On Par with Excellence

The 2019 Difference Makers of the Office Technology Universe

A wise man once asked, “What have you done lately to make the world a better place?” Clearly, few people have the capacity to wield a positive influence on a grand scale. But when we endeavor to make our little corner of the planet a little easier to navigate, then we have truly made a difference.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-Difference-Makers-emblem-1-1.pngFrom the standpoint of the office technology universe, determining what entails a difference maker is nebulous and somewhat tough to articulate; it defies definition and is strictly in the eyes of the beholder. That’s why we lean on you, our gentle readers, to champion the cause of individuals in your neck of the woods. In an age of number crunching and analytic metrics to measure everything under the sun, what defines a “difference maker” is wholly unscientific and subjective. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For your consideration, we have 68 profiles of individuals who have made bona fide impacts on their customers, companies, vendors, suppliers, partners, co-workers and other associates. Many of them have impressive tales of starting from scratch and building an empire from the ground up (and sometimes, literally beginning in the basement of their house). And while we do have a strong showing this year from the corner executive office, there are also plenty of individuals who have embraced mid-level roles, who have nonetheless played an integral role in the growth of their own companies and those of their customers.

Regardless of rank, the common denominator linking all of our honorees is their penchant for going above and beyond their title’s job description to ensure they are doing anything and everything possible to make your experience with them memorable, profitable and satisfactory. And knowing they have touched your world, we would like to invite you to take a glimpse into their world.

On behalf of ENX Magazine, I would like to thank all of our readers who took the time to nominate this year’s Difference Makers class. We also tip our caps to this year’s honorees. Read on!

Why Jay Agard is a difference maker:

Jay Agard
Vice President of Operations
Access Systems

A vibrant personality and a penchant for enhancing internal processes have marked Agard’s seven-year tenure at Access Systems. A graduate of Iowa State University with degrees in accounting and management information systems, Agard spent five years specializing in audits of high-growth tech companies for Deloitte before arriving at Access Systems in 2012. He has been instrumental in executing ideas that have improved the company’s workflows. One such initiative saw him smooth out the internal copier sales and installation processes. In 2018, Agard launched a customized website portal, which more than cut in half the time sales orders and copier installations/deliveries took to process. Agard’s efforts earned him the “Above and Beyond” award at the year-end company meeting.

“Jay has been instrumental in Access’ rapid growth, an average of 46% year-over-year, through the coordination of 10 acquisitions and numerous process efficiencies. As the director of human resources and marketing, I have worked closely with Jay to merge cultures and on-board new team members, along with crafting communication for both the internal team and the communities we serve. Two most notable process updates were the ConnectWise implementation in 2017 and the 2018 creation of our custom dashboard, providing complete visibility to the team from the customer signature through installation. As a member of the executive team, I know that he is a trusted advisor for our CEO.”

–Charlie Kiesling, Director of Human Resources and Marketing, Access Systems

Why Steve Behm is a difference maker:

Steve Behm
Vice President of Professional Services
Flex Technology Group

Behm may be new to Flex Technology Group, but he’s already carved out an accomplished career spanning nearly 25 years. The holder of a BS degree from the University of Miami, Behm spent 16 ½ years with DocuWare Corporation. During his time there, he made more than 2,000 software presentations and sold 700-plus systems, and was elevated to vice president of sales for the Americas. Flex Technology Group sought out Behm due to his extensive background in executive-level sales, sales management and marketing. The combination of his unique skillsets and software solutions prowess will enable him to drive strategic initiatives for the Flex Technology Group family of businesses.

“Steve is the best person for the position of vice president of professional services at Flex Technology Group. His vast product knowledge and determination to continuously go the extra mile are what set him apart from his peers.”

–Andy Smalley, Director of Marketing, Flex Technology Group

Why John Byxbee is a difference maker:

John Byxbee
Flo-Tech, A Flex Technology Group Company

Byxbee already had 25 years of experience in office-imaging solutions and MPS when he arrived at Flo-Tech as vice president of sales in 2015. Previously, he was the president of COS-Xerox in Indianapolis, a Global Imaging Systems company. There, he successfully integrated three distinct businesses into a single operating company. He also held various management positions at IKON Office Solutions, and led the strategy, business development and P&L for one of their largest business units. A graduate of Stetson University with degrees in political science and history, Byxbee’s areas of expertise include new business development, process re-engineering, market and service innovation, and customer relations. As president of Flo-Tech, he handles day-to-day operations of the company, including employee development, customer satisfaction and business plan results.

“John is an ‘A’ player for anybody looking for a true leader. Although his strength is sales leadership, he is very intelligent and understands all aspects of a sales and service business. He develops his employees and creates a positive work environment across all functions.”

–Tom Callinan, President, Flex Technology Group

Why Chase Cabanillas is a difference maker:

Chase Cabanillas
Chief Information Officer
Flex Technology Group

The holder of an MBA and an applied computer science degree from Arizona State University, Cabanillas has parlayed his IT mastery for grocery-based organizations such as the Bashas’ Family of Stores, Harris Teeter and Kroger. He boasts proficiencies in IT infrastructure, lean and agile methodologies, IT security and compliance, and digital commerce. Cabanillas has a reputation as an idea man who can take a concept and see it through to implementation. As chief information officer at Flex Technology Group, he oversees information technology for the continuously growing organization. In a relatively short time span, Cabanillas has built a world-class IT team that delivers unprecedented value to the business, particularly when it comes to scaling the organization’s infrastructure to accommodate partner growth.

“Chase is someone who expects nothing less than greatness every day, empowering his team by fostering an environment filled with innovation and self-belief. He is completely authentic, and for that there is mutual respect amongst him and his people.”

–Rose Grande, Chief Human Resources Officer, Flex Technology Group

Why Tom Callinan is a difference maker:

Tom Callinan
Flex Technology Group

A true industry veteran, Callinan first made his mark in 1987, when he founded Philadelphia-based Copifax Inc., a copier and fax machine distributor. The organization quickly grew, attaining Inc. 500 status in 1992, before he engineered its sale to IKON Office Solutions in 1997. Callinan would spend the next eight years in a myriad of executive roles with IKON, many of which saw him lead strategy, business development and P&L for some of its largest holdings, including a $1.4 billion business unit with 6,800 employees. He then took the reins as president at Strategy Development, a boutique management consulting firm for the technology and outsourcing space. A product of The Wharton School, his leadership acumen and penchant for fostering growth made him the ideal choice as president of Flex Technology Group in 2017.

“Combining over 30 years of industry expertise with a passion for continual improvement, Tom is a prime example of thought leadership in our field. He’s defined success in every role that he’s fulfilled, and we are beyond fortunate to have him at Flex Technology Group.”

