Elite Dealers: $20 million to $50 million

Advance Business Systems
Cockeysville, MD

Year Founded: 1964
President/Owner: Jeff Elkin
Number of Employees: 160
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Savin, Canon, KIP, MBM, Dell
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Kofax, LincWare, PaperCut, EFI, Treeno, Objectif Lune, Microsoft, SonicWALL, Datto, Cisco, HP, Adobe, ID Agent
Primary Leasing Partners: Advance Business Systems & Supply Company (ABSSCO)
Approximate Yearly Revenue:
$40-$45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (27%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: In response to the pandemic, members of the Advance Business Systems team huddled to create solutions that would enable the dealer to work smarter while providing better customer service.

Why We Consider Advance Business Systems Elite:

  • Valuable insight. To understand the evolved needs for doing business in the pandemic era, Advance Business Systems sat down with its customers to learn how they pivoted their strategy and how their long-term goals had been impacted. The dealer then quickly developed and provided tools, technology and support to help clients create safe, secure and efficient workspaces for employees and guests, while also enabling remote workers to execute seamlessly and securely from anywhere.
  • Marketing tactics. Long reliant on traditional advertising strategies—TV, radio and in-person events—to deliver its message, the dealer transitioned to virtual events and meetings as well as digital advertising. For example, traditional radio ad spots were nixed in favor of online radio channels, as remote workers took to the internet to listen to music during the day.
  • Better mousetrap. With “Zoom fatigue” a reality due to the glut of virtual meetings, Advance Business Systems sought a more engaging path to its virtual Tech On-Tap events. It partnered with a local brewery to construct custom six-packs for each attendee, complete with snacks and swag from local partners, which were delivered prior to the event. Pre-event speakers included the University of Maryland’s head football coach, who discussed strategy, and brewery reps who walked attendees through a taste test. Tech subjects included IT best practices and cybersecurity, culminating with a Q&A session and virtual after-party.
  • Charitable endeavors. The dealer’s community service initiative, “We Live and Believe This Stuff,” provides team members opportunities to service its non-profit partners. Advance Business Systems backs its partners through financial support, promotions and volunteering. Internal fundraising efforts included a campaign to support local small businesses significantly impacted by the pandemic.

Advanced Imaging Solutions
Minnetonka, MN

Year Founded: 1998
President/Owner: Michael Keating
Number of Employees: 60+
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Sharp, Epson, HP, Lexmark, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Dispatcher Phoenix, eGoldFax, RSA, PageDNA, Prism
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT, voice, production print
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Advanced Imaging Solutions embarked on a remodel of its corporate office to welcome its employees back to a fresh, new space.

Why We Consider Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS) Elite:

  • Success culture. Integrity has long been a hallmark of AIS, from taking responsibility for its work to caring for its people, with an eye towards safety and sustainability. The dealer embraces all perspectives backed by a diverse, well-rounded team of thinkers and doers. This yields a positive impact on its work and the businesses AIS supports.
  • Heavy equipment. AIS has the distinction of being one of the first dealers to place multiple production print devices from Konica Minolta, including the AccurioPress C12000 and the C14000.
  • Manufacturer recognitions. The dealer has captured the Konica Minolta Pro-Tech award and Sharp’s Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer designation.
  • Corporate caring. AIS has long been a strong supporter of numerous organizations within the Minneapolis area, donating time to various client fundraising events. The dealer also furnishes printed collateral for a number of its non-profit clients, including marketing booklets and event programs.

Advanced Office
Irvine, CA

Year Founded: 1977
President/Owner: Richard Van Dyke
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Kyocera, Lexmark, KIP, Panasonic
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Kofax, DocuWare
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (50%), solutions (45%), certified pre-owned (30%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: During the pandemic, Advanced Office focused on completing additional training for its service and IT solutions teams. IT team members became DocuWare certified, with many achieving EFI and A+ certifications.

Advanced Office’s corporate headquarters in Irvine, California

Why We Consider Advanced Office Elite:

  • Website refresh. Advanced Office overhauled its website to provide simplified navigation for users and ensure customers and prospects can easily find the information they’re seeking. A chat function was included to provide additional engagement options for visitors.
  • Out clause. The dealer introduced a cancellable lease option for its net-new customers, providing them the peace of mind in knowing they can cancel the contract without risk during the first 12 months of the pact.
  • Pivotal win. The top takedown for Advanced Office was a net-new client that purchased three production print devices upgraded with MICR printing capabilities. The deal served to stimulate conversations regarding other unit replacements within the fleet as well as a possible workflow solution.
  • Industry honors. Advanced Office captured the RFG Circle of Excellence Dealership designation in 2021, marking the sixth consecutive year it’s been honored. Its efforts in waste reduction were recognized by Ricoh with the Eco Excellence Program honor. The dealer was also named a 2020 Top Workplace by the Orange County Register.

AIS (Advanced Imaging Solutions)
North Las Vegas, NV

Year Founded: 2002
President/Owner: Gary Harouff
Number of Employees: 75
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Xerox, Mitel, RingCentral, Digium, CenturyLink, Cox Business, Lifesize, Dell, HP, Cisco, RichTech, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Hyland, Microsoft, EFI, ECI Software, Argos, PaperCut, Kyocera, Xerox, Intermedia
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $21 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS and telecom (51%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: AIS coordinated the Copier Dealer’s Association Marketing Summit and maintained its Net Promoter Score of 92.

Why We Consider AIS Elite:

  • Enhanced processes. AIS restructured its service teams and focused on eliminating a siloed approach to the service, office equipment, MNS and telecom divisions to create a “Vision for the Future.” The goal is to develop synergies between the units through improved resource utilization, create consistent processes across the teams, improve the customer experience and excel in the service career path.
  • Top scores. In 2021, AIS solidified a multi-year marketing service contract with a total value of $500,000. The dealer also won two municipality contracts in southern California—both net-new customers—totaling $600,000.
  • Industry kudos. A Kyocera Premier Dealer for the past 16 years, AIS was also recognized by IMPACT with a 2019-2020 Inbound Marketing Award. ACDI honored the dealer with its 2019-2020 Premier Partner Award, while GreatAmerica bestowed AIS with its Platinum Partner Award.
  • Employee enticements. In addition to providing 24 hours of paid volunteer time off to dedicate toward the causes employees value most, AIS hosts several events that spouses and children are invited to attend, from the annual holiday party to its Kick-Off. New committees, including Pokémon Go and Outdoor Adventure, will return with events post-pandemic.

