Elite Dealers: $20 million to $50 million

Access Systems
Waukee, IA

Year Founded: 1986
President/Owner: Shane Sloan
Number of Employees: 230
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, Toshiba, Lexmark, HP, HPE, Dell, Lenovo
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, PaperCut, Notable Solutions, Drivve, Microsoft, VMware, Sonicwall, Ubiquiti Networks, Datto
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, DLL, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45-$50 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Cloud-based telecommunications services (80%), managed security (60%), MNS (20%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: It was the first full year for the Access Cloud Communications Solution, and it has resonated with current customer upgrades and new customers.

The Access Systems leadership team

Why We Consider Access Systems Elite:

  • Educational content. As part of its marketing initiatives, Access Systems has produced digital content to inform clients on topics relevant to them. These inbound marketing tools include service pillar pages, eBooks and webinars.
  • Organic growth. The dealer has consistently produced substantial net-new growth each year. During the past year, the growth has accelerated in many of Access Systems’ key geographic markets, including eastern Nebraska and eastern Iowa.
  • Industry recognition. Access Systems has procured a number of industry honors, among them the 2017-2019 CRN Solution Provider 500, 2019 CRN Fast Growth 150, 2019 Toshiba ProMasters Elite Certified Dealer, the Sharp Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer (consecutively from 2007 to 2019), 2016-2017 Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider and the Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership (2017-2019). The dealer is also a five-time Top Workplace, according to the Des Moines Register.
  • Helping hands. In addition to being members in multiple Chambers of Commerce—supporting local economies and communities where they are located—the company’s 2019 Access Cares initiative provides employees with multiple opportunities to volunteer with, donate to and support children-focused nonprofits.

Advance Business Systems
Cockeysville, MD

Year Founded: 1964
President/Owner: Jeff Elkin
Number of Employees: 170
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Savin, Canon, KIP, Kyocera, Samsung
Primary Solutions Offerings: Ricoh, DocuWare, Kofax, LincWare, MBM, PaperCut, Dell, EFI, Objectif Lune
Primary Leasing Partners: Advance Business Systems & Supply Company (ABSSCO)
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $40-$45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Advance Business Systems launched a new initiative, “We Live and Believe This Stuff,” a play on its tagline, which is intended to mobilize its 170 employees to provide greater support of the dealer’s local nonprofit partnerships and the causes they champion.

Advance Business Systems marks its 55th Anniversary with a celebration at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Why We Consider Advance Business Systems Elite:

  • Thought leadership. Advance Business Systems hosts events that are designed to provide added value and education for clients and prospects. These include panel discussions with industry experts, showcasing the latest technology available to address specific industry needs, and workshops to help businesses in areas that provide them with a competitive edge.
  • IT education. As an extension of its thought leadership, the dealer illustrates its expertise in the IT field via advertorials featured in local business publications. The information is also disseminated through blogs, email and social media. The content positions the company as an ideal partner to assist clients in achieving their goals.
  • Contract excellence. One of the dealer’s top wins during the year was being named the sole MFP provider for all elementary schools, middle schools and high schools within a local school system.
  • Perception is reality. Advance Business Systems recently conducted a perception survey among its employees and received extremely positive feedback. Team members noted the care that the company shows to its employees, the focus that it puts on mindset, the opportunities afforded to them and the variety of benefits beyond health care that make the company a desirable place for a career.

Advanced Imaging Solutions
Minnetonka, MN

Year Founded: 1997
President/Owner: Michael Keating
Number of Employees: 67
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Sharp, Lexmark, HP, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: RSA, PaperCut, Prism, Square 9, PageDNA, EFI, Creo, Objectif Lune
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Production print, managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: In late 2018, Advanced Imaging Solutions became the first company in the world to sell and install the Konica Minolta AccurioWide 160 wide-format device.

Why We Consider Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS) Elite:

  • Tech guidance. One of the attributes of AIS that customers value is its ability to simplify technology. The dealer takes a hands-on approach to guide clients through complex technological decisions. AIS creates customized solutions to drive results.
  • IT focus. Managed IT and voice have been two areas on which AIS has focused in recent years. To that end, the dealer earned the business of a large company in the Twin Cities for all of its MRR, IT projects and hardware, a deal worth in excess of $3.1 million dollars.
  • Top-down culture. AIS has cultivated a family atmosphere that begins with its executive team, but incorporates and reflects its employee base. Team members feel as if their contributions are valued, and the culture is not “one size fits all,” as the organization is sensitive to individual needs.
  • Industry honors. Over multiple years, AIS has garnered the distinction of selling the most Konica Minolta production print units. The dealer also captured Konica Minolta’s Pro-Tech Service Award and Sharp’s Hyakuman Kai award.

Advanced Office
Irvine, CA

Year Founded: 1977
President/Owner: Richard Van Dyke
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Kyocera, Lexmark, KIP, Panasonic
Primary Solutions Offerings: Kofax, PaperCut, Square 9
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, TIAA Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Service revenue, solutions
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealership relocated its headquarters from Santa Ana, California, to Irvine, a 50,000-square-foot facility that is double the size of its previous building and better supports its growth trajectory.

Why We Consider Advanced Office Elite:

  • Service firepower. By using Ricoh’s ARMS app, technicians have fast mobile access to device data and logs collected by Ricoh’s @remote service. Backed by the data, techs can analyze history, troubleshoot issues and make repairs quicker. By checking the app prior to leaving for a call, techs can be assured of bringing the right parts.
  • Vertical success. The company expanded its business with a major hospital network, providing equipment for affiliate hospitals across the southwest. The dealer also made a large sale to a reprographics company for two KIP 900 series color wide-format devices.
  • By the numbers. Advanced Office constantly measures its performance and strives for improvement. Its average first-call effectiveness is 85% (2% above the benchmark) with an average response time of roughly 2.65 hours. It averages 73 minutes per call at the machine.
  • Community support. The dealer supports numerous causes, including those championed by clients, such as the CHOC Walk in the Park. In addition to an annual holiday food drive, Advanced Office donates equipment to nonprofits including the Providence Speech and Hearing Center.
Advanced Office’s new corporate headquarters in Irvine, California

AIS (Advanced Imaging Solutions)
North Las Vegas, NV

Year Founded: 2002
President/Owner: Gary Harouff
Number of Employees: 100+
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Xerox, Mitel, Ring Central, Digium, CenturyLink, Dell, HP, KIP, Cox Business, InterMedia
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Hyland, Microsoft, Blue Jeans, EFI, ECI Software, HyPAS
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $23 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: AIS had its entire executive management staff complete Riordan training in order to hire, lead and nurture its staff. In addition to integrating this information, AIS will be indoctrinating additional management staff into Riordan training over the next few years.

This photo was taken in September during AIS’ president’s trip to Kona, Hawaii. All trip winners are pictured in this photo with their significant others. The employee winners (shown from left) are Keven Ellison, Mike Wolford, Marc Surette, Jeff Legreca, Jeff Falls, Jay Afzali, Jessica Clemmons, Gary (president) and Rosa Harouff, Roger Romero, Marco Rico-Ortiz, Alan Freckleton, Chris Toledo, David Tortosa, Dennis Aganon, Peggy Sawyer, Jennifer David and Sergio Cervantes

Why We Consider AIS Elite:

  • Inbound marketing. About two years ago, AIS implemented HubSpot’s inbound-marketing methodologies, processes and automation platform. This change in approach enables AIS to better understand clients based on their vertical market, the roles they play within the company and the needs of the organization. Its content-marketing strategy went from 37 keywords on the first page of Google results to 398.
  • Refreshed site. In addition to a recast website, themed content (“They Ask, You Answer”) and social media strategies, AIS has created a business-development telemarketing team, generating consistent and on-point blog content. The dealer has also guided its sales teams’ mindset to be more relevant to their clients and subject-matter experts by building a personal brand that speaks to their client base and complements AIS culture and values.
  • Charting growth. The dealer captured an MPS contract for Nevada’s largest charter school. In reducing the vendors for three of their school districts under the charter program from three to one, the client was able to reap a 32% reduction in equipment and output spend.
  • Executive views. AIS launched an internal podcast, 49 BC, hosted by President Gary Harouff and featuring various team members. The podcasts cover company and employee updates, financials and company events—keeping all team members abreast of the company’s progress.