–Mike Weetman, Chief Financial Officer, Flex Technology Group

Why Nick Capparelli is a difference maker:

Nick Capparelli
Managing Director
LEAF Commercial Capital

Boasting a reputation as a thought leader with more than 25 years of experience, Capparelli provides the vision and strategy for supporting the office equipment industry as it rapidly evolves to serve a wider array of business functions. As dealers endeavor to focus on growth drivers like IT, managed services and 3D printing—spaces that are promising but daunting, with substantial hurdles—Capparelli is instrumental in guiding LEAF Commercial Capital’s solution development and communicating its capabilities to enterprises. A fixture of LEAF since its 2011 inception, he has also held leadership positions at LFC, Fidelity Leasing, Tokai Financial Services and Master Lease.

“Nick is one of those people who is extraordinarily good at understanding where things are headed and creatively developing best-in-class solutions that proactively meet the needs of dealer principals working to grow their enterprises. Nick has an exceptional grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing the office products industry, as well as a genuine desire to see it thrive. I don’t think Nick sees himself as simply serving the industry. He considers himself a part of it, and he takes its success personally. To really make a difference—as Nick has, and does—you have to be as invested as he is. He’s always been a great ally and asset to the industry, and a vital part of LEAF’s work to support its continuing growth.”

–Miles Herman, President and COO, LEAF Commercial Capital

Why Donald Clark is a difference maker:

Donald Clark
Director of Technology Solutions
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

Oftentimes, the best gift a technology specialist can have is the ability to bridge the communication gap with clients, relating information in a way that can be easily grasped. This can be said for Clark, a 16-year veteran of Sharp Electronics who has held six different managerial positions during his tenure. A Sullivan University graduate with degrees in computer science and accounting, Clark held positions with both AOL and Intel Corporation prior to joining Sharp. In his current role as director of technology solutions, he is responsible for developing strategies to promote sales of Sharp MFPs, professional AV, third-party and production print products for the Sharp dealer channel. Clark manages a team of 12 pre-sales professionals who work closely with Sharp’s dealer community to educate, promote the adoption of Sharp technology and helped drive sales at the dealerships by partnering with them in end-user opportunities.

“Don Clark and I have worked together for many years. His knowledge of the industry and technology is second to none. He is always there to support the Sharp dealers. He has the ability to answer very technical questions in a simple way we can all understand, and is a powerful resource for the Sharp dealers whenever called upon. We are thankful we get to work with Don.”

–L. Troy Olson, President, Les Olson Company

“Don has proven to be a truly unique problem solver and overall contributor because he has the ability to see a situation from many angles and perspectives, work with a team to consider alternative solutions, and ultimately solve for the situation that results in the greatest win-win possible. Don is a man of character, innovation and sincerity.”

–Stephen Orander, Regional Associate Vice President, East, Sharp Business Systems

Why Frank Cucco is a difference maker:

Frank Cucco

It’s not easy to start a business in the basement of one’s home and grow it into a flourishing $120 million empire, but Cucco had the vision and determination to make his dreams a reality. He founded the company in 1999 with the idea that it would evolve beyond merely offering hardware, and today Impact offers a full suite of digital transformation services, including managed IT, enterprise solutions, strategic services, branding and marketing, and managed print services. Much of the expansion can be attributed to Cucco empowering employees to embrace new ideas and take innovative risks. As a result, Impact has landed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for nine consecutive years. And despite growing beyond 500 employees and attaining the $100 million plateau, Cucco still employs the same open-door policy that paved the road to Impact’s success.

“I look at Frank as what it means to be a true leader and executive. To this day, I admire the decisions he makes and how quickly he is able to sense the right versus the wrong decision. I continually learn from Frank and value the feedback he gives me. It is important to be inspired by your leaders, and Frank has the ability to inspire everyone.”

–Frank DeGeorge, CTO, Impact

Why Debra Dellaposta is a difference maker:

Debra Dellaposta
President and CEO
Doing Better Business

Earnest, friendly and an agent of change throughout her 25-year career, Dellaposta is a familiar face at many industry events. A true believer in the value of corporate culture, she has helped cultivate an atmosphere that has yielded optimal results for Doing Better Business. As a result, the company has been named a “Great Place to Work” by Fortune Magazine, a “Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania, and a Top 25 Great Place to Work for Women. Dellaposta orchestrated the rebranding of the company while expanding both geographically and financially. She is a student of the industry who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

“Deb is the first woman president of the Select Dealer Group (SDG) and held numerous executive offices while a member. She has embraced the role with professionalism, enthusiasm and continues to navigate a fast-changing industry. It has been a pleasure working with Deb on the Great America Financial Services Dealer Advisory Group and as a member of SDG. We have shared best practices and ideas openly, despite having companies in overlapping territories. She runs the type of company you want our industry to be known for.”

–Jim Dotter, President, Virginia Business Systems

Why Darrin Denney is a difference maker:

Darrin Denney
Director of Network Services

An eight-year veteran and corporal in the Marine Corps, Denney boasts more than 20 years of IT experience. At MOEbiz, he specializes in budgeting, project management, data security and office productivity—all critical components to running a successful managed network services division within an evolving office equipment dealer. An active member of the Collabrance Peer Group and CompTIA Managed Service Community, peers look to Denney for his wealth of industry experience and straightforward advice on all matters related to managed IT. He also hosts the Tech by 20 peer group, and is a chairman of the LA (Louisiana) Technology and Development Leadership Team, illustrating his commitment to sharing ideas and education.

“Darrin started with Collabrance from the beginning of our partnership with MOEbiz. Despite having one of the smaller operations at the time, from a resources and population density standpoint, he holds the title for highest dollar-per-seat as well as closing ratio when compared to all our partners. This past year, we’ve really hit our stride, and I believe his managed service operation now exceeds the growth of their core copy business. Darrin’s very particular on identifying the ‘right’ opportunities. Through a heavy amount of pre-qualification, he’s able to target and close accounts in a very short window of time. While he does have a few resources under him, he can tell you first hand the hats he wears daily and what it takes to make this work.”

–Jake Wagner, Strategic Business Advisor, Collabrance

Why Karen Donnelly is a difference maker:

Karen Donnelly
Director of Sales
Supplies Network

It’s been 35 years since this repeat Difference Maker joined the ranks at Supplies Network as a sales representative for the office products dealership. While the organization has evolved, Donnelly remains a mark of consistency. Buoyed by loyalty to the company and a dedication to providing top-notch customer service, she has earned a reputation for forging strong relationships via outstanding customer service. Donnelly uses her collaborative approach to lead a national sales team of account managers and customer service representatives. Her involvement in big-picture, major initiatives (down to day-to-day details and everything in between) has made Donnelly an indispensable ingredient in Supplies Network’s continued success.

“Karen is an invaluable member of our team and is a highly respected leader within our sales organization. She works tirelessly to ensure the absolute best-possible experience for our reseller customers and, just as important, their customers. There is no question in my mind that Karen’s hard work and dedication have been integral to our success over the years, and will be well into the future.”