Blue Technologies
Cleveland, OH

Year Founded: 1995
President/Owner: Paul Hanna
Number of Employees: 203
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Lexmark, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: BlueBeam, Dispatcher Phoenix, Hyland, Kofax, iManage, EFI, ECI Software, Objectif Lune, Print Shop Mail, PaperCut, nQueue
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, CIT, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $37 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: IT, cybersecurity
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Blue Technologies expanded into three new Ohio markets—Youngstown, Toledo and Mansfield—with a physical office space in each market.

Executive team and staff at Blue Technologies’ Toledo facility celebrate its grand opening, one of three new markets the dealer expanded to in 2021

Why We Consider Blue Technologies Elite:

  • Thought leader. In conjunction with Smart Business Magazine, Blue Technologies provides SBN Insights articles that cover a variety of topics, such as uncovering office inefficiencies, understanding cloud technology, effectively managing IT investments and protecting company assets, all approached in a brand-agnostic fashion. The articles are featured every other month in the Cleveland, Akron and Columbus market issues.
  • Prospecting campaign. Each year, the dealer enhances its initiatives in this area. Among the highlights: sales guru Kate Kingston helps bolster skills for creating weekly and monthly appointments; a vertical education component was added with KTG and internal SME weekly education sessions; and an internal email campaign was created for targeted verticals.
  • Contractual success. Earlier this year, Blue Technologies secured a hotly contested deal with a major health care provider that included the replacement of 100-plus MFPs along with an MPS contract for the management of more than 500 printers.
  • Commitment to excellence. Each year, Blue Technologies holds a “Commitment to Excellence” cookout that includes updates on products, services, benefits and information on getting involved with the dealer’s philanthropic endeavors. Employees who have gone above and beyond in meeting that commitment are presented with awards and prizes. One team member was given a $2,500 vacation voucher, which was used to book a Disney experience.

Braden Business Systems
Fishers, IN

Year Founded: 1989
President/Owner: Erik Braden (managing partner), David Braden (president)
Number of Employees: 127
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Dell, RISO, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Meraki, EMC, Aruba
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Dispatcher Phoenix, Kofax, Unity, PageScope, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, Kyocera Apps
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, LEAF, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo, GE Capital, U.S. Bank, Marlin
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $35-$40 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (120%), MFP software solutions (40%+)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Despite the pandemic, Braden Business Systems sold the most equipment in company history.

Why We Consider Braden Business Systems Elite:

  • Top performers. The dealer’s technical service team improved its call times to under two hours, and its customer service unit has maintained a Net Promoter Score above 97 since the beginning of 2020.
  • Top takedown. Braden Business Systems captured a deal with a national truck repair company that covers IT infrastructure, office equipment and MPS. The value of the deal is nearly $3 million.
  • Marketing excellence. Backed by a robust social media program, SEO and inbound marketing strategies, Braden Business Systems capitalized on online awareness and increased visitor traffic. The dealer implemented email marketing to bolster existing clients and provide extensive information to prospects throughout the sales funnel. Through social media, reps are implementing personal branding strategies that dovetail with the firm’s corporate brand.
  • Ideal workplace. Braden Business Systems offers a number of employee events that help make members feel valued, from football tailgate parties to team-building trips, flexible schedules/work-from-home options and early dismissal Fridays.

Coordinated Business Systems
Burnsville, MN

Year Founded: 1983
President/Owner: James Oricchio
Number of Employees: 95
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Lexmark, Sharp, KIP, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, GoldFax, myQ, PaperCut, Microsoft
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: UCaaS (15%), MNS (10%), copiers (4%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Coordinated Business Systems developed a program, We Pay 3, that allows clients to skip three payments anytime during the course of their contract.

Why We Consider Coordinated Business Systems Elite:

  • Payment pinch. The aforementioned We Pay 3 program was developed in tandem with GreatAmerica Financial Services and U.S. Bank to help provide customers with added peace of mind should their incoming revenues hit a snag.
  • Listen up. Knowing that what customers and prospects say takes precedence over a sales rep’s talking points, Coordinated trains its staff to listen intently to help identify and understand issues. That allows them to bring in the appropriate team, product or service to solve the challenge.
  • Golden opportunities. Coordinated renewed a contract with a large area account that has a number of locations. With the client’s workforce scattered to remote locations, it provided an optimal time to perform a “rip and replace” of equipment.
  • Helping hands. Employees at Coordinated are allotted 24 hours annually to serve charitable and non-profit entities of their choosing. On the corporate level, Coordinated continues to support the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center through monetary contributions and radio advertising donations for its annual gala.

Datamax, Inc.
Little Rock, AR

Year Founded: 1955
President/Owner: Barry Simon
Number of Employees: 230
Primary Vendors: Canon, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Kyocera, Dell, Océ, MBM
Primary Solutions Offerings: Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Microsoft, Laserfiche, Intermedia, PaperCut, EFI, Datto, Océ, Kofax, mxHero
Primary Leasing Partners: Datamax Leasing Division
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (7.5%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Datamax invested in the safety of its employees by spraying its offices with antimicrobial product—which helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi—and invested in temperature-scanning kiosks.

David Rhodes, president of Datamax Texas (left) and Barry Simon, president of Datamax Inc.

Why We Consider Datamax Elite:

  • Talking profits. The dealer used its new CommCare Inbound Nurture campaign to educate professionals on the advantages of a remote-friendly, unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) model. This allows sales reps to enroll clients into an awareness-stage email campaign that provides an overview of UCaaS components.
  • Feeling better. Datamax netted a deal with the Pain Treatment Centers of America, providing more than 70 machines for 14 locations.
  • Fan favorites. One marketing campaign the dealer developed, Fanatical Service, included an eBook and related blogs on identifying the service factors that could help turn a copier service experience from frustrating to fanatical.
  • Care givers. Much of the dealer’s philanthropic endeavors are funneled through its DatamaxCares program. These activities range from community cleanup events and volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters to donations of office equipment for nonprofit organizations. Examples include the Children’s Protection Center, Multiply Meals Program and Camp Summit in Dallas.

Doing Better Business, Inc.
Altoona, PA

Year Founded: 2013
President/Owner: Debra Dellaposta
Number of Employees: 85
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Sharp, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, Ademero, PaperCut, Dell
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, DLL, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Electronic document management (48%), MPS (12%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Doing Better Business continued to expand its footprint with an acquisition in Boardman, Ohio.