Benchmark Business Solutions
Lubbock, TX

Year Founded: 1994
President/Owner: Jeff R. Horn
Number of Employees: 80
Primary Vendors: Xerox, HP, MBM
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Xerox Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Aftermarket (18%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Benchmark Business Solutions has established a goal to exceed $25 million in revenue, which would call for 20% year-over-year growth.

Benchmark Business Solutions recently celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary at its headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. The event was attended by more than 100 people and included their founder, current Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope. Pictured from left are Janet Jackson-Smith, Bobby Brown, Sandra Henley, Jerry Castellini, Dan Pope, President Jeff Horn, Joel Holder, Steven Jones, Jason Plott, Renee Payne and Katy Townley

Why We Consider Benchmark Business Solutions Elite:

  • Optimized approach. The dealer partnered with Convergo to improve its search-engine optimization and inbound marketing. The combination of SEO, inbound and email marketing strategies with continued improvements to website content have proven to increase lead generations.
  • Lone Star success. Benchmark Business Solutions took down a large Texas education-based client in a $750,000 contract comprised of 80 A3 units and 100 A4 machines packaged with software, MPS and a customized service-level agreement.
  • Industry accolades. Among the dealer’s honors are the MPS Master Elite Certification, the Torch Award for Ethics by the Better Business Bureau and the Blue Ribbon Award from the Chamber of Commerce. It also holds the distinction of being Xerox’s top Year-Over-Year Growth Premier Agent Dealer in the country.
  • Making an impact. The dealer has a long, proud history of giving back to the communities it serves, fulfilling one of its seven core values (community impact). More than 75% of employees have adopted this value set which, in concert with its commitment to unparalleled customer service, has entrenched Benchmark Business Solutions in the minds of its customers.

Blue Technologies
Cleveland, OH

Paul Hanna

Year Founded: 1995
President/Owner: Paul Hanna
Number of Employees: 187
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Lexmark, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: BlueBeam, BlueProtect, BT Capture, Dispatcher Phoenix, DocsCorp, ECI Software, Kofax, Hyland Software, iManage, Metajure, Microsoft, PlanetPress, Print Shop Mail, PaperCut, Prism
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, CIT
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $38 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed services (32%), document management
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: In addition to a new ERP system, Blue Technologies rolled out HubSpot CRM to go with a website refresh that is driving more traffic.

Members of Blue Technologies accept the Smart 50 Business award from Corporate College and Smart Business

Why We Consider Blue Technologies Elite:

  • Tailor made. Blue Technologies takes pride in doing research for the client that yields the proper solutions as opposed to being tied down to a particular software title that integrates with their hardware. That flexibility is appreciated by both the dealer’s sales staff and its client base.
  • Thought leader. Through its relationship with Smart Business magazines, which serves many of the dealer’s geographic communities (particularly Cleveland, Akron and Columbus in Ohio), Blue Technologies furnishes authoritative articles that speak to a number of relevant topics while taking a brand-agnostic approach.
  • Prospecting campaign. The dealer’s vertical marketing touches on education, email and inbound strategies. Blue Technologies leverages sales expert Kate Kingston to execute weekly and monthly appointment-setting skills. A vertical education component was added, along with weekly educational sessions hosted by internal subject-matter experts. Supporting social-media expertise was added through Clover Imaging’s Amplify.
  • Community recognition. President Paul Hanna was a recipient of the Our Lady of the Wayside-Starlight Guardian Humanitarian Award, which recognizes selfless acts of individuals through devotion to creating opportunities for enhanced quality of life for many.

Braden Business Systems
Fishers, IN

Year Founded: 1989
President/Owner: Erik Braden (managing partner), David Braden (founder)
Number of Employees: 97
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Dell, RISO, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Meraki, EMC, Aruba
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Dispatcher Phoenix, Kofax, Unity, Pagescope, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Kyocera Apps
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, LEAF, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank,
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $40 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (120%), MFP software solutions (40%+)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Braden Business Systems has grown its IT services division by leaps and bounds. The dealer has completely settled into a state-of-the-art office building.

Why We Consider Braden Business Systems Elite:

  • Marketing mavens. Seeking to bolster its online presence, Braden Business Systems has implemented an aggressive strategy around social media, search engine optimization and inbound marketing strategies. Its new call center sets appointments daily for its sales team. Its sales reps have formulated personal branding strategies on social media that mesh with the dealer’s corporate brand.
  • Driving business. In a contract valued at about $2 million per year, Braden Business Systems struck a deal with the nation’s largest automobile service network to implement and manage its global IT needs, office equipment and managed print services.
  • Service performance. While Braden Business Systems measures its performance via a number of metrics, it most values the real-time customer surveys. The company regularly scores 97% customer satisfaction and is striving to reach 100%. For less-than-perfect feedback scenarios, issues are resolved to the client’s satisfaction immediately.
  • Community support. The dealer donates its time and financial resources to more than 100 local organizations in the communities it serves. It focuses on year-round initiatives, understanding the constant needs of organizations, among them the Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis.
Braden’s headquarters in Fishers, Indiana

CBE Office Solutions – A Flex Technology Group Company
Irvine, CA

Year Founded: 1993
President/Owner: Tarek Hafiz (president)
Number of Employees: 150
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, Canon, HP, Oce
Primary Solutions Offerings: Kofax, ECI Software, Laserfiche, Notable Solutions, Docuspeak, Canon, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Wells Fargo, Canon Financial Services, Citi, GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, TIAA Bank, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Mailing equipment, production print, enterprise copier/printer
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: CBE joined the Flex Technology Group family of dealers.

Why We Consider CBE Office Solutions Elite:

  • Marketing excellence. The dealer now has a full-time marketing department with emphasis on social media placements and multiple community-outreach programs. They include lunch-and-learn sessions at the client’s office. CBE also offers formalized training through webinars, joint meetings with vendors or casual thank-you catered lunches for valued clients.
  • Major deals. CBE’s Valencia branch hammered out a $200,000 mailing equipment deal with a large financial client, underscoring the company’s efforts to scale Pitney Bowes mailing gear. They were able to sell other six-figure equipment accords in the same deal, representing multiple OEM products.
  • Open roads. The dealer has been a longtime sponsor of Caltrans Adopt A Highway. This includes responsibility for five areas of trash pickup along a freeway near CBE’s Irvine headquarters. Signage, which is viewed by 1.1 million motorists each year, informs people of the dealer’s involvement on the 5 freeway. Customers frequently note seeing the signs and acknowledge the dealer’s good deeds.
  • Diverse and happy. The employee roster at CBE reflects a bold mixture of social-economic background, race, religion, ethnicity, age and country of origin. Its Irvine branch boasts an average tenure of 15 years for sales and service positions.

Coordinated Business Systems
Burnsville, MN

Year Founded: 1983
President/Owner: James Oricchio
Number of Employees: 88
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Sharp, Lexmark, HP, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, Collabrance, Microsoft, Allegiant Communications, Nexvortex, myQ, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed network services (70%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Coordinated Business Systems has established itself as a prominent player in managed network services, with the aforementioned growth rate now representing a substantial percentage of its revenue.

