OneDOC Managed Print Services

Constructing the MPS Offering: It’s All About Accurate Customer Data

The beauty about data is the granularity it offers or can offer, for the purpose of assembling a managed print services program. The more specific the information, the better the odds of crafting a pact that is comprehensive and beneficial not only to the client but the dealer
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Broaching the Topic of MPS: Where to Begin with Clients

Attention, dealers. Who wears the decision-making pants in your family of customers? Obviously, it varies depending on the product or service offering. On the subject of managed print services (MPS), many will point toward the chief financial officer. If the value proposition
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Virtulytix Selects OneDOC Managed Print Services as Leader in Managed Print Services

Lexington, KY (Aug. 6, 2018) — Virutlytix has recognized OneDOC Managed Print Services as a leader in managed print services (MPS). OneDoc Managed Print Services was one of seven independent channel partners that Virtulytix selected to participate in the 2018 Leaders Index for
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