Doing Better Business owners (from left): Debra Dellaposta, Joseph Dellaposta and Beth Dellaposta

Why We Consider Doing Better Business Elite:

  • Marketing fun. In an effort to lighten the mood during a difficult period, Doing Better Business rolled out a pair of enjoyable marketing campaigns—Jovial Joe’s Specials and Talking Fur Babies. The dealer enjoyed success with its GoSafe thermal and facial recognition scanners, which helped local businesses and schools return to the workplace.
  • Client success. Doing Better Business enjoyed a banner year with digital documents and document management solutions. Government entities provided a pair of solid takedowns, including a large backfile scanning project for a local county. The dealer also implemented a Laserfiche solution for another county government, a pact that included a significant MPS component.
  • Industry honors. The dealer has received CEO Juice’s Top Ten Award in consecutive years. A GreatAmerica Dealer of Distinction, Doing Better Business also garnered Sharp Platinum Service Provider and Ricoh Circle of Excellence honors.
  • Community support. In addition to providing employees with a day off to volunteer for a non-profit of their choice, many team members serve on the boards of local organizations. All three owners are involved in and chair fundraising events for local Rotary Clubs, which contribute those funds to multiple nonprofits.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises
Cincinnati, OH

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Jim Donnellon (CEO), Jim George (president)
Number of Employees: 98
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera, KIP, Brother, FP Mailing, Formax
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, DocuWare, Square 9
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, DLL, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue:
$25+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS/tech services (65%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Donnellon McCarthy coordinated with team members to streamline the company, infrastructure and processes during the pandemic, which enabled it to hire more employees.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises employees get into the spirit of Halloween

Why We Consider Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) Elite:

  • Expanding footprint. The dealer continues its coast-to-coast growth with acquisitions throughout West Virginia and Illinois. This has opened the door into the office supplies and furniture space.
  • Passing grade. DME secured a renewal with the largest school district in Ohio for the fourth time, a deal which entailed more than 300 A3 devices, software and mailing equipment.
  • Superior service. Backed by in-depth service metrics, analysis, uptime reports and technician accountability to benchmark SLAs that meet and or exceed expectations, DME continues to demonstrate its penchant for delivering industry-leading service.
  • Employment destination. Each year, the dealer is recognized as a top workplace/best place to work, and 2021 was no exception, as it was cited by the Dayton Business Journal and Cincinnati Enquirer. The firm also received the Toshiba ProMaster Award.

Eakes Office Solutions
Grand Island, NE

Year Founded: 1945
President/Owner: Mark Miller
Number of Employees: 270
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: docMgt, PaperCut, GoldFax, eGoldFax
Primary Leasing Partners: Local leasing company
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Digital solutions (54%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Eakes Office Solutions expanded its footprint west into the Nebraska panhandle, and a new office in Scottsbluff raised its total within the state to 14.

Eakes Office Solutions executives Mark Miller, president and CEO (left) and David Leahy, managed print product manager

Why We Consider Eakes Office Solutions Elite:

  • Refresher course. As a service to clients still working remotely or in a hybrid fashion, Eakes created an online MFP training series that covered the basics for using Sharp and Ricoh equipment.
  • Healthy business. Eakes procured a deal, which consists of A4 devices, MFPs and wide-format printers, with one of the largest health care providers in Nebraska. The dealer also included PaperCut and GoldFax solutions.
  • Employee recognition. Going above and beyond the call of duty earns Eakes employees the opportunity to be recognized through its Exceeding Expectations program, in which managers and employees can nominate each other on a monthly basis. Quarterly winners are rewarded with cash or trips.
  • Corporate caring. Eakes employees across Nebraska volunteer at their local food banks and Meals on Wheels programs, and the dealership’s United Way contributions continue to increase on an annual basis. As part of World Hand Sanitizer Day on May 5, Eakes contributed 3,000 bottles of the cleaner to organizations across Nebraska.

James Dotter,
president of
Virginia Business Systems
James Edwards,
chairman of Edwards
and Virginia
Business Systems

Edwards Business Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc.
Bethlehem, PA

Year Founded: 1954
President/Owner: James B. Edwards, chairman of Edwards Business
Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc.; James Dotter, president of Virginia Business Systems, Inc.; Nick Phillips, executive vice president of Edwards Business Systems, Inc.
Number of Employees: 133
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Xerox, Lexmark, HP, MBM, Muratec, Cytracom
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Continuum, Datto, Microsoft, SentinelOne, All Covered, Kofax
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, EBS Financial Leasing, U.S. Bank, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $33+ million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Integrated document technology solutions
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Edwards Business Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc.maintained sales productivity as its sales reps succeeded in gaining net-new clients while maintaining existing ones.

Edwards Business systems’ headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, encompasses over 14,000 square feet of offices, showrooms and warehouse

Why We Consider Edwards Business Systems, Inc. and Virginia Business Systems, Inc. (EBS/VBS) Elite:

  • Marketing excellence. EBS/VBS implemented the “They Ask, You Answer” marketing strategy, aligning sales and marketing to increase web traffic, to become a resource for information and subject-matter expertise. The dealers also employed Vidyard, enabling sales reps to make and distribute their own videos for introductions, presentations, follow-ups, training and troubleshooting.
  • Cost conscious. The decision to add pricing sections to both websites triggered large numbers of organic search traffic. More than 60% of all traffic and 70% of new visitors to the sites have used this section.
  • Taking control. EBS/VBS migrated its websites into a HubSpot-hosted content management system, providing full oversight of editing, page creation and content generation. EBS/VBS now also creates and posts all blogs and social media content.
  • Top takedowns. When a large manufacturer needed support for a software upgrade that its incumbent IT vendor couldn’t provide, EBS/VBS was able to win the business—a three-year contract for business continuity, network monitoring and management, and 24/7 helpdesk support for 150 users. Following the upgrade, the client transitioned all its IT services to EBS/VBS.
Virginia Business Systems’ headquarters in Richmond, Virginia encompasses almost 18,000 square feet of offices, showrooms and warehouse

Chris Taylor

Fisher’s Technology
Boise, ID

Year Founded: 1936
President/Owner: Chris Taylor
Number of Employees: 150
Primary Vendors: Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, ABBYY, PaperCut, Canon, Microsoft, Intermedia, Verkada
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, Canon Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $30-$35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (36%), production (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Fisher’s continues to be recognized for its employer excellence, winning its 13th consecutive Best Places to Work in Idaho award, along with its first Best Places to Work Inland Northwest honor.

Why We Consider Fisher’s Technology Elite:

  • Socially relevant. Fisher’s has enjoyed great success with creative social media campaigns aimed at driving clients and prospects to its website while increasing brand awareness. Online leads have increased 296% compared to 2019. Roughly 90% of 2021 converted leads originated online.
  • Winning ways. The dealer scored a pair of takedowns on the education side, including a deal for 125 A3 machines for the second-largest school district in Idaho. Fisher’s also garnered an agreement that featured 180 units and MPS packaged with an output management solution for a large university.
  • Teaching moments. Presentations, lunch-and-learns and technology shows enable Fisher’s to provide significant, value-added educational content to clients and prospects within its markets.
  • Client care. With an eye toward providing the best in client care and making every day an enjoyable one, Fisher’s seeks to hire extremely fun people along with the best experts in the field.