Why We Consider Coordinated Business Systems Elite:

  • Adjusting on the fly. When its inbound marketing efforts began to founder, Coordinated Business Systems spent four months researching various marketing agencies that were HubSpot certified. The dealer opted for a local marketing agency, and the early growth results have been favorable.
  • Employee recruitment. When it experienced difficulty in its recruiting process, the company equated the process to the buyer’s journey and created a digital tool to nurture potential candidates. This was accomplished through HubSpot, using an email sequence and landing pages. These pages cannot be found without a link, which is provided by the recruiter.
  • Account takedown. Coordinated Business Systems wrested away a large investment firm client that had been dealing with a manufacturer’s direct operation for years. The dealer was persistent in calling, and when the existing relationship with the OEM direct began to sour, Coordinated pounced on the opportunity.
  • Industry accolades. In addition to being a Kyocera Premier Dealer, Coordinated Business Systems won the 2018 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics and was named a Top Work Places 2019 honoree by the Star Tribune.
Coordinated Business Systems’ showroom

Datamax, Inc.
Little Rock, AR

Year Founded: 1955
President/Owner: Barry Simon
Number of Employees: 240
Primary Vendors: Canon, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Kyocera, Dell
Primary Solutions Offerings: Canon, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Kyocera, Microsoft, Laserfiche, PaperCut, Intermedia
Primary Leasing Partners: Datamax Leasing Division
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $49 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (37%), production print (10%), color output (6.5%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Datamax acquired East Texas Copy Systems in January of 2018 and successfully transitioned all accounting, billing, service, logistics, IT support, HR and marketing branding by mid-year.

Barry Simon (left), president of Datamax Inc., and David Rhodes, president of Datamax Texas

Why We Consider Datamax Elite:

  • Unified communications. Datamax’s CommCare platform, created in tandem with Intermedia, is a system of cloud-hosted communication and collaboration applications and services that incorporates next-generation communication methods and devices into a single, integrated system. It includes an intuitive management portal for administrators to make system or endpoint changes efficiently from one centralized location.
  • Managed support. The dealer offers MaxCare, a comprehensive portfolio of technology support services to enable clients to maximize their ROI on technology expenditures.
  • Peace of mind. Datamax has offered in-house leasing services since 1975, which provides accountability and flexibility that fuels the business relationship.
  • Community support. Through its DatamaxCares initiative, the company participates in community clean-up events, and volunteers at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters. The dealer also provides donations of office equipment to non-profit organizations to help them drive their mission.

Doing Better Business, Inc.
Altoona, PA

Year Founded: 2013
President/Owner: Debra Dellaposta
Number of Employees: 103
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Sharp, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Ademero, PaperCut, Dell
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $23 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS and digital imaging (20%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer takes pride in its customer feedback and survey participation, averaging more than 150 customer surveys per month. Its Net Promoter Score consistently falls between 92 and 96 per month.

Doing Better Business owners (from left) Debra Dellaposta, Joseph Dellaposta and Beth Dellaposta

Why We Consider Doing Better Business Elite:

  • Website refresh. Doing Better Business did an update of its website that included more effective marketing tools, blog posts and social media activity. The dealer also created an inside sales team to support its marketing efforts and provide lead generation to its outside sales team.
  • Top grades. The dealer netted a contract with a county-wide school district to provide more than 800 units, automation, tracking, customized billing and FM support.
  • Industry kudos. In the past two years, Doing Better Business has captured Best Places to Work honors in both Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. During that same period, it was named to Ricoh Family Group’s Circle of Excellence, chosen as a GreatAmerica Dealer of Distinction and given the Sharp Hyakuman Kai Award.
  • Community involvement. All three owners—Deb, Beth and Joe Dellaposta—donate their time and sit on the boards of local businesses. Doing Better Business partners with several universities and technical schools, providing internship and employment opportunities.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises
Cincinnati, OH

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Jim Donnellon
Number of Employees: 140
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Sharp, Savin, FP Mailing, HP, Copystar, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, SmartSearch, Ricoh Solutions, Toshiba, Drivve, DocuWare
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, DLL, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (100%), software (100%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealership was named a winner of the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics in only its second year of applying for the prestigious honor.

Jim Donnellon (left), owner and CEO of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, and Jim George, president

Why We Consider Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) Elite:

  • Customer appreciation. For more than 15 years, DME has been a corporate partner for the Cincinnati ATP Western & Southern Tennis Masters Series. In order to thank its customers, DME set up a huge tent and invited more than 300 customers to enjoy dinner, refreshments and prizes.
  • Inbound success. DME partnered with Clover Imaging’s Amplify group to push out weekly blogs through social media channels. The sales team at DME uses these information-packed articles to establish the company as a thought leader and generate sales.
  • Knowledge is power. The dealer was able to secure an education client who had been with a competitor for many years. While not the cheapest bid, DME captured the deal through relationship building and demonstrating its value proposition.
  • Local visibility. DME actively participates in events held at every community in which it has an office. It partners with nonprofits and takes part in community service events, as well as fundraising activities. In the Cincinnati market, DME partners with Big Brothers and Big Sisters for events, and several employees are involved in child mentoring.

Eakes Office Solutions
Grand Island, NE

Year Founded: 1945
President/Owner: Mark Miller
Number of Employees: 267
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, GoldFax, docMgt
Primary Leasing Partners: Local leasing company
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $15-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (10%), janitorial services (127%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Eakes Office Solutions established a new technology services division to focus on software solutions, imaging services and other ways to implement and integrate technology into an organization.

Eakes Office Solutions executives Doug Gallaway (left), managed print product manager, and Mark Miller, president

Why We Consider Eakes Office Solutions Elite:

  • Quick hits. The dealer produced a series of 15-second commercials to promote the four major divisions of its business in television ads. The length is designed to market two different product categories within the standard 30-second TV time slot.
  • Time tested. In some of its more-established and saturated communities, Eakes Office Solutions determined that billboard advertising, when done with proper planning and design, can still serve as a valuable marketing tool.
  • Schooling the competition. Eakes Office Solutions nabbed one of the biggest school districts in the state with a package that included an MPS solution with production machines, copiers, printers, PaperCut software and eGoldFax.
  • Fun culture. The crew at Eakes Office Solutions follows the work-hard, play-hard mentality, as evidenced by celebrations for holidays, birthdays, milestones and achievements. Some examples include Fourth of July goodie bags, putt-putt tournaments and Husker Friday food days. A big bash was held this year for an employee celebrating his 40th anniversary.

Edwards Business Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc.
Bethlehem, PA

Year Founded: 1954
President/Owner: James B. Edwards, chairman and CEO of Edwards Business Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc.; Raymond Fuentes, president of Edwards Business Systems, Inc. (EBS); James Dotter, president of Virginia Business Systems, Inc. (VBS)
Number of Employees: 185
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Xerox, HP, Muratec, Lexmark, MBM, Sharp, Fujitsu, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, Objectif Lune, Adobe Systems, Kofax, Notable Solutions, EFI, PaperCut, ECI Software Solutions, Page Scope
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, EBS, DLL, TIAA Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $43 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Document technology solutions, MPS, software solutions, production print
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Annual growth is a consistent goal of EBS/VBS, one it continued in 2019.