–David Concors, Senior Vice President, Supplies Network

Why Dan Doyle Jr. is a difference maker:

Dan Doyle Jr.
President and CEO
DEX Imaging

What would a difference maker list be without a maverick entrepreneur? Doyle has fashioned a high-visibility career and continues to grab headlines that extend beyond the office technology theater. Fresh out of Lynn University, he entered the real estate market and enjoyed immense success before selling his business. Looking for new worlds to conquer, Doyle and his father scratched out a business plan for DEX Imaging on a Starbucks napkin in 2002, with a goal of reaching the $100 million mark within 10 years. He checked off that milestone on time, and today the Tampa, FL-based company enjoys sales in excess of $300 million. Earlier this year, Doyle sent shockwaves through the industry with the announcement that he had sold DEX Imaging to Staples, a move that has the potential to transform the dealer space.

“I have had the pleasure of watching Dan’s journey from a young man to a race car driver and eventually joining the imaging channel community. Dan demonstrated from early on in life a willingness to take calculated risks with respect for the impact on himself and the people around him. He cares. I am always impressed with his ability to balance his aggressive nature with a genuine kindness for his team, family, friends and partners. Dan has achieved a level of greatness only a rare few have achieved, and he has done it as his own man. Given his pedigree, the bar was set high and he has certainly created a whole new standard of achievement. For validation, all we need to see is Staples’ acquisition of DEX, which is an unprecedented accomplishment.”

–Mike Stramaglio, President, MWA Business Unit, All Covered

“Dan’s boldness is apparent in the great successes of DEX Imaging.”

–Ray Stasieczko, Founder/CEO, TEASRA, The Innovation Channel

Why John Eckstrom is a difference maker:

John Eckstrom
President and CEO
Carolina Business Equipment

At the onset of Eckstrom’s career, he appeared destined to be a numbers cruncher. Armed with a degree in accounting from the University of South Carolina, he spent time in the public sector as an accountant before taking a position as a branch controller for a Fortune 500 company. He also held similar posts in smaller, regional organizations. Eckstrom joined the industry in 1994 as a corporate controller before acquiring Columbia Business Equipment. He changed the name to Carolina Business Equipment and expanded to six offices in the Carolinas and Georgia. As president of the Business Technology Association, he has demonstrated a passion for both the association and the strengthening of the independent dealer channel. He has driven new initiatives intended to grow the association’s membership base and enhance the value of membership for dealers. Eckstrom is also president-elect for IBPI.

“Those who know John are keenly aware of his passion for BTA, the channel and the office technology industry itself. They also know of his positive demeanor, sense of humor and pride in the accomplishments of his children; one of them, Harris, an imaging and IT consultant at CBE. When his BTA presidency comes to an end on June 30, 2019, we will look back at his wonderful legacy as a BTA leader and will collectively express our thanks: John, job well done.”

–Brent Hoskins, Executive Director, Business Technology Association

Why Keven Ellison is a difference maker:

Keven Ellison
Vice President of Marketing
AIS-Las Vegas

A Cal State-Long Beach graduate and former competitive diver, Ellison is a well-traveled marketing maven who arrived at Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS) as a sales rep. But as the organization was doing inbound marketing and lacked a dedicated marketing guru, Ellison took on the role of vice president of marketing. The dealership executed a content strategy of creating both written and video materials to generate organic traffic and sales. In a 16-month span, Ellison helped reap tremendous results, with nine times more traffic to the website each month (with 20x keywords on the first page of Google search results), $250,000 in generated new equipment proposals and a $500,000 increase in new contract revenue for equipment. As a result, Ellison was recognized as the AIS Executive of the Year at the company’s 2019 Annual Kick Off Awards. In addition, IMPACT—the Hubspot Agency of the Year in 2017—awarded AIS with their Inbound award for all of their clients.

“Keven is forward thinking and a champion of change, learning and evolving. He has embraced the inbound methodology and helped AIS achieve amazing results in a short time period. He deeply values industry relationships and has been a true partner to me personally as we’ve embarked on our own sales and marketing transformation at GreatAmerica. Keven identified the need in our industry to better understand the role marketing can play in today’s digital landscape, and in true fashion, he is collaborating with his peers (and generously sharing lessons learned) to bring a marketing-focused event to the CDA.”

–Josie Heskje, Director, Strategic Marketing, GreatAmerica Financial Services

Why Earl Everson is a difference maker:

Earl Everson
Elite Document Solutions

A 25-year veteran of the industry, Everson is a testament to the value of having experience on the manufacturing side when starting a dealer business. His career included stints as a print production specialist for Konica Minolta, where he was the number-one rep in the country in furnishing high-volume, digital color printing equipment to the graphic arts industry. He was also a national sales manager for Kyocera Mita, where he focused on government, federal and local state agencies, and held similar roles with Xerox. In the spring of 2009, Everson debuted Elite Document Solutions of Glendale Heights, IL. A pioneer of the no-click rate program, Everson envisions Elite Document Solutions as a marketing firm selling through social media and other avenues to establish the dealership’s brand.

“During the past year, Earl has been a social media force on LinkedIn, spreading the gospel of no-click programs for their Xerox devices. Just recently, Earl has been posting videos designed to help others in their sales process. I love his energy and passion for the imaging industry, along with his deliverables.”

–Art Post, Founder, P4P Hotel

“Earl is always looking at the future and is quicker than most to understand and respond to what the future suggests.”

–Ray Stasieczko, Founder/CEO, TEASRA, The Innovation Channel

Why Patrick Flesch is a difference maker:

Patrick Flesch
The Gordon Flesch Company

Flesch continues the high values and standards embraced by the company’s founder (and his grandfather), Gordon Flesch. As the recently named president, Flesch endeavors to ensure The Gordon Flesch Company maintains its position as the largest independent Canon dealer in the United States. As the number of family-owned businesses continues to decline, Flesch’s vision and leadership will allow the dealership’s generational lineage to extend well into the future. A staunch supporter of the community, he is involved in local boards and activities including Nakoma Country Club, Madison Catholic Charities and the American Heart Association.

“I have worked with Patrick since he moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to assume increased responsibility in the company. I can see clearly how Patrick has embraced and enhanced the GFC culture of service excellence established by his grandfather when the company was founded. Patrick has extended the culture of doing whatever it takes to meet customers’ needs as technology and the business have evolved and increased in complexity. We are delighted to have Patrick poised to lead the company into the future.”

–Connie Dettman, Marketing Director, The Gordon Flesch Company

Why Lee Flood is a difference maker:

Lee Flood
Sales Manager
Pearson-Kelly Technology

At the tender age of 29, Flood was presented with a golden opportunity in early 2018 to take the reins as sales manager for Pearson-Kelly Technology. Some turnover in the sales department left him with only two tenured reps, and he had to fill the shoes of the department’s top sales leader—himself. But the Evangel University graduate knew how to diagram a winning playbook—after all, he’s in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, having scored 55 touchdowns in one season on the prep gridiron. In little more than a year, Flood built the sales department to seven reps, grew managed IT contracts by a staggering 1,900 percent and is on track for a record year in all five categories that he is responsible for, proving that top sales leaders can, in fact, make for strong managers.