Fraser Advanced Information Systems
West Reading, PA

Year Founded: 1971
President/Owner: William A. Fraser
Number of Employees: 170
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Canon, Lexmark, KIP, HP, Muratec, Yealink
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, Intermedia, Datto, Axcient, Kaseya, BitDefender, Spectrio, DUO, Meraki, Cisco, PaperCut, ConnectWise, EKM
Primary Leasing Partners: Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, DLL, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $48 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Unified communications (40%), MPS (25%), managed IT (20%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Maintaining its corporate culture was a critical factor for Fraser Advanced Information Systems during the pandemic, embracing tools such as Microsoft Teams and its unified communications platform to help keep employees engaged and collaborating.

Fraser executives (from left): Jim Pierce, Bill Fraser and Melissa Confalone

Why We Consider Fraser Advanced Information Systems (Fraser AIS) Elite:

  • Thanks a bundle. The pandemic caused many clients to cut costs and seek increased insight into expenses, and through bundles for hardware and services, Fraser AIS provided single-vendor, single-billing convenience. Bundling also allows the dealer to provide special pricing for products and services, yielding optimal cost savings.
  • Security offerings. Fraser AIS continues to expand its security portfolio to clients, enhancing its program to include network monitoring, cybersecurity and ransomware, plus MFP and print security (as well as an MFP hardening program and managed print security assessments). The dealer also grew employee education around cybersecurity threats.
  • Contractual success. Two net-new clients included a mid-sized university in the Philadelphia region, a deal comprised of a complete copier refresh of 70 devices and a managed print program transfer to PaperCut. Meanwhile, a large school district in central Pennsylvania benefitted from 100 new devices with a complete MPS program.
  • Helping hands. Fraser AIS contributes to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program. Through these donations, Fraser hand-picks educational institutions to support the community, and in the past year, the dealer awarded them approximately $20,000.

Sugar Land, TX

Year Founded: 1982
President/Owner: Bill Patsouras
Number of Employees: 79
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, HP, Sharp, Kyocera, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: M-Files, Kofax, PrinterLogic, PaperCut, Esker
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: A4 hardware (120%), MNS (90%), MPS (50%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Function4 saw significant website content contributions from its sales team, including blogs, videos and vendor content.

Why We Consider Function4 Elite:

  • Building knowledge. More than 90% of sales reps participated in virtual training sessions hosted by Function4’s manufacturer partners. The dealer also held customer lunch-and-learn events about products and services, particularly those that added value during the pandemic.
  • IT expansion. Function4 has widened its array of IT solutions in recent years, and in the past year rolled out solutions that work in conjunction with its printers and copiers to streamline processes for customer organizations.
  • Top scores. A pair of consumer-driven, end-user product companies with national operations contracted with Function4, with each company receiving support for more than 400 units. Several large MNS placements with other clients included more than 250 VoIP devices.
  • Destination employer. Function4 has cultivated an employee-focused atmosphere, one that has produced numerous employees with 20-plus years of service. Team member Paul Skinner captured the Friend of the Bureau John Bell Award from the Better Business Bureau for his work in improving local businesses in the Southeast region of Texas.

Michael Kahn

Genesis Technologies Inc.
Northbrook, IL

Year Founded: 1991
President/Owner: Michael Kahn
Number of Employees: 70
Primary Vendors: HP, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Zebra, Troy, Kyocera
Primary Solutions Offerings: Canon, PaperCut, HP, PrinterLogic
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Canon Financial Services, HP Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Equipment sales (3%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Genesis Technologies saw great improvements in its hiring practices, as well as developing effective sales reps.

Why We Consider Genesis Technologies Elite:

  • Web enhancements. Genesis Technologies has made online ordering more efficient for purchasing equipment, supplies and services. The site also offers quoting functionality.
  • Evolved environment. With the pandemic sending its customer’s employees to remote work environments, Genesis Techologies developed a new home print solutions category to address their specific needs.
  • Marketing firepower. The dealer partnered with a full-service marketing agency to help rebrand the company and create a more interactive website that will include engaging tools for customers and prospects.
  • Giving back. Genesis Technologies supports local cancer foundations including Cancer Kiss My Cooley, as well as the Alzheimer’s Association, Chicago Methodist Senior Services and the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

Image 2000
Valencia, CA

Year Founded: 1992
President/Owner: Joe Blatchford (CEO), Rich Campbell (president)
Number of Employees: 135
Primary Vendors: Kyocera Copystar, Sharp, Toshiba, RISO, Lexmark
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, Square 9, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, CIT
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25-$30 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Software, managed IT
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Despite operating in a Los Angeles market that witnessed some of the nation’s most severe shutdown measures, Image 2000 managed to maintain all of its employees.

Image 2000 co-founders Richard Campbell (left), president, and Joe Blatchford, CEO

Why We Consider Image 2000 Elite:

  • Business buffet. Speaking to the needs of clients’ remote employees, Image 2000 implemented an all-you-can-eat business package. This includes equipment, service, supplies, software and phone.
  • Making it rain. Image 2000 netted a deal with the largest sports book gambling company in the U.S., a growing agreement that so far includes 41 unit placements.
  • Manufacturer kudos. The dealer has been recognized by Sharp with the Platinum Level Service award as well as its Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer Award. It also has the distinction of being Kyocera Copystar’s largest dealer for the past 10-plus years.
  • Holiday cheer. When the pandemic forced Image 2000’s holiday party online, more than 100 employees logged in to reap performance awards, gift cards, TVs and quality electronics. Also, employees who receive positive reviews from customers are presented with $25 American Express gift cards.

James Imaging Systems, Inc.
Brookfield, WI

Year Founded: 1977
President/Owner: Lola A. Tegeder (CEO), Tom Tegeder (president)
Number of Employees: 122
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, KIP, Zebra, Canon
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Objectif Lune, Kofax, Frevvo, Biscom, Neffe Consulting, Square 9, Ancora, eBridge, Page Scope, HP, Drivve, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, James Leasing LLC
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Color imaging product sales (70%), MPS (50%), software solutions (65%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Despite the pandemic, James Imaging Systems was able to essentially maintain revenue levels from the previous year, growing its solutions business in the process.

James Imaging Systems CEO Lola Tegeder and President Tom Tegeder

Why We Consider James Imaging Systems Elite:

  • Turn times. With a four-hour guarantee, the average service requests to James Imaging Systems are less than three hours. Tech service vehicles are equipped with $6,000 to $10,000 of parts and supplies inventory.
  • Partner recognitions. James Imaging Systems captured the Governor’s Trailblazer Award from the Wisconsin Women’s Council. It’s also a two-time winner of the Prestige Dealer Award from GreatAmerica Financial Services and a repeat recipient of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce Future 50 Award.
  • Employee support. Employees can take advantage of a generous benefits package, continuous training and education, and the ability to participate in a number of charitable endeavors.
  • Corporate giving. The dealer supports a number of charitable and community organizations, including the Waukesha County Business Alliance, the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Children’s Wisconsin through its Giving Tree program.

