Elite Dealers: $300+ million

Flex Technology Group
Mesa, AZ

Year Founded: 2005
President/Owner: Frank Gaspari
Number of Employees: 1,000
Primary Vendors: HP, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Lexmark, Ricoh, Zebra, Epson
Primary Solutions Offerings: Office equipment, professional services, production equipment, managed print services
Primary Leasing Partners: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, GreatAmerica
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $300 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Professional services (47%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Flex Technology Group bolstered its customer and employee experiences by investing in technology to better support hybrid work environments.

Flex Technology Group executive team

Why We Consider Flex Technology Group Elite:

  • Marketing tools. Its marketing division huddled with teams across the company to develop new sales collateral and prepackaged campaigns, including sales decks, vertical reference sheets, customer case studies, automated email programs, webinars, surveys and web content.
  • Solutions success. The dealer developed a suite of unique technology solutions that tie into its national MPS platform, notably its customer portal; alert management system (device alerts to provide predictive service); FastAF toner replenishment for automated just-in-time fulfillment; and FlexLayer, middleware with unlimited integration capabilities that connects and integrates various tools to provide the most current data.
  • Vertical variety. Flex Technology Group enjoys high-profile clientele across all industries, but has garnered significant recent wins in retail, education and financial institutions. One of its top takedowns was a comprehensive MPS deal with a national retailer that has more than 500 locations across the country.
  • Employee inclusivity. The dealer created a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program with an employee-led taskforce to provide the executive team with recommendations regarding policies, guidelines, reporting and training. Behind executive sponsors Rose Grande and Karen Roscher, the taskforce launched company-wide DEI training and introduced monthly employee listening circles. FTG now supports five active employee resource groups.

Doug Albregts

Saint Cloud, MN

Year Founded: 1973
President/Owner: Doug Albregts
Number of Employees: 1,184
Primary Vendors: Konica Minolta, Sharp, HP, Lexmark, Canon, Microsoft, Cisco, Mitel
Primary Solutions Offerings: Business IT services, security assessments and incident response, managed/hosted services, on-premises and hosted collaboration/phone systems, enterprise content management, A/V systems and physical security, shredding services
Primary Leasing Partners: GreatAmerica, U.S. Bank
Approximate Yearly Revenue: $399 million
Fastest-Growing Business Segments: Hosted voice (75%), managed print (10%), managed IT (15%)
Biggest Accomplishment of the Past Year: Led by the company’s CISO, Marco created a new division focused on information security, cybersecurity and risk management that addresses these needs from an internal perspective in addition to a client security standpoint. These divisions also work with new clients that previously didn’t have remote workers.

Marco’s corporate headquarters in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Why We Consider Marco Elite:

  • Who’s he? In 2021, the dealer created a personified representation of the company. “Marco T.” is the embodiment of Marco on LinkedIn via his social presence through posts, experience, work history and interests. In an effort to assist clients that either don’t have an IT team or need added support, Marco T. works with them and becomes part of the team to make data-driven, analytical decisions tailored to each client’s needs. With Marco T., the client isn’t adding just one IT person—it benefits from working with a Marco Technology Advisor, backed by a team of experienced professionals.
  • Thanks a bundle. Stax, a bundling service that allows complete technology integration and cost savings with each additional service added, was launched this past year. Clients have a choice of four different services to add to their Stax program: print, voice, managed IT and IdentifyIT—the dealer’s ongoing security assessment tool. Since its launch, Marco has amassed more than 750 clients.
  • Recognized excellence. So far this year, Marco has garnered 13 awards from various partner organizations and industry/mainstream publications, including multiple top workplace recognitions, partner of the year and MSP honors. That comes on the heels of 20-plus honors during 2020.
  • Corporate philanthropy. Marco has a dedicated employee committee that promotes and manages the company’s charitable giving funds and seeks out volunteer opportunities to share with employees. Marco pays its employees for volunteering during normal business hours to help corporate-sponsored charitable and non-profit organizations that are near and dear to employees’ hearts. The dealer also hosts an annual company-wide United Way campaign—a week-long event that includes games, prizes and competitions for participants. Proceeds are distributed to United Way locations throughout Marco’s 12-state footprint.
Erik Cagle
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