“Lee is a person of true character, work ethic, follow through, motivation, loyalty, family focus, determination, creativity, fun—the list goes on. He is an inspiration to other leaders, including myself, and truly embraces the team concept. So many talk the talk, but he is one of the few I’ve seen walk it day in, day out. He’s up at 5 a.m. busting it. But more importantly, he unplugs after 5:30 p.m. because that time is owned by his beautiful wife and three kids.”

–Chelsey Bode, President, Pearson-Kelly Technology

Why Steve Gau is a difference maker:

Steve Gau
President Copier Division

A high-energy, passionate executive, as evidenced by his Twitter handle (@mncopierguy.com), Gau is personally invested in the industry, his team members and the strong vendor partnerships he has developed with Marco’s manufacturers. His driven commitment was a key factor in the dealership receiving the 2019 Award of Excellence from Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Gau constantly seeks out new sales promotions and programs to motivate Marco’s sales team to meet its goals. The infectious enthusiasm rubs off on employees and vendors alike. Gau’s innovative spirit has enabled Marco to enhance its MPS offering, and he has built an inside sales team for MPS to increase productivity and sales and enhance vendor relations. He is also a driving force behind Marco’s Device as a Service model that is being fully implemented and marketed in 2019.

“Steve and I have worked together for more than 20 years, and it is an honor to have him lead our copier division and team. He has also become a good friend and is always ‘all in.’ I constantly feed off his energy. He wants to hit our goals as much as I do, and even more. Steve continues to build upon his mentoring skills and has made a positive impact on so many sales representatives and leaders at Marco. His passion and dedication to continued high performance and success for Marco and the copier industry qualifies him as a difference maker.”

–Jonathan Warrey, COO, Marco

“I knew when I started with Marco five years ago that I wanted to build a long-term career here, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. After meeting Steve, he provided me with a new outlook, opportunities and a fresh perspective. His dedication and selfless acts are what make me strive to be a better manager. Through Steve’s mentorship, I have seen personal success and results. Steve has provided me with the tools I need to be successful, but most importantly, the trust to do what I know is right for me, my team and the company. I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without Steve’s mentorship.”

–Cortney Ficken, Sales Manager, Marco

Thank You

This special issue would not have been possible without the input of the many individuals who took the time to respond to our requests for recommendations and comments about this year’s difference makers. We would like to thank everybody who participated over the past several months to help put this issue together.

Why Jim George is a difference maker:

Jim George
Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

At the time George joined Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) as president in 2016, he’d already fashioned a rich 18-year career that included stints with Ricoh, Neopost, Konica Minolta Business Solutions and ProSource. A veteran in the true sense, having served in the U.S. Navy during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, he joined DME with a vision that included coast-to-coast expansion. He’s held true to that goal, as DME has acquired dealers in West Virginia, Ohio and Illinois. His “One Team, One Vision, One Goal” mantra has been a driving force in DME receiving a number of awards, including a two-time Top Workplaces in Cincinnati recognition, the Sharp Hyakuman Kai Award and Toshiba America Business Solutions Dealer of the Year.

“Jim brings a lot of hope and joy to Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises. He takes great pride in leading the entire team at DME to success. Jim is willing to help out in any way he can when it comes to the customers and his team members. Jim will meet one-on-one with customers to ensure good business practice. I have worked directly under Jim for two years now and enjoy coming to work each single day. When I started at the company, I applied for the job and Jim personally interviewed and hired me. I take pride in the work I do because my boss has helped me be successful.”

–Erica Huentelman, Executive Assistant, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

Why George Gorman is a difference maker:

George Gorman
Regional Account Manager
Ricoh Corp.

The Farleigh Dickinson University graduate has enjoyed a satisfying 27-year career at Ricoh Corp., where he currently serves as regional account manager. But Gorman’s calling as a difference maker came amid great personal tragedy. In 2009, his daughter, Jillian, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. While she endured treatments for three and a half years, Gorman split his time between work and trips to the hospital. Jillian passed away in 2013. While Gorman found comfort in the ability to spend extensive time with her, he also recognized that many families of children with life-threatening diseases face tough decisions between working and being at the child’s side. The Jillian Fund was founded to help financially support the parents of critically ill children in areas such as household expenses, child care and travel/lodging/meals, so they can be at their child’s side. To date, more than 150 families have received assistance through The Jillian Fund, touching the lives of those well beyond our industry.

“George has been Atlantic’s Ricoh rep for many years. He’s long been a fantastic rep and partner to us. The fact that he took something so traumatic that happened to him, the loss of his daughter and son, and used it to help rally the industry around such a worthy cause that has touched so many people, is just incredible. The Jillian Fund has raised more than $1.6 million, which has helped more than 150 families in need. It’s brought so many people within the industry closer together, and it continues to grow outside of the industry as well.”

–Bill McLaughlin, Chief Technology Officer, Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

Why Bob Greenhalgh is a difference maker:

Bob Greenhalgh
ClearView Business Solutions

Even after “retiring” as Toshiba Business Solutions president in late 2017, Greenhalgh hasn’t quite settled in to a life of teeing off and fishing in Florida. Following his nearly 16-year run with Toshiba, he became a partner at Tampa-based ClearView Business Solutions in a desire to share his extensive passion, knowledge and experience in the industry. Since joining the fold, ClearView enjoyed a 70% revenue increase over the prior year while exceeding industry benchmarks for service response time, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The success isn’t surprising; he took Connected Office Products from a greenfield venture to $50 million in just short of five years. He is also a former vice president of acquisitions for Danka Office Imaging and a region director for Apple Computers.

“Bob has been making a difference in our industry ever since his days at Apple Computers and Danka Imaging. At Connected Office Products, he was part of a group leading the way in pioneering the transition from analog to digital. At Toshiba, he made a profound impact in the dealer channel. At ClearView, his partnership has made a huge difference in not only our financials, but also the culture and general office morale. He’s been actively involved in his community for years through Feeding Tampa Bay, and serves as a mentor for many other entrepreneurs in the Tampa area.”

–Matt Lane, President, ClearView Business Solutions

Why Ted Gruener is a difference maker:

Ted Gruener
Director of Business Development
Supplies Network

From U.S. Office Products to Boise, Corporate Express and OfficeMax, Gruener boasts a wealth of experience in national accounts and sales leadership roles for independent resellers and national contract providers. The Missouri State University product came to Supplies Network in 2016, armed with the tools to make a considerable impact in a short period of time. He is responsible for guiding and motivating a team of business development managers who provide comprehensive product, service and solutions support to major accounts. Gruener’s energy and leadership have contributed to the great success of his team, which is expected to continue through 2019.

“Zebra Technologies and Supplies Network have been collaborating to bring managed print services to Zebra’s thermal print devices. Ted and his team have provided the commitment and expertise required to create this opportunity for our channel partners. We look forward to working together in the future to introduce even more innovative thermal print solutions for resellers.”