KDI Office Technology
Aston, PA

Year Founded: 1988
President/Owner: Rick Salcedo
Number of Employees: 114
Primary Vendors: Canon, Ricoh, Lexmark, HP, NEC, Panasonic, Fujitsu
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Square 9, Kofax, nddPrint, PaperCut, Canon
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, TIAA Bank, Canon Financial Services, Wells Fargo, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $36 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Scanning and conversion (25%), managed IT (25%), MPS (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Given the challenges that hit the Northeast particularly hard, KDI Office Technology was able to adapt during the pandemic and provide deliveries, service and support.

KDI Office Technology leadership (from left): Kevin Salcedo, general manager; Rick Salcedo, president/CEO; Terry Salcedo, CFO; and Linda Furia, purchasing agent, during KDI’s Third Annual Pink Ball Golf Outing

Why We Consider KDI Office Technology Elite:

  • Sports sponsorship. The Philadelphia region is intensely supportive of its sports franchises, and KDI Office Technology leverages that fandom as an official sponsor with the Phillies, Flyers, Union and their respective stadiums. It has two digital billboards on major highways around the city that share game scores in real time.
  • Major win. It started with a cold call, but in the end, KDI was able to secure the business of a New Jersey public school district, converting a mishmash of manufacturer products into 95 MFP placements and a PaperCut software solution.
  • Customer satisfaction. KDI employs business intelligence metrics to gain more insight into why clients like doing business, with specialized software and systems to continuously monitor and gauge customer feedback in real time. This yields more efficient reporting and alerts for each of its departments and functions.
  • Worthwhile causes. In addition to its annual Pink Ball Golf Tournament that supports the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, KDI partners with the Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children to assist local families during the holidays. Employees also give back to the community via “fun-raising” activities, including the Making Strides annual walk.

Meritech, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Year Founded: 1978
President/Owner: Mary Ann Bednar (CEO), Ken Vanden Haute (president), Brandon Meek (vice president)
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, HP, Brother, KIP, Canon
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, PaperCut, Kaseya, Veeam, Cisco, Axcient, Auvik, Microsoft, GoldFax, Scale, Fortinet, FormedAI
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $32 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed security services (250%), production print (200%), workflow automation (200%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Meritech was honored as one of Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces for the second straight year by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the lone office dealer to make the list.

Meritech executives (from left): Brandon Meek, vice president; Mary Ann Bednar, CEO; and Ken Vanden Haute, president

Why We Consider Meritech Elite:

  • Internal efficiency. The dealer increased efficiency by updating its internal automated workflow process for submitting leads, enabling it to bring the proper team members into the sales process earlier. In addition, customer service can more quickly and accurately identify opportunities through improved cross-departmental communications.
  • Healthy business. Meritch scored a top health care provider in Ohio, a deal which entailed more than 2,000 MFPs, 3,000 printers with MPS, workflow software, fax servers and an in-house production print shop.
  • OEM recognitions. In addition to the aforementioned Top Workplace award, Meritech was recognized by Kyocera as a Premier Dealer, and received Ricoh’s Circle of Excellence Award and Konica Minolta’s Pro-Tech honor.
  • Quality workplace. Meritech encourages employee feedback through regular surveys, including Top Workplace, which is used to address areas for improvement. The dealer also hosts monthly and quarterly meetings for the sales and service department.

Modern Office Methods (MOM)
Cincinnati, OH

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Kevin McCarthy
Number of Employees: 200
Primary Vendors: Ricoh/Lanier, Canon, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Canon, Ricoh, HP, PaperCut, Kofax, Ademero, Objectif Lune, OpenText, Panasonic, EFI
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $40-$45 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Wide-format
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Modern Office Methods took the opportunity to bolster its service training program, garnering top scores for Ricoh and Canon certifications.

The Modern Office Methods team

Why We Consider Modern Office Methods (MOM) Elite:

  • Customer connections. MOM relied on YouTube videos in addition to in-person client meetings and invested in a library of end-user training videos in lieu of on-site training. The dealer is also using videos for prospecting to help put a face to a name when making a connection. This is essential as customers may choose to operate in a remote or hybrid fashion moving forward.
  • Data driven. By using a business data analytics tool, MOM’s management can bolster specific sales initiatives, inventory purchases, delivery efficiency and billing effectiveness. As a result, MOM hopes to consistently meet its sales goals and accelerate its business plans.
  • Top takedown. MOM inked an MPS contract for a hardware refresh at a national logistics company. The deal—which required months of proof-of-concept testing—included 200 A4 devices that integrate with the client’s custom software based on their AS400 system.
  • Charitable endeavors. MOM sponsors and supports a number of charitable organizations, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the YMCA of Central Ohio.

Nauticon Office Solutions
Gaithersburg, MD

Year Founded: 1997
President/Owner: Tom Cunningham (owner/CEO), Gary Sockel (president), Carter Hertzberg (COO)
Number of Employees: 85
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, Xerox, Lexmark
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Drivve, Square 9
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, GreatAmerica, Xerox Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (23%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Looking to mitigate the challenges experienced by customers, Nauticon Office Solutions’ sales force huddled with its accounts to devise cost-saving strategies. The dealer also offered deferred lease payments during the height of the pandemic.

Nauticon’s award-winning Service First team

Why We Consider Nauticon Office Solutions Elite:

  • Tell a friend. In an effort to grow its customer portfolio, Nauticon offers a customer referral program that provides gift cards to customers.
  • Landmark deal. Nauticon registered the largest equipment deal in company history, providing MFP and production devices for one of the premier professional membership organizations in Virginia.
  • Performance recognitions. In addition to capturing the Toshiba ProMasters Elite Service Award, Nauticon was a recipient of the NEXERA Service Excellence Award.
  • Worthy causes. Nauticon donates 10% of its annual revenue to local charities. The dealer sponsors local events and works with non-profit organizations to bring awareness to their causes.

NBM, Inc.
Burlington, MA

Year Founded: 1985
President/Owner: William Tracia (president)
Number of Employees: 60
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Lexmark, KIP, FP Mailing
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, eGoldFax, Paper Cut, Continuum, Webroot, SentinelOne, ConnectWise, Datto, Acronis, Proofpoint, IRONSCALES
Primary Leasing Partners: CIT, GreatAmerica, DLL, LEAF
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: None
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Despite the rigid protocols for entering customers’ facilities and other restrictions, NBM was able to navigate through the toughest stretch of the pandemic.