Jim Edwards, chairman and CEO, Edwards and Virginia Business Systems
Jim Dotter, president of Virginia Business Systems (holding plaque) receives an award as “One of Virginia’s Best Companies”

Why We Consider EBS and VBS Elite:

  • Iron masters. The dealer’s production print offering encompasses equipment, application and software support and services. EBS/VBS boasts specialty solutions in hardware, software and technical connectivity for high-volume digital printing, production workflow applications, color profile management, variable data printing and digital marketing programs. Plans are offered under a variety of pricing and service programs to meet a client’s goals, needs and budget.
  • Quick turn. EBS procured a contract with a large regional school district for a major document technology upgrade. Tasked with installation, training and completion within a tight turn time, EBS leveraged its exceptional service history and client-centric approach to print management in winning the business.
  • Problem solver. EBS/VBS boasts dedicated solutions teams that develop, among many diverse offerings, application software for document management. They feature specialized professional service and support teams to evaluate, implement and manage successful software solutions for clients. The dealers also have partnerships with software delivery companies for the most efficient resolutions to client’s needs.
  • Jeans for Joe. When VBS suffered the untimely death of a warehouse employee nine years ago, it created a “Jeans for Joe” program—employees of both branches donated to the cause for the privilege of wearing jeans to work on a Friday. Those donations were matched by the company and presented to the employee’s surviving widow and children. The program has been expanded to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Fisher’s Technology
Boise, ID

Year Founded: 1936
President/Owner: Chris Taylor
Number of Employees: 164
Primary Vendors: Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, DocuWare, LincDoc, XMedius, ABBYY, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, TIAA Bank, Canon Financial Services, Marlin, Wells Fargo, CIT, LEAF, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Geographic expansion, managed IT services, software solutions and professional services, acquisitions (IT services companies and imaging companies), production equipment and service
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Fisher’s Technology has acquired copier and IT companies in Montana and Washington and opened offices in Great Falls, Butte, Bozeman, Helena, Missoula, Spokane, Colville and Pocatello.

Fisher’s Technology owners (from left): Eric Strand, VP of sales; Chris Taylor, president; and J.T. Jones, CFO

Why We Consider Fisher’s Technology Elite:

  • Annual calendar. Each year, the dealer produces the Faces of Fisher’s calendar, which showcases its customers, as well as service technicians and engineers in the customers’ environment. The calendar illustrates the fun relationships it has with clients while highlighting its product and service portfolio.
  • Tech on parade. During 2019, the company hosted the 8th annual Boise Tech Show, a one-day event that allows Idaho businesses to experience the latest office technologies and products offered by vendors. The show includes educational seminars and a networking reception, providing attendees the chance to interact with innovative business leaders and IT experts.
  • Standard for excellence. In 2018, the company was named the No. 1 IT & Tech Support Company in Idaho, per the Idaho Business Review’s Reader Rankings. The same poll chose Fisher’s as the No. 1 Office Equipment Company in Idaho. An 11-time winner of the Best Places to Work in Idaho, it is also a five-time Tribute to Women and Industry (TWIN) Awards honoree.
  • Giving spirit. Each year, Fisher’s Technology donates money and in-kind printing to various non-profit organizations. The dealer also encourages and recognizes its employees who personally donate money and time throughout the community.

Flo-Tech – A Flex Technology Group Company
New Haven, CT

Year Founded: 1992
President/Owner: John Byxbee (president)
Number of Employees: 125
Primary Vendors: HP, Canon, Lexmark
Primary Solutions Offerings: PSIGEN, Canon, PrinterLogic, HP, XMedius, PaperCut, DocuWare, Square 9
Primary Leasing Partners: Citi, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, GreatAmerica, TIAA Bank, DLL, Canon Financial Services, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $30-$35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS, professional services, production printing
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Flo-Tech has continued to invest in its infrastructure that provided organic growth to all its partners.

Why We Consider Flo-Tech Elite:

  • Vertical virtuosos. As part of the Flex Technology Group family of companies, Flo-Tech’s customers benefit from the organization’s extensive vertical market knowledge. Its national reach allows clients to service customers from a centrally located dispatch center.
  • Accounting prowess. While serving numerous verticals, Flo-Tech has enjoyed much success in the legal space, including the top 43 firms in the AM Law 200. It also counts five of the top 20 accounting firms in the United States among its client base.
  • Physical expansion. The dealer recently moved to a new facility in New Haven, Connecticut, to accommodate growth, and is still seeking to fill a number of positions.
  • Making a difference. Flo-Tech’s corporate philanthropy extends to a number of national and local organizations, including Connecticut Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, the Arthritis Foundation, Junior Achievement, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Shriner’s Hospital and the American Forests Association.

Fraser Advanced Information Systems
West Reading, PA

Year Founded: 1971
President/Owner: William A. Fraser
Number of Employees: 165
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Canon, Lexmark, KIP, Toshiba, HP, Muratec
Primary Solutions Offerings: Axcient, LabTech, Sophos, KnowBe4, RapidFire Tools, SharpDesk Mobile, Sharp, Intact, Y Soft, Kofax, PaperCut, Océ, N-Able, Canon Print & Scan, ConnectWise, VMware, MaaS360, Kodak Capture Pro, ScanShare, ECI Software, PDF Pro, SharePlus, Fingerprint, imageWare, MICAS
Primary Leasing Partners: Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS, managed IT, document management
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer launched its Dark Web Monitoring and Unified Communications programs as it looks to continue diversifying its portfolio of services and increasing revenue.

Fraser AIS executives (from left): Bill Fraser, CEO and owner; Melissa Confalone, VP of sales; Jim Pierce, COO

Why We Consider Fraser AIS Elite:

  • Inbound strategy. After several years of consideration, Fraser pulled the trigger on moving to HubSpot to fortify its inbound marketing strategy. The dealer sees value in providing content to website visitors who can use the information in a practical way to make decisions for their businesses. With fresh and engaging content, Fraser continues to grow its online presence across all of the areas of its business.
  • Account takedowns. Its expansion in new geographic areas has enabled Fraser to win the business of one of the largest school districts in northeastern Pennsylvania. Three more district contracts followed suit, along with MPS deals with university clients, pulling in more than $1.5 million all told.
  • Dark web. The aforementioned Dark Web Monitoring tool is one of several initiatives rolled out by Fraser to help businesses stay secure from the threat of cyberattacks. The dealer held 15 lunch-and-learn sessions to educate customers and prospects on how having their information on the Dark Web could damage their operations.
  • Mutual commitments. Employee retention has long been a forte for Fraser. It counts 20 employees who have been on the rolls for 20-plus years, eight who have been on board more than 30 years, and a pair of 40-year tenured veterans. Among the ways it salutes valued employees is its annual Get on the Bus Trip for all team members with more than 15 years. In 2018, the bus went to a winery and brewery for dinner, wine tasting, music and fun.

Genesis Technologies Inc.
Northbrook, IL

Michael Kahn

Year Founded: 1991
President/Owner: Michael Kahn
Number of Employees: 70
Primary Vendors: HP, Canon, Xerox, Kyocera, Brother, Zebra
Primary Solutions Offerings: Canon, PaperCut, HP, PrinterLogic
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Canon Financial Services, HP Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Equipment sales (3%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Genesis Technologies has greatly improved its hiring and development of entry-level sales reps.

Why We Consider Genesis Technologies Elite:

  • Shock and awe. Genesis Technologies loves to see the look on its customers’ faces when they are invited to luxury suites at a sporting event, concerts or their annual customer appreciation golf event. The dealer also works with manufacturers to hold technology summits.
  • Under construction. The dealer is working with SEO software and partners to optimize its website and strengthen its inbound marketing. Genesis Technologies is also in the process of a website refresh that will enable visitors to purchase equipment and supplies.
  • Dashboard darlings. A new service offering from Genesis Technology, GT Insight—The Next Generation in Managed Print Service, focuses on user- and device-management software solutions, including instant assessment dashboarding.
  • Among its charitable endeavors, Genesis Technologies supports local cancer foundations such as Cancer Kiss My Cooley. It also donates to charities such as Chicago Methodist Senior Services, Auxiliary of NorthShore University Health System and the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Image 2000
Valencia, CA

Year Founded: 1992
President/Owner: Joe Blatchford (CEO), Rich Campbell (president)
Number of Employees: 140
Primary Vendors: Kyocera CopyStar, Sharp, RISO, Toshiba
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, DocuWare, M-Files
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, CIT, TIAA Bank, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $32 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Hardware sales
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Image 2000 opened two branches in the past year and plans to open another.