–Dave Senerchia, Director New Business Development, Zebra Technologies

Why Joe Gucwa is a difference maker:

Joe Gucwa
North East Regional
Sales Manager
KYOCERA Document Solutions America

A master of solutions selling and a straight shooter who is instrumental as a frank sounding board for clients, the Northern Illinois University graduate made his mark as a regional sales manager for Sharp during a nearly 20-year tenure. Gucwa arrived at KYOCERA Document Solutions America in late 2014 as a Midwest regional sales manager for Copystar America. During his 30-year career, he has served in a variety of sales roles working directly with dealers. Gucwa looms as a dominant sales fixture in the Midwest and a trusted source.

“I’ve worked with Joe for close to a decade and have known him almost my entire life. The insights he brings my team and me are invaluable. He is an industry warrior and knows how to assist his dealers in the growing and retention of sales people. Joe is a true example of the servant style of dealing with his clients. There is no one I trust more in the industry to bounce ideas off of with true, honest and constructive criticism.”

–Vince Miceli, Director of Sales, Pulse Technology

Why Jim Hawkins is a difference maker:

Jim Hawkins
Vice President, Americas
Toshiba America Business Solutions

A true professional with a hands-on approach of doing business, Hawkins cut his teeth during a 21-year sting as senior vice president of Danka Office Imaging. There, he oversaw approximately 250 employees and an executive team of nine. The University of Central Florida graduate arrived at Toshiba in late 2009, when he became vice president of Operations & Acquisitions, then transitioned into vice president of Toshiba Business Solutions the following year. As vice president of TBS, Hawkins oversees the company’s internal growth and acquisition strategy, and manages the integration of acquired operations into Toshiba’s direct channel team. He sets the tactical vision for the TBS channel, interfacing and coordinating daily sales and operational efforts with regional presidents and admin departments. He champions the development and direction of plans and programs for achieving TBS’ and individual subsidiary operational revenue and profit objectives.

“A perfect example of Jim’s impact as a difference maker is his commitment to attracting and developing talent at Toshiba. Jim’s role as mentor appears effortless; knowing when to intercede with direction and advice and when to let his recruits shine. A steadfast supporter of team members, Jim is known to highlight the accomplishments of others and share their best practices to elevate the entire organization. Jim encourages all those he works with to attain their best. This innate capability, coupled with his tremendous compassion, make him a compelling leader.”

–Salley Thornton, Director of Field Marketing, Toshiba America Business Solutions

“Jim gets results because Jim gets people, and people get Jim. You know where you stand with Jim, and his leadership works because people on his team want to do more to win. I’ve watched him make hard decisions, challenge easy ones and deliver time and time again. If you get a chance to talk with Jim, take it—you’ll learn something about how to be a great person.”

–Phil Boatman, Director, Business Development & Alliances, Lexmark International

Why Brian Healy is a difference maker:

Brian Healy
Senior Manager, Consulting and Managed Print Services
Brother International

Upon arriving at Brother in 2016, Healy was tasked with helping to transform the company’s reputation from a consumer-focused company to a true B2B partner that offers enterprise-level workflow solutions and services. Spending much of his time in the field consulting, Healy has grown the trust of Brother’s reseller principals and their end-customers. The Michigan State University graduate helps partners develop their own best-in-class consulting and managed print practices, and collaborates on Brother’s balanced deployment strategy approach to help customers have more visibility and control over costs. His 21-year career includes stints with Ricoh and Samsung, and he boasts proficiencies in consultative sales, managed print, and document and content management. Healy has achieved CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architect), CCMP (Certified Change Management Professional) and Six Sigma black-belt certifications.

“Brian truly embodies the spirit of Brother’s At Your Side philosophy, ingraining himself in the challenges and opportunities of our channel partners. He understands the growing as-a-service trends and provides this expertise to not only help Brother’s channel partners grow, but also support their customers. No challenge is too difficult; Brian makes it a priority to always find a solution, and has become a trusted consultant to our partners. Over the last few years, he’s gained the confidence of Brother’s resellers and is in such demand that he now spends 75 percent of his time in the field helping clients assess document workflow and optimize their business processes.”

–Dan Waldinger, Senior Director, B2B Marketing, Brother International

Why Larry Huneycutt is a difference maker:

Larry Huneycutt
Owner, President and CEO

From the start, Huneycutt sought to grow a business with integrity and create a family-oriented work atmosphere that could be maintained regardless of how big it might become. Mission accomplished. His long journey in the office equipment space began in the early 1970s, when he sold equipment to dealers in the Southeast. In 1979, he joined Carolina Wholesale as national sales director, and was appointed vice president three years later. In 2001, Huneycutt assumed the top leadership role, and he grew the organization through a series of acquisitions that included Arlington Industries and Digitek. This year, he rebranded the company under the ARLINGTON flag.

“Larry is a great listener and a perfect gentlemen. I first met him at Carolina Wholesale in 2008 and I bumped into him in a corridor while waiting for a meeting to begin. When I asked him who he was, he smiled and just said he was the janitor. I believe he is a difference maker not because of some new, exciting venture he has worked on recently, but rather his long-term, consistent approach to business and servicing the dealer community.”

–Christian Pepper, President-Channel Partner Division, LD Products

Why Judith Jarvis is a difference maker:

Judith Jarvis
Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer
Image Source

Jarvis offers real leadership that focuses on personal development, based on thankfulness, kindness, humbleness and gratitude. A homegrown talent, Jarvis has excelled in every step of her career at Image Source, culminating with her current role as executive vice president and chief sales officer. She created a communications tool that not only streamlined Image Source’s sales information and processes, but also facilitates company-wide teamwork and knowledge sharing. Jarvis develops leaders, motivates, counsels and inspires the sales organization across the organization’s 16 locations, spanning nearly all of California. A graduate of the University of Redlands in Southern California with a BA in political science, she sits on the board of directors for Trinity Youth Services, a children’s-based 501c3, and is committed to helping children and animals.

“Her vision and insight into operational components of our business, and recognition of opportunities for improvement throughout all of the disciplines of our organization, truly makes the difference for Image Source. With over 23% revenue growth from 2017-2018, her leadership and willingness to improve performance through staff development makes the differences sustainable and rewarding for the company and the employees who are impacted by her leadership.”

–Brad Craft, President, Image Source, a Visual Edge Company

Why Jim Kahrs is a difference maker:

Jim Kahrs
Prosperity Plus

When it comes to serving the industry as an M&A and business consultant, Kahrs has the benefit of more than 30 years of industry experience in multiple facets, including Monroe Systems for Business, Mita (KYOCERA) and Carr Business Systems (Global Imaging Systems). A graduate of the University of Maine, in 2001 he formed Prosperity Plus for the purpose of helping dealerships improve their operations and attain their personal and professional goals. Prosperity Plus has helped more than 350 dealerships with one-on-one consulting, marketing programs and merger-and-acquisition assistance. In addition, Kahrs has been a resource to industry manufacturers, trade associations and trade journals as a regular conference speaker and article contributor.