NBM management and sales teams at the annual Patriots tailgate (COVID version!) held this year at the company’s new 40,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts

Why We Consider NBM Elite:

  • Marketing boost. The dealer hired a full-time marketing associate and has developed a consistent email strategy, targeting databases for both current accounts and potential net-new clients.
  • Greenfield greatness. NBM agreed to a deal with a biotech start-up company, providing 15 new Ricoh-manufactured MFPs.
  • Be our guest. Recently, NBM hosted a regional networking event, sponsored by Pax8, which drew both dealer clients and area managed service providers.
  • Come together. Some of the dealer’s popular employee activities will be returning for the new year, including a president’s club trip and dinner award event. NBM also treated its employees to a cookout this past summer, it first group gathering in 18 months.

Pulse Technology
Schaumburg, IL

Year Founded: 1955
President/Owner: Chip Miceli
Number of Employees: 82
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Canon, HP, Kyocera, Epson, Watchfire
Primary Solutions Offerings: MPS, MNS, home office, social media, archiving solutions, mailing solutions, office furniture and design, promotional products, interactive video boards, temperature-scanning devices, archiving solutions
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: IT/managed services (86%), office products/supplies (28%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Pulse Technology significantly expanded its video wall services, growing the division by 300%. The creation and implementation of a culture committee was a factor in winning a Best Places to Work in Illinois award.

Members of the Pulse Technology team

Why We Consider Pulse Technology Elite:

  • Product growth. Backed by tech partner Watchfire, the video wall and digital signage business opportunities flourished for Pulse and proved to be complementary to its Sharp video wall catalog. The dealer, which anticipated an MPS drop-off due to the pandemic, is leveraging its high-tech conference center/showroom to help promote the offering to local businesses.
  • Authoritative voice. Pulse Technology CEO Chip Miceli is a frequent contributor to this and other industry publications, but his opinions and insight on topics such as IT can also be read through articles contributed to local business newspapers, including the Daily Herald Business Leader.
  • E-commerce opportunities. Recognizing the value e-commerce brings to the customer experience, Pulse Technology has converted a portion of company sales to online purchasing. As a result, the company is able to provide a broader reach to customers in need of office supplies and furniture.
  • Projecting profits. One of the year’s biggest video wall success stories was a deal with the Hammond Academy of Science & Technology. Pulse Technology replaced two old scoreboards in the academy’s gymnasium with a video wall located on the back of its stage. This allows students and faculty to do productions while using the wall. The project included 40 Sharp touchscreens for classrooms. Pulse also provides ongoing print and MPS needs for the school.

Dawn Abbuhl

Repeat Business Systems, Inc.
Albany, NY

Year Founded: 1987
President/Owner: Dawn Abbuhl
Number of Employees: 95
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Kyocera, Quadient, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Cisco
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, DocuWare, Datto, VoIP
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL, Wells Fargo, LEAF, Marlin
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: IT and professional services (25%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Repeat Business Systems successfully integrated a pair of acquisitions during a challenging period.

Why We Consider Repeat Business Systems Elite:

  • Enhanced touchpoints. To mitigate against clients ignoring emails and phone calls, the dealer’s sales team devised its own customized email campaigns, with video messaging included to increase response levels.
  • Production plus. Repeat Business Systems scored a $2.4 million sale with a large school district in a package that included 70 MFPs, 16 production units and hundreds of hours of professional services.
  • Publication kudos. The Albany Business Review recognized Repeat Business Systems with a pair of honors: Fastest-Growing Companies and Healthiest Employers. The Albany Times Union honored the firm with its Leadership Trust Award and Top Workplaces honors.
  • Corporate caring. Repeat Business Systems donated more than $30,000 in sponsorships, donations and products to local organizations and provided free printing services for several area non-profit entities.

Portage, WI

Year Founded: 1886
President/Owner: Mike Steinhoff
Number of Employees: 100
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Xerox, Kyocera, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, Square 9, Microsoft
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MPS (42%), document imaging (34%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Maintaining a focus on the future, Rhyme has increased hiring, training, marketing and charitable contributions.

Rhyme executives Mike, Kim and Kendall Steinhoff with Sharp Leadership in June 2021

Why We Consider Rhyme Elite:

  • Assignment selling. Rhyme is building a knowledge base that serves as a go-to resource for customer inquiries, and also made the dealer a primary source of leads month over month. Borrowing from Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask, You Answer” strategy, Rhyme has amassed a content database to address clients’ top questions and concerns.
  • MIF magic. Adding 600 net-new devices to its machines in field was a highlight for Rhyme, with the biggest takedown a 200-unit placement that was won due to the dealer’s service reputation.
  • Visual sale. In recent months, Rhyme has focused on growing its video library database and its YouTube channel to support its outside sales team, build brand awareness and educate clients.
  • Timely support. The Rhyme Time Scholarship Foundation continues to provide support for students impacted by cancer, with awards totaling more than $100,000. Its golf outing fundraiser in September produced a record-setting tally. Also, the dealer has put more emphasis on charitable giving through United Way contributions for those impacted by the pandemic.

Joe Reeves

Smile Business Products
Sacramento, CA

Year Founded: 1997
President/Owner: Joe Reeves
Number of Employees: 98
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Lexmark, Epson, Fujitsu, Dell
Primary Solutions Offerings: Square 9, NEC, Crexendo, Microsoft, Datto, OneScreen
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (15%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Smile Business Products supported its staff with a home office bundle that included a laptop, monitor, A4 MFP and a secure connection to applications typically only found at the office.

Why We Consider Smile Business Products Elite:

  • Difference makers. Leveraging BombBomb’s messaging technology, the sales department created video snippets to augment customer communications. Reps found that a simple video conveying the message “thank you for taking my call” resonated with clients.
  • Tailored solutions. The dealer’s sales unit also came up with a simple campaign titled “How Can We Help?” This entailed screen sharing and co-browsing technology that enabled the reps to work in tandem with clients to solve their needs.
  • Top score. Smile notched a large MFP deal for a northern California client with multiple locations. The deal, which required a two-day turnaround, featured software integrations with different applications.
  • Sustained excellence. For the 20th year in a row, Smile was named a Sharp Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer and copped the Platinum Level Service Provider Award for the 10th consecutive year.

Spectrum Technologies
El Paso, TX

Year Founded: 1903
President/Owner: Kyle Elliott (president), Mitch Plesant (VP)
Number of Employees: 95
Primary Vendors: Canon, Sharp, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco
Primary Solutions Offerings: PaperCut, ECI Software, EFI, Canon, HP
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Canon Financial Services, DLL, Dell Financial
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $25-$30 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: IT/managed services (28%), website design/SEO services (81%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: With clients struggling to meet financial obligations, Spectrum Technologies furnished restructured agreements that helped provide increased cash flow as they rebuilt their businesses.