Image 2000 co-founders Joe Blatchford (left), CEO, and Richard Campbell, president

Why We Consider Image 2000 Elite:

  • Mobilizing sources. Image 2000 is making a concerted effort to leverage all of the manufacturer resources available to help increase market share. The dealer is marketing more aggressively with U.S. Bank Sharp special rates to close deals, and has attained significant buying commitments from partners to provide better client pricing.
  • Contract wave. Among the sizable takedowns for Image 2000 was the biggest surf clothing company in the world.
  • Star power. Image 2000 is the largest Kyocera Copystar dealer in the nation and is one of two companies to have been awarded Elite Dealer status by the organization.
  • Community support. Among the many organizations supported by Image 2000 are the Glendale Adventist foundation, West Ranch High School’s cheerleading program and Burbank High School’s baseball team.

James Imaging Systems, Inc.
Brookfield, WI

Year Founded: 1977
President/Owner: Lola A. Tegeder (CEO), Tom Tegeder (president)
Number of Employees: 105
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Konica Minolta, KIP, HP, Lexmark, OKI Data, Brother
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Objectif Lune, Drivve, ReRite, PaperCut, Kofax, Google Cloud Print, Toshiba, Page Scope
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, James Leasing LLC
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Color imaging product sales (70%), MPS (50%), software solutions (65%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: A Toshiba Dealer of the Year, James Imaging Systems also received its second-consecutive Future 50 Company award presented by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

James Imaging Systems CEO Lola Tegeder and President Tom Tegeder

Why We Consider James Imaging Systems Elite:

  • Quick responder. James Imaging Systems offers a four-hour guarantee on response time, with an average time of 2.65 hours.
  • Come prepared. All of the dealer’s tech vehicles are company-owned, GPS tracked and have a real-time parts and supplies inventory worth $6,000-$10,000.
  • Employee advantages. In addition to a generous benefits package, employees will soon be able to reap the added space from the dealer’s building expansion. The amenities will include larger, modern work spaces, advanced technology meeting rooms and a new employee lounge that can double as a collaborative meeting area.
  • Helping hands. A longtime supporter of United Way of Greater Milwaukee, James Imaging Systems also backs the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce/Council of Small Business Executives, the Waukesha County Business Alliance, St. Anthony School of Milwaukee and Waukesha Rotary.

KDI Office Technology
Aston, PA

Year Founded: 1988
President/Owner: Ricardo Salcedo
Number of Employees: 158
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Canon, Lexmark, HP, NEC, Digium, Panasonic, Epson, Fujitsu
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Square 9, Kofax, nddPrint, PaperCut, Datto, SonicWall
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, TIAA Bank, Canon Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $44 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT, MPS, backfile scanning (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: KDI Office Technology acquired IMR Digital in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania, which gives the dealer a significant presence in the document conversion space.

KDI Office Technology’s Don Schatzman (left), president of sales, and Rick Salcedo, president and CEO, during the second annual Pink Ball charity golf tournament, which raised $84,000 for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Why We Consider KDI Office Technology Elite:

  • National scope. The IMR Digital acquisition bolsters KDI’s ability to accommodate document conversion clients across the country. Its conversion staff added 20 experienced employees, including document-preparation clerks, data-entry specialists, document-scanner operators and quality analysts. The net result for customers is boosting efficiency, eliminating risk, enhancing information security, increasing collaboration, improving customer service and being audit compliant.
  • Excellence in education. The dealer continues to have significant success in the K-12 market, both for charter and public schools. Its ability to save clients money in this vertical has led to numerous referrals. Attending educational-focused trade shows and association meetings has also keyed growth.
  • Support function. In addition to its superior technical service, customers value KDI’s comprehensive range of products it supports, from the core basics of document output devices to networking and software solutions and digital document conversions.
  • Corporate giving. For the fourth year in a row, KDI teamed with the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children to select a family in need and provide them assistance around the holidays. Through internal fundraisers, raffles and auctions, employees raised $3,000 in gift cards for a family.

Meritech, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Year Founded: 1978
President/Owner: Dennis Bednar (CEO), Mary Ann Bednar (president)
Number of Employees: 150
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Cloud Route, Wan Dynamics, Dell, PaperCut, Objectif Lune, Barracuda, Continuum, Auvik, Cisco, WatchGuard, SolarWinds, Veeam, ConnectWise, Rapid Fire, HyPAS, Microsoft, Spectrum, AT&T, Everstream, Intellisys, Easton, PSIGEN, Promethean, GoldFax, SentryFile, Kofax
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, DLL, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $32 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: LED solutions (180%), telecom solutions (140%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Meritech opened a new high-tech office in Valley View, and plans to expand in the near future to other major markets within Ohio and surrounding states.

Meritech executives (from left): Ken Vanden Haute, vice president; Mary Ann Bednar, president; Dennis Bednar, CEO

Why We Consider Meritech Elite:

  • Brand awareness. Meritech promotes brand recognition through a number of outlets, including local event sponsorship, trade shows, radio ads, signage and delivery fleets. Many sports fans in the Cleveland area recognize Meritech through their long-running partnerships with teams such as the Cleveland Indians, Akron Rubber Ducks and Lake County Captains.
  • Top takedowns. The company signed renewals with some of the largest city governments, school systems and health care providers in the Cleveland/Akron region, building upon its continued services and maintaining strong relationships.
  • Sustained excellence. The dealer notched Kyocera’s Premier Dealer Award and Service Excellence Award for the 16th consecutive year. Meritech is a Ricoh Circle of Excellence Certified Dealer and a recipient of the Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Award for 25 years of Service Excellence.
  • Employee recognition. The dealer enjoys recognizing employees for going above and beyond the call of duty. The Meritech Most Valuable Player Award is voted on monthly by employees, with the winners receiving a cash award and other perks, including the coveted MVP parking spot. An annual MVP is chosen during the company’s Corporate Kick-off in February.

Modern Office Methods (MOM)
Cincinnati, OH

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Kevin McCarthy
Number of Employees: 215
Primary Vendors: Ricoh/Lanier, Canon, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: MPS, document management, managed IT services, mobile workforce and cloud printing, production print, environment solutions, document capture, cost recovery and security software, electronic forms
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS, production business, MNS
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer’s service team was presented with the 2019 Canon Association of Technical Service Professionals (ATSP) Service Award.

Modern Office Methods team members take a break following last summer’s corporate fun run

Why We Consider Modern Office Methods (MOM) Elite:

  • Client events. As an enticement to its clients, Modern Office Methods entertains them at sporting events, including suites at Xavier University basketball games, Cincinnati Reds baseball games and Dayton Dragons events. A client appreciation event was held at a University of Cincinnati football game, coupled with a pre-game tailgate for 75 clients and prospects.
  • Renewed confidence. MOM extended partnerships with two of its largest clients in 2019, a large manufacturing company and a health care provider.
  • Community involvement. For the last seven years, MOM has teamed with radio station WARM98 and WLWT-TV Channel 5 for the “Teacher of the Week” campaign to underscore its commitment to the educational vertical. During 30 weeks of the school year, team representatives join broadcast personalities Jim Day and Amanda Orlando by surprising the “Teacher of the Week” in her/his classroom.
  • Charitable endeavors. MOM team members invest in their communities in a number of ways, from collecting donations for Toys for Tots to collecting goods for deployed service members and building picnic benches for local parks.