“Jim is a true advocate for the independent dealership owner. He is particularly adept at observing a business from multiple viewpoints and zeroing in on solutions that help owners and their staff overcome barriers to greater productivity, efficiency and profitability. There hasn’t been an issue yet that he hasn’t been able to identify and debug, whether it involves finance, personnel, sales, marketing, operations and otherwise.”

–Tim Votapka, Vice President, Director of Marketing, Prosperity Plus

Why Barney Kister is a difference maker:

Barney Kister
Senior Vice President of Strategic Relations
Supplies Network

One of the founding partners of Supplies Network, Kister has been an industry cornerstone for more than 40 years. Thoroughly knowledgeable and quick to share in his wisdom, Kister played a key role in the development of the Supplies Network Managed Print Services program. In his current position, he works closely with manufacturers and key Supplies Network business partners to bring innovative programs and services to the market, ultimately benefiting all in the provider chain. As the industry has grown and evolved over the past 40 years, Kister has helped navigate the company through the myriad of changes to reap continued success.

“I have worked with Barney on many occasions over the years. I’ve always found him to be extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and highly resourceful. Barney is a trusted partner and is widely respected within our industry.”

–David Cardwell, Senior Manager, U.S. Distribution Channel, Lexmark International

Why Jason Levkulich is a difference maker:

Jason Levkulich
Director of Marketing

It’s tough not to have a soft spot for a journalism graduate (from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Levkulich brings a unique style and irrepressible flair to his work. The marketing maven landed at then-NovaCopy in 2006, flying solo at the onset, then built a team of five skilled and talented marketing professionals who boast more than 50 combined years of experience in design, media and marketing. Levkulich has been instrumental in Novatech’s growth from $24 million and three branches to $95 million and 14 branches. His marketing department has garnered numerous honors, including two recent American Advertising Awards (Addys). Levkulich’s creative flair has forged a path toward national recognition for the longtime regional stalwart.

“Jason is one of the most talented people I know, and someone who has given our company an ever-adapting positive image that’s always a step above the branding you see from our competitors. As we’ve grown, he’s been our resident creative genius every step of the way, helping us grow the Novatech family, inside and out.”

–Darren Metz, Executive Chairman, Novatech

Why Scott Lewis is a difference maker:

Scott Lewis
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Yet another shining example of the creative genius that often is the mark of a true sales and marketing professional, Lewis joined Carolina Wholesale (now ARLINGTON) following 10 years as the owner of Queen City Business of Charlotte, North Carolina, and three years in China doing mission work. Initially a sales manager, he was elevated to his current role in 2017 and has been indispensable in forging strong ties with partners at Canon U.S.A., Ricoh Americas and Lexmark. Lewis has championed ARLINGTON’s customer-first mentality, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte graduate’s passion for his work has provided a salutary impact on the entire organization.

“Scott will lead by connecting with his team in honest and practical methods, and has the great ability to make us feel connected with the executive process. Our vendors value Scott’s ability to assist them as we navigate through an ever-evolving climate of our distribution channel. He’s a trusted leader in our industry and the one within his organization that I consistently hear others outside ARLINGTON mention they have counted on and found success working with in recent months. People go to Scott to solve problems and he’s a guy who helps them find a solution.”

–Brent Martin, Director of Marketing, ARLINGTON

Why John Lowery is a difference maker:

John Lowery
Applied Imaging

While Lowery was honored as a Difference Maker in 2017, the president of Applied Imaging has hardly rested on his laurels. Since he was last recognized, Lowery has opened three new Michigan branch offices, generated positive momentum in the 2017 Northern Ohio start-up branch and significantly grown organically in existing markets. He has created a company to sell supplies through Amazon’s B2B website, and joined other family members in founding a document-destruction company called Shred Hub. Although currently armed with only a single vehicle for on-site document destruction, Western Michigan businesses have quickly embraced the offering. Since 1986, when Lowery founded Applied Imaging, he’s proved to be a visionary. In the process, he’s ensured customers and employees have profited from the journey.

“John is not only a successful entrepreneur, he’s made those around him successful. Over three-plus decades, he’s consistently given people opportunities to shine, then followed up and helped them achieve both their professional and personal goals. John has developed an extraordinary culture at Applied Imaging that is the envy of competitors, vendors and customers. However, when you dissect that culture, it’s simply a reflection of his passion for people, his love of family and his dedication to paying it forward.”

–Ian Crockett, President, ICE Advertising

Why Jeff Masters is a difference maker:

Jeff Masters
President and CEO
Laser Options, A Flex Technology Group Company

A prudent manager and an inspiring leader, Masters has made significant contributions to the industry during his three-decade tour. Laser Options has flourished significantly under his guidance, backed by his deep knowledge of sales and marketing. He continues to manage the company’s departments and oversees the day-to-day business operations. Prior to arriving at Laser Options in 2010, the University of Arizona product spent 27 years as division vice president for Hughes-Calihan. His ardent customer service approach is echoed throughout the organization and serves as a template to Laser Options’ ongoing success.

“Jeff is one of the most experienced individuals in the industry today. It’s clear that he understands the business of office technology and is able to leverage innovative technologies to grow the business.”

–Karl Lillie, Executive Vice President of Sales, Laser Options, A Flex Technology Group Company

Why Glenn Mathis is a difference maker:

Glenn Mathis
Vice President, Global Client Services and Solutions
All Covered—the IT services division of Konica Minolta

As he approaches 20 years in the industry, Mathis owns an exemplary track record in leading technology-related professional services organizations and geographically dispersed sales and account management teams supporting national and international markets. A goal-oriented implementer with an eye for details, Mathis provides strategic direction to unite diverse groups across various functional and geographical lines with the goal of achieving all corporate objectives. In his current role, he is responsible for the fast-growing Professional Services consulting organization and on-site implementations services for Konica Minolta. A charismatic and transformational leader, well respected by his clients, peers and direct reports for his unique ability to motivate teams to deliver outstanding performance, Mathis demonstrates integrity, commitment and confidence.

“It has been a tremendous pleasure working with Glenn on countless roles, projects, initiatives, acquisitions, systems, etc. over the past 19-plus years. Glenn’s passion for challenging the status quo, seeing a better future and making it happen have been critical to me personally, to All Covered and, ever increasingly, to Konica Minolta at both a domestic and global level. Glenn is a non-stop difference maker day in and day out.”

–Todd Croteau, President, All Covered—the IT services division of Konica Minolta

Why Wes McArtor is a difference maker:

Wes McArtor

A veteran of the Marine Corps, McArtor has soldiered his way through our industry, beginning in 1981 as a service technician for Savin. In 1993, he co-founded BEI Services Inc. to provide independent imaging dealers with an unbiased source for standards and nationwide comparative-service reporting. The organization quickly became the go-to source for industry benchmarking. This year, BEI merged with Business Systems Consulting to become NEXERA, dedicated to helping dealers thrive in the next era of imaging. His trademarked imaging-Device-as-a-Service (iDaaS) tool for no-meter billing is garnering acceptance with manufacturers including Konica Minolta. McArtor is ushering in a new age of analytics for the office technology dealer space.