Spectrum customer support operations team

Why We Consider Spectrum Technologies Elite:

  • BPO marvels. The business process optimization team works to improve client operational processes via strategic consulting, technology creation and integration. The ultimate goals are to increase efficiencies, maximize revenue, reduce costs and allow for superior experiences for both customers and employees.
  • Top grades. The office systems division of Spectrum Technologies garnered several solutions-driven, multi-unit contracts with school districts. The dealer captured cybersecurity consulting contracts to enable these districts to achieve compliance with the cybersecurity standards adopted by the state legislature, using NIST framework as the foundation.
  • Award winner. Spectrum Technologies has garnered several manufacturer honors, including the Canon Outstanding Partner Award, the Sharp Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer Award and the GreatAmerica Platinum Partner Award.
  • Helping hands. The dealer provides support to more than 50 charitable causes throughout west Texas and southern New Mexico. This includes many non-profit organizations that were unable to hold traditional fundraising events. Spectrum also teamed with an IT vendor partner to provide laptops and related accessories to assist student remote learning.

Standard Office Systems
Duluth, GA

Year Founded: 1964
President/Owner: Bryan Ammons
Number of Employees: 110
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Canon, HP, Kyocera, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, Mimecast, Datto, Sophos, Intermedia, PaperCut, Square 9, Sentry File, Canon, PrinterLogic, Drivve
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, SOS Capital
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $29 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (132%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Due in large part to previous training, Standard Office Systems was able to pivot to virtual selling. As a result, equipment sales during the pandemic were on par with the previous year’s performance.

Why We Consider Standard Office Systems Elite:

  • Digital marketing. The dealer implemented a robust strategy featuring social media, blogging and video content. By linking its blogs to main lines-of-business pages, Standard was able to build a highly searchable website. This has bolstered organic leads year over year, putting it on track to post its largest annual equipment sales number in company history.
  • Top sales. Standard Office Systems inked a $1 million deal with one of the largest school systems in the metro Atlanta area. The dealer also realized its biggest IT services contract to date, valued at nearly $360,000 per year.
  • Familiar fun. With vaccination rates increasing, Standard Office Systems has revisited outdoor cookouts and department events, such as renting pontoon boats for a day on the lake. The company is also flexible with its work-from-home policies to help families who need to be with their children for remote learning.
  • Community support. Employees volunteer at Rainbow Village, which assists families fleeing abusive relationships. In addition to participating in Relay for Life, the dealer chips in to help with canned food drives for local pantries.

Stargel Office Solutions
Houston, TX

Year Founded: 1987
President/Owner: Jack Stargel (CEO), Slade Stargel (co-president), Tyson Stargel (co-president)
Number of Employees: 103
Primary Vendors: Toshiba, HP, Xerox, Océ, Lexmark, Zebra, Fujitsu, Brother
Primary Solutions Offerings: DocuWare, Datto, SentinelOne, Intermedia, Microsoft, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo, Triple S Finance (internal leasing arm)
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20-$25 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Software (82%), MNS (42%), MPS (14%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Even with the reduction in prints/copies, Stargel Office Solutions’ MPS team added more than $65,000 in net-new monthly recurring revenue.

The executive team at Stargel Office Solutions (from left): TJ DeBello, VP of sales; Rhonda Stagg, VP of finance and administration; Jack Stargel, owner and president; Tyson Stargel, owner and VP; Slade Stargel, owner and sales manager; and David Redd, VP of service

Why We Consider Stargel Office Solutions Elite:

  • Exceeding quota. In addition to the MRR spike on the MPS side, Stargel saw 84% of its sales reps make 100% of quota (a minimum of $650,000 in revenue), with 30% at $1 million or more in hardware sales.
  • MNS proficiency. Managed network services continued to flourish for Stargel at 42% growth, as the dealer was able to nail down a pair of net-new MNS deals, each in the $14,000 range for MRR.
  • Service superiority. The dealer added more team members during the pandemic while many firms were reducing head count. Technical service also continued to meet customer expectations, with an average response time of less than 90 minutes and a first-call effectiveness of more than 80%.
  • Customer incentives. Stargel introduced a program that pays current clients for referring new business to the dealer. As an enticement to have customers return their email surveys, the company holds a monthly gift card drawing for responders.

Stratix Systems
Wyomissing, PA

Year Founded: 1970
President/Owner: Brent Simone
Number of Employees: 120
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Datto, KIP
Primary Solutions Offerings: SonicWALL, DocuWare, World Software, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, Sherweb, Proofpoint, PaperCut, Foresite, Intermedia
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank, DLL, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $30-$35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: MNS (11%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Stratix Systems earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies for the third consecutive year and received growth-based honors from the Bucks County (PA) Chamber Alliance and Lehigh Valley Business.

Why We Consider Stratix Systems Elite:

  • Ad alternatives. While the company does little in actual advertising, it employs a sophisticated marketing strategy that entails inbound initiatives and marketing automation. It has also developed and nurtured an understood lead conversion path that highly aligns sales and marketing around the same goals, processes and personas.
  • Triple threat. Stratix Systems enjoyed a top takedown with a 400-person recruiting firm for managed services, leveraging its IT, imaging and document management competencies.
  • Employee fulfillment. Striking a balance between work and personal lives for employees has been critical to solidifying happiness, loyalty and productivity. Stratix System fosters an environment of trust, autonomy and the ability to innovate.
  • Servant approach. Team members give their time to assist local organizations that benefit the community, sitting on the boards and committees of organizations including the United Way, Camp Fire Boys and Girls and the Greater Reading Young Professionals.

Paul Falzett

TOPP Business Solutions
Scranton, PA

Year Founded: 1957
President/Owner: Paul Falzett
Number of Employees: 90
Primary Vendors: Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta
Primary Solutions Offerings: Laserfiche, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: DLL
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: IT services
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: TOPP Business Solutions used significant gains in IT services and document management to maintain revenue.

Why We Consider TOPP Business Solutions Elite:

  • Competitively positioned. TOPP Business Solutions prides itself on remaining competitive with larger dealers in its geography by providing a personalized level of customer service that many competitors can’t match.
  • Managed success. The growth of managed services customers within its IT services division enabled TOPP to bolster recurring revenue. The dealer also saw an increase in backfile conversion opportunities in its document management division, providing several large projects.
  • Sponsorship boost. This year, the dealer sponsored Ryan’s Run 12, a charity campaign led by local newscaster Ryan Lackey, which has raised more than $4 million since its inception. This allows Allied Services to invest in advanced rehab technology that improves the lives of adults and children with disabilities, life-changing injuries and chronic illnesses.
  • Giving spirit. Between TOPP Business Solutions and the Falzett family ownership, more than $150,000 is donated every year to charitable organizations within the region.

