Business Club.
  • Gratis printing. Yuma Office Equipment provides free printing for a number of non-profit entities and also furnishes equipment donations to such organizations. Owner Daniel Bombard also serves on several volunteer boards at local and national levels.
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