“Wes does not fear his own disruption, he instead creates it. BEI Services is a two-plus decade industry leader and without a doubt one of the most-trusted data companies in the industry. The changes and challenges the industry will face need individuals like Wes to help everyone understand the importance data plays in delivering the future to the present.”

–Ray Stasieczko, Founder/CEO, TEASRA, The Innovation Channel

Why Mike McGuirk is a difference maker:

Mike McGuirk
ProCopy Office Solutions

During his 30-year career, McGuirk has held numerous positions across organizations including Ricoh USA, Xerox’s Arizona Office Technologies and Danka Office Imaging. Upon joining ProCopy Office Solutions in 2010, the company enjoyed an unprecedented growth spurt, increasing revenue and profits five times in less than five years. The Arizona State University graduate’s efforts have been recognized with ProCopy’s inclusion on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest-growing companies. McGuirk is highly visible inside and outside of the organization—he currently serves on the board of the ProCopy Foundation, the Business Technology Association, the ASU alumni association and the Better Business Bureau.

“Mike runs a successful business using his extensive industry knowledge and leadership skills. What’s more impressive is that he finds the time to invest himself back into the community and help others in the industry.”

–Stephen Gould, Vice President of Sales, ProCopy Office Solutions

Why Tom McMahon is a difference maker:

Tom McMahon
Regional Vice President
Milner Inc.

McMahon was off to a “flying” start even before his career took off, having served with the Navy Fighter Squadron 41 Black Aces before entering private life as a sales manager, and later dealer manager, for Lanier Worldwide. Following a three-year stint with Officeware, he joined Milner in 1997, and within two years became regional vice president. With Milner, he has grown the Florida region to the $50 million plateau. McMahon has dedicated himself to helping others inside and outside of business, and is quick to answer a question or provide guidance on any number of subjects. A pillar of strength and loyalty, his selfless attitude and willingness to help others succeed is a testament to his value as a person.

“Tom has a dynamic personality and steadfastness that is truly incredible and hard to not notice. He speaks and we listen because he is our leader, he is our strength and he has given all of us opportunities that we only dreamed of having. Tom aligns with his teams, and therefore gives a customer experience that will never be forgotten. He is not only a great leader, but a caring friend whose character shines through every step of the way. Tom is always looking for ways to make Milner stronger and better, and it shows with his uncanny ability to always drive sales and surpass goals. Tom supports his people and their goals and allows us to reach our very own greatness—a leader indeed!”

–Jennifer Bley, Senior Technology Consultant, Milner Inc.

Why Bill Melo is a difference maker:

Bill Melo
Chief Marketing Executive
Toshiba America Business Solutions

Articulate and thoughtful, Melo is an innovator and creative genius who constantly challenges the status quo. As chief marketing executive for both Toshiba America Business Solutions and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, he has helped elevate the company’s brand and created a platform to gain brand recognition and create new business opportunities. In 2004, Melo pioneered Toshiba’s MPS program, Encompass, which was the first introduced by a non-U.S. based company. An MBA holder from New York University’s Stern School of Business, Melo attacks every challenge with a fresh perspective, and his engaging manner helps bring decisive results to all projects he undertakes.

“Having worked with Bill for over 10 years, his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were a true inspiration. Through his leadership, Toshiba has been able to elevate its brand and product portfolio. His storytelling ability and precise way of simplifying complex technologies into easy-to-understand concepts are the best I’ve ever experienced.”

–Joe Contreras, Commercial Marketing Executive, Office Solutions, Epson America

Why Darren Metz is a difference maker:

Darren Metz
Executive Chairman

In an industry landscape teeming with nine-digit consolidators, Metz continues to insinuate himself and Novatech into the M&A conversation in a brisk-yet-gradual manner. He has blended organic and acquisitional growth to the tune of nearly $100 million for the 20-year-old firm, also using managed IT and 3D printing as foundation blocks to continued success. Armed with an MBA from the University of Memphis, Metz employs a no-rules approach to M&A that encourages creativity and seeks out diamonds in the rough, all the while taking a big-picture approach to envision how disparate elements can blend together to advance Novatech’s agenda of success. At press time, Novatech announced Metz would transition from CEO to executive chairman.

“The ability to transform a small company into an industry powerhouse that is continually relevant to its customers and target market is no small feat. Darren is in a class of select few whose business sense and vision continually opens doors and drives growth. It takes innovative thought and a willingness for risk to transcend the everyday and drive a company to succeed again and again. But behind all this is a man who seeks to grow the overall well-being of his employees and to instill living the company mission to flourish as a team, delivering caring, efficient service and support to customers and to each other.”

–Jason Levkulich, Director of Marketing, Novatech

Why Gene “Dusty” Milner is a difference maker:

Gene “Dusty” Milner
Milner Inc.

Known to friends and business colleagues as Dusty, Milner is the steward of a third-generation family-owned business that has made a name for itself in the southeast region and has been an industry mainstay for nearly 70 years. A strong and well-recognized industry brand, Milner has grown his firm to include a wide variety of products and services. Well respected within the industry and admired by his peers, Milner is always willing to share his decades of experience to help others strive to improve or swap new ideas that can benefit both his firm and those of his colleagues.

“Dusty has created a culture within Milner for its employees to succeed with their personal goals while delivering a best-in-class service to their valued customers. Dusty and his leadership team have delivered consistent year-over-year growth to the company while diversifying its services menu to ensure Milner remains relevant and an industry leader for more generations to come.”

–Michael Amiri, Senior Director, Continuum

Why Václav Muchna is a difference maker:

Václav Muchna
Y Soft

The winner of the Worst Career Advisor award goes to one of Muchna’s college professors, who cautioned the future co-founder of Y Soft to steer clear of computer science, because working on a computer “is like what a secretary does.” Fortunately, Muchna was undaunted, and today his Brno, Czech Republic-born Y Soft boasts revenues of $45 million. While in his mid-teens, Muchna explored software development and network administration, and he learned the value of a customer-centric approach to business. He worked with a small group of partners on several projects, ultimately finding success with what has become YSoft SafeQ. Buoyed by his success, Muchna established subsidiaries in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, Israel and the UAE. He also established Y Soft Ventures, the venture arm of Y Soft, providing promising startups in Central Europe the capital, resources and expertise needed to accelerate their path to global markets.

“Václav has pushed the limits of integrated print management and document capture, always with the customer experience in mind. He leads with a positive and innovative attitude and sets his goals high for a bright future for both his company and the world’s inhabitants. His leadership has turned the company into a successful multi-product company, evidenced by revenue growth of 45% in the company’s last fiscal year, 2018, with products used by 34% of the global Fortune 500.

–Andy Slawetsky, President, Industry Analysts

Why Patty O’Brian is a difference maker:

Patty O’Brian
Director of Sales, Commercial, Commercial Printing
Epson America

The 35-year industry veteran has been responsible for driving demand for Epson products in the channel, defining the channel sales strategy, aligning sales efforts and identifying efficiencies within Epson’s channel business to accelerate revenue growth. O’Brian offers a unique perspective to the printing and channel markets through her wealth of sales experience and vast knowledge of Epson products and services. She was recently chosen to create and lead a new division of Epson commercial sales, dedicated to expanding market share for the company’s enterprise and business inkjet solutions because of her innovation, hard work and effective partner relationships.