Nauticon Office Solutions
Gaithersburg, MD

Year Founded: 1997
President/Owner: Tom Cunningham (owner), Gary Sockel (president)
Number of Employees: 95
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Xerox, Lexmark
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Drivve, Square 9
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Xerox Financial Services, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (45%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: To support the health and well-being of underprivileged youth in the community, Nauticon Office Solutions provides daily lunches.

Nauticon Office Solutions team members

Why We Consider Nauticon Office Solutions Elite:

  • Industry recognition. In addition to being named an Elite Dealer multiple times, Nauticon Office Solutions has captured the BEI Service Excellence Award and the Toshiba ProMasters Elite Service Award.
  • Top takedown. One of the year’s biggest deals was an accord with the largest credit union in the United States.
  • Thank you. As part of its customer referral program, Nauticon Office Solutions offers gift cards from one of its food-and-beverage clients.
  • Community support. The dealer dedicates 10% of its revenue to local charities. Nauticon Office Solutions sponsors events including the YMCA’s ThingAMaJig Invention Convention, and provides resources to send underprivileged girls to the Girl Scouts of America summer camp. Its employees donate time to non-profit organizations.

NBM, Inc.
Burlington, MA

Year Founded: 1985
President/Owner: William Tracia (president)
Number of Employees: 75
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, KIP, Lexmark, FP Mailing, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: GoldFax, PaperCut, Intact, ImageSilo, Digitech
Primary Leasing Partners: CIT, LEAF, DLL, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Hardware (7%), MNS (2%), MPS (2%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer broke ground on an 11,000-square-foot expansion of its corporate headquarters. NBM is adding 5,500 square feet to both its office space and warehouse, creating an overall 40,000 square feet of space.

NBM’s Tracia family members include (from left): Amie Tracia Geary, corporate counsel; William Tracia, founder and CEO; Nicholas Tracia, Boston branch manager

Why We Consider NBM Elite:

  • Heads up. NBM is in the process of launching a new SEO program that includes pop-up advertising.
  • Contract success. The dealer’s top takedown was for a prestigious private school in its market, with a deal that entailed replacing competitive MFPs and included an MPS contract.
  • Industry honors. NBM is a repeat recipient of Sharp’s Hyakuman Kai Award for purchases of at least $5 million and is one of the OEM’s top 10 dealers in the nation. Recently, the company was named the “Best Office Equipment Dealer” by Mass Lawyers Weekly Magazine and is an HP Silver Partner.
  • Corporate caring. Employees participate in a “Dodging for Dollars” fundraiser that benefits the local Boys and Girls Club. NBM makes annual donations to the YWCA, The United Way and Rofeh International, among other organizations. It also backs several charitable fundraising events for private schools, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.

OneDOC Managed Print Services LLC
Oklahoma City, OK

Kevin Morris

Year Founded: 2009
President/Owner: Kevin Morris
Number of Employees: 26
Primary Vendors: Brother, HP, Konica Minolta, Xerox, Epson, Muratec
Primary Solutions Offerings: Intellinetics, PaperCut, Y Soft
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, TIAA Bank, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $26 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (20%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: In an era of declining document output, OneDOC continued to increase the number of pages it has under contract.

Why We Consider OneDOC Managed Print Services Elite:

  • Rules-based printing. In OneDOC’s leading conversation talking point with client and prospect CFOs, the company illustrates how it can reduce costs with their current vendor through rules-based printing and various other management programs without having to change hardware vendors.
  • Opportunistic business. The company secured a placement of several hundred new units in a manufacturing account previously held by an OEM. The client was sold on the variety of ways in which OneDOC can help its bottom line with its portfolio of services.
  • Just rewards. The company offers a compensation plan that rewards successful salespeople handsomely. Employees benefit from unlimited vacation time and are entrusted to take the lead with clients.
  • Helping hands. Among the organizations supported by OneDOC are the American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society and the United Way.

ProCopy Office Solutions – A Flex Technology Group Company
Tempe, AZ

Mike McGuirk

Year Founded: 2000
President/Owner: Mike McGuirk (president)
Number of Employees: 50
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Sharp, Brother, Zebra
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, PSIGEN, Square 9, PrinterLogic, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, TIAA Bank, Canon Financial Services, Citi, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo, DLL, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS, professional services, production printing
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer attained the highest gross-profit margin within the Flex Technology Group.

Why We Consider ProCopy Office Solutions Elite:

  • Responsive service. ProCopy notes that its 2.5-hour response time is among the fastest in the industry. Backed by its communication skills and staunch commitment to client relationships, the dealer expanded to selling and leasing the top two office copy machines, Canon and Ricoh, across the United States.
  • Biggest scores. The dealer enjoyed some significant wins in municipalities/state government, manufacturing and education.
  • Career growth. In order to avoid the “churn and burn” of employees, ProCopy offers earnings and career growth that ensure its members work happily as a team. Employee recognition is the main focus of every quarterly meeting. ProCopy’s President’s Club trip always includes two non-salespeople—the Employee of the Year and an employee with perfect attendance. The dealer also hosts periodic barbecues.
  • Generous spirit. The dealer established its ProCopy Foundation in 2010 as a qualified 501c(3) non-profit organization. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life in its community by supporting organizations that assist the needs of children and young adults. In addition, as part of the Gary S. Clancy Memorial Scholarship and Golf Tournament, the dealer awards an annual Arizona State University scholarship to children of employees in the state’s office equipment industry.

Pulse Technology
Carol Stream, IL

Year Founded: 1955
President/Owner: Chip Miceli (president), Vince Miceli (partner, vice president)
Number of Employees: 130
Primary Vendors: Sharp, HP, Kyocera, Cerceno, Canon, KIP, Muratec, Lenovo
Primary Solutions Offerings: MPS, MNS, social media, archiving solutions, mailing solutions, office furniture and design
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $30 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS, MNS, office furniture, video display boards, records archiving
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: In integrating Des Plaines Office Equipment and Kramer & Leonard McShane’s, the company rebranded itself as Pulse Technology. The dealer has significantly increased its managed network services.

The Pulse Technology family

Why We Consider Pulse Technology Elite:

  • The rebrand. To better position the dealership in an evolving market, company President Chip Miceli and his executive team created a committee of representatives from individual companies to collaborate and recommend a name change. The new moniker suggests keeping abreast of the “pulse” of its customers. Miceli also gave a presentation on the merits of rebranding at a BTA conference in Texas.
  • Explosive growth. The dealer has enjoyed extensive increases in e-commerce sales as well as office furniture and office product sales. The addition of office furniture and products has proven wildly successful for clients who crave one-stop shopping convenience.
  • New digs. The company purchased a new 36,000-square-foot facility in Schaumburg, Illinois, that will serve as its corporate headquarters. The space will be energy efficient, incorporate video walls for demonstrations and meetings, and feature a showroom to highlight the dealership’s latest lines of copiers, multifunction printers, office furniture and more.
  • Educating clients. Pulse Technology’s “Speakers Bureau” and “Lunch and Learn” programs continue to receive high marks from customers. The speakers program has a representative from Pulse addressing a business association, individual company or civic organization to speak on the topic of managed print services and its importance to business owners. Lunch and learns invite businesses to one of Pulse’s facilities to enjoy a mid-day meal and learn about the products offered by the company.

Portage, WI

Year Founded: 1945
President/Owner: Mike Steinhoff
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Kyocera Copystar, Xerox
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Drivve
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed services (100%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Rhyme continues to foster a family atmosphere that sees several employees with 40-plus years of experience.