Usherwood Office Technology
Syracuse, NY

Year Founded: 1976
President/Owner: Louis Usherwood
Number of Employees: 135
Primary Vendors: Canon, Xerox, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom, Verkada, Milestone, Axis, Samsung
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, Square 9, Milestone, Hypersign, Canon
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Canon Financial Services
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $35 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT (21%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Usherwood Office Technology enhanced its ability to respond to the increased threat level of cyberattacks, incorporating network printers into the customers’ cybersecurity strategy.

From left, Leslie, Lindsay, Lou and Lauren Usherwood. Lou and his three daughters, who all work in the business, represented Usherwood Office Technology at Central New York’s Best Places to Work event, where they finished first in their size category

Why We Consider Usherwood Office Technology Elite:

  • Open forum. In an effort to ensure its employees have a voice and are kept abreast of developments, Usherwood holds company meetings every two weeks. This provides an opportunity for team members to speak their mind and contribute ideas toward the success of the firm.
  • Boardroom boost. The dealer was able to furnish a longtime MFP client in the accounting space with a robust video conferencing solution, including a security component, across eight of the customer’s locations.
  • Recognized excellence. Usherwood garnered a Central New York Best Places to Work award and was named an Economic Champion in Central New York. A Canon Advanced Partner Dealer, the company was also selected as a GreatAmerica Prestige Partner.
  • Customer support. The dealer provides IT services for many of its non-profit clients and in recognition of these engagements, furnishes donations of equipment and solutions that help the organizations attain their missions. Usherwood and its employees also participate in fundraising events.

Valley Office Systems
Idaho Falls, ID

Year Founded: 1974
President/Owner: Howard Hansen (president), Colleen Hansen (vice president), Troy Olson, Lisa Thaller, Ryan Bingham, James Olson, Mike Hammer
Number of Employees: 113
Primary Vendors: Sharp, Ricoh, Kyocera, HP
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, DocuWare, PaperCut
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, CIT, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $20.9 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Equipment, professional services
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Valley Office Systems focused on developing its employees while adapting to changing needs during the height of the pandemic.

Valley Office Systems leadership team (from left): Jim Kolsen, executive vice president/director of sales; Colleen Hansen, vice president; and Howard Hansen, president.

Why We Consider Valley Office Systems Elite:

  • Digital dive. The pandemic forced Valley Office Systems’ marketing team to be highly strategic, using video conferencing meetings to better address the evolved needs of its clients.
  • Doctor’s orders. The dealer stepped up to the plate for Bingham Memorial Hospital, providing 60 devices and production solutions.
  • Industry honors. In addition to being named one of Idaho’s Top 100 dealers, the company was recognized by Sharp with the Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer Award for annual sales exceeding $1 million.
  • Giving spirit. Valley Office Systems volunteers its time for community events and fundraisers while also providing donations to local food banks and scholarships to area high schools.

Visual Edge Southwest Region: Benchmark Business Solutions, TLC Office Systems and Zeno Imaging
Lubbock, TX

Year Founded: 1994
President/Owner: Jeff R. Horn (Benchmark president, Southwest Region president)
Number of Employees: 120
Primary Vendors: Xerox, HP, MBM, Canon, Ricoh, Kyocera, Sharp, KIP, OKI, FP Mailing
Primary Solutions Offerings: Microsoft, Square 9, PaperCut, Fleetview, MICAS
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, Xerox Financial Services, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $45-$50 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Managed IT MRR (170%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Benchmark Business Solutions joined fellow network dealers TLC Office Systems and Zeno Imaging to form the Southwest Region, powered by Visual Edge IT.

TLC Office Systems and Zeno Imaging represent Houston, Austin, and other areas of Southeast Texas in the Southwest Region of Visual Edge IT. Shown is TLC and Zeno’s main office building in Houston

Why We Consider Visual Edge Southwest Region Elite:

  • Come together. The aforementioned brand unification provided various challenges. The organization was able to overcome them with the support of Visual Edge, which furnished the resources necessary to maintain a customer-first mindset. Focused leadership helped transition three brands, teams and territories seamlessly.
  • School phase. The Benchmark leg of the Southwest Region scored its biggest takedown of the year, courtesy of a pact that encompassed 77 Xerox units for the Roswell Independent School District. Benchmark was selected over a pool of five other suitors.
  • Family first. The dealers encourage employees to put the needs of their families first, which speaks to the organizations’ core values. This enables team members to be more effective.
  • Giving back. The organization serves more than 100 community events, schools, programs and non-profit entities through sponsorship support. Over 75% of employees have served in a non-profit or community-led program.
Benchmark Business Solutions represents West Texas and New Mexico in the Southwest Region, Powered by Visual Edge IT. Shown is Benchmark’s main office in Lubbock, Texas

Woodhull, LLC
Springboro, OH

Year Founded: 2000
President/Owner: Susie Woodhull
Number of Employees: 73
Primary Vendors: Ricoh
Primary Solutions Offerings: MPS, DocuWare, IT services, Kofax, Streamline NX, PaperCut, digital imaging, backfile conversion, RightFax, GoldFax, VX, Zebra
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, GreatAmerica, Wells Fargo
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $21.3 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Commercial imaging (264%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Post-pandemic, customers have emphasized their desire to digitize all possible areas of business, which has provided increased solutions opportunities for Woodhull.

Woodhull, LLC execs Susie and Robert Woodhull

Why We Consider Woodhull Elite:

  • Neighborly service. Woodhull’s local focus as a full-service provider with everything under one roof is its calling card for area clients and prospects. The dealer furnishes local service, billing, dispatch, warehouse, parts and supplies, which enables it to offer an optimal customer experience.
  • Healthy scores. Strong net-new placements in schools and municipalities bolstered Woodhull, but one of its biggest takedowns of the past year was a current health care client, a deal that yielded 123 pieces of equipment.
  • Stately honors. Woodhull has earned a spot on the Cincinnati Women-Owned Companies list every year since 2013. The dealer has also appeared on Dayton’s Top 100 Companies List between 2016 and 2021 and is among a select core of dealers to garner Ricoh’s Service Excellence Award for all nine years of its existence.
  • Community caring. The dealer works with a local recycling nonprofit, with proceeds benefitting a local children’s hospital, and provides annual support for a local public television auction. Employees participate in the local annual Walk for Alzheimer’s.
Erik Cagle
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Erik Cagle is the editorial director of ENX Magazine. He is an author, writer and editor who spent 18 years covering the commercial printing industry.