Rhyme’s MPS team receives Xerox MPS accreditation in October

Why We Consider Rhyme Elite:

  • Marketing prowess. Through the use of marketing automation and response programs, Rhyme has been able to send more targeted campaigns to its email database. The result has been an increase in leads and engagement. Likewise, the dealer has used analytics to garner increased information on its customers’ purchasing habits.
  • Top scores. Rhyme has enjoyed a number of significant takedowns in the education space, an area where the dealer is fast growing its customer base.
  • Industry accolades. In addition to capturing Sharp’s Hyakuman Kai Award for $5 million-plus in annual sales, Rhyme received the Business Excellence Award from the Portage Chamber of Commerce.
  • Giving back. Under its Rhyme Time Scholarship Foundation, the company has raised more than $100,000 for scholarships to students impacted by cancer. A group of employees ignore the elements in taking the Polar Plunge, which benefits the American Cancer Society and G.R.A.C.E. (Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination). The company also gives of its time and resources to United Way, YWCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club and local schools.

Smile Business Products
Sacramento, CA
Year Founded: 1997

Joe Reeves

President/Owner: Joe Reeves
Number of Employees: 117
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Lexmark, Fujitsu, HP, Muratec, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, DocuWare, PaperCut, Microsoft, Datto
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $30-$35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Rentals (30%), government poly-sub fleet (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer was able to reap growth in its poly-sub entities and commercial business, which it attributes to manpower and training.

Why We Consider Smile Business Products Elite:

  • Marketing activities. Smile Business Products turned to HubSpot to handle lead capture, social media and run campaigns. In order to generate relevant content for blogs, Smile enlisted the services of Clover Imaging Group’s Amplify platform. The company is also crafting business growth strategies for its inside business development.
  • Contract success. The dealer reaped several key takedowns in 2019, among them large city and county accounts as well as a major fuel provider.
  • One-stop shop. The company prides itself on offering a variety of solutions to any device that hangs on the network—a hallmark of Smile.
  • Corporate generosity. Smile assists a local food bank and family-services organization by providing a fleet of MFPs, car and monetary donations for their annual Run to Feed the Hungry event. The dealer also participates in the Camp Rockin’U Annual Sportsman’s Day, which gives foster children the opportunity to be outdoors and experience paddle boarding, basketball, baseball and other activities.

Spectrum Technologies
El Paso, TX

Year Founded: 1903
President/Owner: Kyle Elliott
Number of Employees: 90
Primary Vendors: Canon, Sharp, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, ECI Software, EFI, Canon, HP
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Canon Financial Services, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed services (49%), website design/SEO services (40%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Celebrating its 115th year in business, Spectrum Technologies completed the acquisition and roll-up of a regional IT services company.

Spectrum Technologies executives Mitch Plesant (left), executive vice president, and Kyle Elliott, president

Why We Consider Spectrum Technologies Elite:

  • Cybersecurity protection. The dealer launched StrykerCyber, a dedicated offering in its IT division that focuses on delivering security solutions to enable clients to protect their customers, reputation and revenue. Another service, InTegra IT Solutions, is a Spectrum JV company that develops and integrates mission-critical software solutions.
  • Contract success. Spectrum Technologies was awarded a single-source MFP/MPS contract with a school district that includes a built-in inter-local cooperative agreement, resulting in the placement of more than 750 devices. The dealer also sold client hardware and related imaging/asset tagging and deployment services to a large multinational residential and commercial building firm for 2,000-plus end users.
  • Industry accolades. Among the honors Spectrum Technologies has received are the Canon Outstanding Partner Award, the GreatAmerica Prestige Partner Award and the CRN Pioneer 250 MSP Award.
  • Making a difference. Spectrum Technologies supports more than 50 charitable causes across west Texas and southern New Mexico, including the Borderland Kids Project, for which the dealer chooses a local elementary school and partners with it to identify the least fortunate of the school’s students and their families. They provide those students with “weekend backpacks” that are filled with a variety of food staples to cover their most basic needs.

Standard Office Systems
Duluth, GA

Year Founded: 1964
President/Owner: Bryan Ammons
Number of Employees: 120
Primary Vendors: Canon, Sharp, Kyocera, KIP, HP, Oce
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Canon, SW100
Primary Leasing Partners: SOS Capital, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $32 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealership was awarded the largest bid in company history, a $2 million contract serving the Fulton County government.

Why We Consider Spectrum Technologies Elite:

  • Relationship building. In an effort to strengthen customer relationships, Standard Office Systems implemented a customer learning center that features mobile-friendly how-to videos. Created by internal corporate trainers, the videos include solutions to common problems on the machines carried by the dealer.
  • Flat-rate IT. Standard Office Systems offers a flat rate to customers for its managed IT services, which is preferred over allotted service hours. This provides cost certainty for clients.
  • In-house leasing. Through SOS Capital, customers can fund their purchases directly with the dealer, streamlining the process while adding an extra layer of convenience.
  • Charitable endeavors. The dealer counts Relay for Life, Button Down Dash (a children’s charity) and the Elks Aidmore Golf Tournament, which supports foster children, among its community caring efforts.
Standard Office Systems

Stargel Office Solutions
Houston, TX

Year Founded: 1987
President/Owner: Jack Stargel
Number of Employees: 107
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, HP, Lexmark, Océ, KIP, Xerox
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, PaperCut, XMPie, Printerlogic, Drivve
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25-$30 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (42%), MPS (27%), software (8%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: The dealer’s MPS team added more than 7,000 new printers under its MPS program, increasing its monthly recurring revenue by $85,000 per month.

The executive team at Stargel Office Solutions. From left are TJ DeBello, VP of sales; Rhonda Stagg, VP of finance and administration; Jack Stargel, owner and president; Tyson Stargel, owner and VP; Slade Stargel, owner and sales manager; David Redd, VP of service

Why We Consider Stargel Office Solutions Elite:

  • Uncommonly good. In what has proven to be a client favorite, Stargel Office Solutions delivers fresh-baked cookies in tandem with its equipment deliveries, and sales reps tote them along on calls as well. The dealer also implemented a referral program that rewards clients with prizes and gift cards.
  • Managed services. Two of Stargel’s biggest takedowns in the past year involved managed service contracts. One was for a financial institution that included remote monitoring, a complete refresh of their technology and a full disaster recovery plan.
  • Employee perks. On every five-year employee anniversary, team members receive a one-time bonus in increments of $500, up to $2,500 for 25-year celebrants. The dealer also offers employee profit sharing in years the company meets its annual goals. The payout is based on tenure.
  • Community support. Stargel Office Solutions donated more than $100,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital last year. Team members also volunteered at Houston Food Bank on Thanksgiving, and the dealer routinely participates in fun runs that benefit MS, leukemia and cancer treatments.

Stratix Systems
Wyomissing, PA

Year Founded: 1970
President/Owner: Brent Simone
Number of Employees: 135
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, RISO, Lenovo, Cisco
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, DocuWare, Microsoft
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, TIAA Bank, GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $34 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (20%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Stratix Systems has completed several large acquisitions within the past 24 months and has successfully integrated them into the company’s brand experience.

Why We Consider Stratix Systems Elite:

  • Marketing strategy. The dealer crafted a marketing game plan that relies on inbound strategy, marketing automation, and developing and nurturing a lead conversion path by better aligning sales and marketing around the same goals, processes and personas.
  • Contract coup. Stratix Systems was able to secure and extend several large, multi-location fleets for health care, commercial lighting and electronic supply, and manufacturing clients.
  • Leveraging talent. The dealer strives to engage and leverage its employees in a manner that makes them feel valued and respected. Creating an environment of trust, autonomy and the ability to innovate maximizes their success. Stratix also seeks to ensure employees strike a proper work-life balance, which is essential to their happiness, loyalty and productivity.
  • Community involvement. Team members are involved with a number of nonprofits and sit on the boards/committees of organizations such as American Red Cross, Junior Achievement, United Way, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, and Greater Reading Young Professionals.

Topp Business Solutions
Scranton, PA

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Paul Falzett (CEO), Chris Falzett (president)
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, PaperCut, Canon, EFI, Dolbey Systems, FTR
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (50%), IT services (80%), document management (30%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: TOPP Business Solutions expanded the size of its sales team, which has done a great job of selling beyond-the-box solutions.

Why We Consider Topp Business Solutions Elite:

  • Small-dealer service. Being reactive to customer needs is a staple for Topp Business Solutions, which prides itself on being large enough to provide substantial internal resources, yet small enough to avoid corporate layers. The dealer can support everything it sells.
  • SMB growth. Topp Business Solutions identified the SMB space, as well as MPS, as major focal points in 2019 to maintain organic, consistent growth in hardware and solutions sales. That paved the way to major wins in higher education and production print.
  • Marketing evolution. The dealer is putting more emphasis on social media marketing as it continues to ramp up its digital initiatives heading into 2020.
  • Community spirit. In 2019, Topp donated approximately $200,000 to charitable organizations in the regions it serves. CEO Paul Falzett and his wife, Anne, received three community awards during the year for their outreach work and financial generosity.

Usherwood Office Technology
Syracuse, NY

Year Founded: 1976
President/Owner: Louis Usherwood
Number of Employees: 150
Primary Vendors: Canon, Xerox, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom, Milestone, Axis, Samsung
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, Milestone, Skype, Hypersign, Microsoft, Polycom, Canon
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Canon Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Application software (44%), mailing (78%), unified communications (43%), digital signage (400%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Usherwood Office Technology was able to round out its Odyssey Global Suite of services and train all of its employees about the importance of using a clear and concise message among the team.

Usherwood leaders at an IT lunch-and-learn event at the UMass Club in Boston

Why We Consider Usherwood Office Technology Elite:

  • Vertical venture. Usherwood Office Technology employed vertical market mailings with 100% follow-up that led to above-average outcomes.
  • Cashing in. The dealer completed a deal with a northeastern regional banking institution—it included 447 MFPs supported through Canon uniFLOW and administered by Usherwood’s IT department.
  • Employee empowerment. Creating a work environment that entrusts employees to make decisions on the front end of transactions fosters trust, respect and an overall positive experience for clients. Employees confer with management to establish goals, objectives and key performance indicators that will lead to outstanding results.
  • Corporate giving. In addition to donating to several hospitals in the region, Usherwood supports the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, New York.

Woodhull, LLC
Springboro, OH

Year Founded: 2000
President/Owner: Susie Woodhull
Number of Employees: 80
Primary Vendors: Ricoh
Primary Solutions Offerings: MPS, Kofax, Streamline NX, PaperCut, Digital Imaging, RightFax, GoldFax, back file conversion
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $24 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Commercial imaging (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Woodhull expanded its distribution into the Columbus, Ohio, market by opening a branch last January. While Columbus is a zero-base client market for the dealer, the city’s distinction of being the fastest-growing in the Midwest offers great opportunity.

Woodhull team members gather for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new Columbus office in Dublin, OH. Front row (from left): Tim Droesch, director of operations; Brandon Meek, director of sales; Susie Woodhull, owner and president; Bertrand Trick, VP; Gene Dudek, Ricoh senior dealer sales manager; Bernie Opatick, Ricoh major account consultant; Robert Woodhull, director of marketing; Stan Dick, Columbus sales manager; Steven Nolen, document management consultant. Back row: Peter McCloud, document management consultant; Zac Oty, document management consultant; Paul Tarango, senior print production specialist

Why We Consider Woodhull Elite:

  • Business simplified. The dealer provides consolidated invoicing into one all-inclusive payment that includes equipment, service, overages and consumables. This avoids the hassle and time associated with multiple invoices.
  • Net-new success. Woodhull captured a net-new client in a deal that included 250-plus Ricoh printers and a sizeable software solution. The existing copier vendor completely ignored the client’s MFP needs.
  • Recognitions. This makes the 19th consecutive year for Woodhull capturing Elite Dealer honors. The dealer also hauled in Ricoh’s Service Excellence Award for the sixth straight year, and was named to the Top 100 Companies list by the Dayton Business Journal.
  • Corporate philanthropy. Woodhull assembled water and food drives to support the 2019 Memorial Day tornado victims in Dayton, Ohio. Team members participate in the annual Diaper Drive for local children’s hospitals, and the company sponsored a 5K run for a local organization that helps people with disabilities become more independent.

XMC, Inc.
Memphis, TN

Year Founded: 1991
President/Owner: Sean Seward
Number of Employees: 90
Primary Vendors: Xerox, HP, FP Mailing
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, PaperCut, Kofax, ECI Software, Microsoft
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Xerox Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Production, Managed IT (300%), MPS (40%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: XMC managed to win a highly contested partnership with a local sports team that allowed the dealer to leverage its technology and showcase its community impact.

The XMC corporate team partnered with Make-A-Wish and Memphis 901 FC to reveal that Rosario’s wish to go on a shopping spree was being granted. This presentation was made at halftime of the final soccer match of the season. XMC employees shown (from left, pink shirts): Mike Brown, Kate Linebarger, Sean Seward, Josh Reese, Iman Jones, Alyssa Hirsh, Justin Marek, Glenn Elton

Why We Consider XMC Elite:

  • Marketing strategy. A website refresh stresses XMC’s role as a solutions provider and trusted advisor to clients. The dealer also implemented the HubSpot Marketing Platform to streamline its digital footprint and communications, which touch customers and prospects with content specific to their roles and industries while streamlining its processes for social media, blog development and email communications.
  • Production prowess. Backed by Xerox’s Iridesse production press, XMC has done numerous installations through the first six months of 2019 and anticipates further growth.
  • Higher visibility. XMC has increased its footprint in the communities it serves through vehicles such as sponsoring local athletic programs and becoming more involved with local nonprofits and community programs.
  • Corporate caring. During the last four years, XMC has partnered with Make-A-Wish Mid-South, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. XMC was also a flagship participant in “Real Men Wear Pink” through the National Cancer Society. Company Founder Bob Hamilton raised more than $17,000 as he placed in the top 30 nationally.

Zeno Imaging
Houston, TX

Year Founded: 1986
President/Owner: Jake Guarino
Number of Employees: 125
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, Canon, Streamline NX, PaperCut, Managed IT
Primary Leasing Partners: Wells Fargo, CIT, DLL, TIAA Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25-$35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (200%), equipment (20%), MPS (10%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Its acquisition by Visual Edge Technology has provided Zeno Imaging with access to new resources and offerings, expanding its solutions capabilities for its clients.

Why We Consider Zeno Imaging Elite:

  • MPS tools. Zeno Imaging’s print-as-a-service (PaaS) provides a complete managed print solution designed to eliminate the financial burdens of leasing or cash acquisition, while also providing creativity and flexibility for enterprise organizations. Large-scale print deployments can be customized to ebb and flow with organizational change. They also provide detailed print analytics to better manage user needs and ensure a consistent introduction of new print technologies. It also eliminates the business disruption of outdated solutions.
  • Lead generation. The dealer has adopted a robust, comprehensive lead-generation plan through a subscription-based growth-as-a-service (GaaS) model. It entails messaging tailored to specific vertical and horizontal markets, company profiles, and industry applications delivered across a variety of channels. This results in better leads, higher close percentages, higher client satisfaction and a substantial increase in ROI per cold call.
  • Winning pair. Zeno Imaging secured a pair of critical accounts during 2019, including a multinational oil and gas firm for copiers and print management software across North America. The second, a large hospital district, encompassed copiers, printers, facilities management and off-site printing services.
  • Community outreach. In addition to team members volunteering within their communities, Zeno Imaging supports the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship program for children, which provides roughly $20 million a year in scholarships. It also backs the Houston Food Bank.
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