“Patty has an admirable drive for success that inspires everyone who works with her. Her effective ideas and tireless work executing successful sales programs have earned her tremendous respect within Epson. She is trusted and sought after for her innovative sales strategies and professionalism. Her work ethic and commitment to excellence are integral to Epson’s channel success.”

–Mark Mathews, Vice President, Commercial Sales and Marketing, Epson America

Why Soichi “Steve” Oda is a difference maker:

Soichi “Steve” Oda
Senior Vice President of Business Planning
Sharp Electronics Corporation

A seven-year veteran of Sharp, Oda’s primary role is budget controller for Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA). He also serves as the liaison between senior executives in Japan and SIICA management. Oda takes a hands-on approach to supporting Sharp’s teams, visiting dealers, understanding their needs and providing direct feedback to the factories overseas. As Sharp navigated the challenges of the past few years, Oda has been a steady voice, working with the dealers and Sharp U.S. executive management to reposition the company and help drive its growth. He is respected as a well-known leader among the Sharp dealers and a key part of their management team.

“Steve is one of the most loyal gentlemen I have ever been associated with. He works tirelessly to support the entire Sharp family and their independent dealers. Sharp is fortunate to have him on their executive team.”

–L. Troy Olson, President, Les Olson Company

Why Gregg Petrie is a difference maker:

Gregg Petrie
Copiers Northwest

The Western Washington University product has focused on sales and marketing throughout the northwest since the company’s inception in 1986. Petrie’s understanding of the marketplace has been one of the keys to Copiers Northwest’s three-plus decades of growth. Continued growth has been augmented by Petrie’s diversification into areas such as Canon wide-format printers, which has opened the door to a wealth of graphics opportunities. Additionally, Copiers Northwest’s on-site production printing has helped the overflow needs of clients, giving the dealer a mark of distinction among its competitors.

“Gregg is one of the most creative individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last quarter of a century. He consistently develops ideas, promotions and labels that communicate Copiers Northwest’s strengths and benefits, and makes selling more fun for the sales force. He and his brother Mark have done a remarkable job competing in a market that now rivals Silicon Valley technology-wise. Surrounded by buildings occupied by Facebook, Google, Amazon and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Copiers Northwest has not only survived, but thrived with a feeling the best is still to come.”

–Ian Crockett, President, ICE Advertising

Why Mark Petrie is a difference maker:

Mark Petrie
Copiers Northwest

A Victory Viking alumni like his brother and fellow Northwest Copiers owner Gregg, the CEO half of the executive tandem has been equally instrumental in guiding the dealership to the $50 million plateau, making it a recognized leader in not only Seattle but the entirety of the Great Northwest. Copiers Northwest has flourished during its 33-year history as Petrie has enjoyed success with long-term employee tenure, particularly on the service side of the organization. He’s built solid manufacturer relationships and shown a willingness to evolve, particularly when it comes to products and services that enable clients to focus on their core competencies.

“I’ve known Mark for over 25 years and have always admired his thirst for learning. In spite of being the CEO of a thriving company competing in one of the world’s most technologically savvy markets, he understands the need for professional growth and leveraging educational opportunities through his memberships in CDA and Vistage, the world’s largest CEO organization. His strong leadership throughout the years has made a significant difference in the lives of his employees and their families.”

–Ian Crockett, President, ICE Advertising

Why Stephanie Keating Phillips is a difference maker:

Stephanie Keating Phillips
Director of Solutions
Advanced Imaging Solutions

The continued success and legacy of the Keating family business has not been lost on Phillips. As director of solutions for Advanced Imaging Solution (AIS), she plays an integral role as the company continues to expand in growth areas such as production equipment, industrial print, software solutions and managed services. A graduate of the University of St. Thomas and a 20-year industry veteran, it was Phillips’ quick thinking and relentless pursuit of providing an 11th-hour solution that enabled AIS to sell and install the first-ever Konica Minolta AccurioWide 160 wide-format printer. Time and time again, Phillips consistently delivers proven results, no matter the complexity and scope of the opportunity.

“I’ve worked with Stephanie for over 18 years and she has the same passion today as she did on day one. She’s always hungry to learn more to make sure she becomes as much of an expert on the topic as she can. She makes the job fun and customers can see how much she loves her work and representing her family’s company.”

–Jon Pottebaum, Service Manager, Advanced Imaging Solutions

“I have worked closely with Stephanie for 13 years and have learned so much from her leadership and vision that my career has only been stronger due to her constant support. If there was an all-star team of industry technology experts, Stephanie would be in the starting lineup. Lastly, Stephanie’s positive and always-upbeat personality is infectious. The strong and lasting partnerships she has created over 20 years is a testament to how unique she is.”

–Matt Keating, Senior Account Executive, Advanced Imaging Solutions

“Stephanie takes the time to educate herself on every aspect of our industry, not because she has to, but rather because she truly loves what she does. Her positive attitude and confidence are infectious. This is validated by her success in this industry and remarkable portfolio of business partners who value her as a solutions provider, not a commodity reseller. She justifies her value every day through hard work and leading by example. I’ve known Stephanie my whole life and have worked with her professionally for the past 13-plus years. I can say she has been integral in me becoming a better person and consultant. Stephanie has provided me with a vision of what true commitment to you and your business partners goals looks like on daily basis.”

–Zachary Gangestad, Senior Account Executive, Advanced Imaging Solutions

“I work directly with Stephanie on our leadership team at AIS. She has an infectious personality that is upbeat, positive, encouraging and inspirational. People say that positivity breeds positivity, and I can definitely say that she affects this office day in and day out with her great work ethic and attitude. I look forward to each day I come to work because of the positive culture that exists, and that can definitely be attributed to Stephanie.”

–Matthew VanderPlas, Director of IT Services, Advanced Imaging Solutions

“Stephanie is the most passionate person I’ve ever met. No one takes more pride in their family’s company than Stephanie, and you see it in everything she does. She takes an industry that can be very complicated and turns it into the most exciting topic of the day. She’s always up to date on the latest and greatest, and if she doesn’t know the answer she will find it. There are also not as many females in this business, and she’s helped lead the way in getting more women interested. She has been a friend, a mentor and role model for me, and I can only hope to achieve the type of success Stephanie has and will continue to achieve.”

–Kacie Habeck, Managed Print Services Coordinator/Managed Services Assistant, Advanced Imaging Solutions

Why Mike Phipps is a difference maker:

Mike Phipps
Vice President of Sales
Caltronics Business Systems, A Flex Technology Group Company

Phipps has earned a reputation for his insight and dedication to managed office solutions during the course of his 25-year career with Caltronics Business Systems. He has oversight for the firm’s strategic vision and continues to expand the company’s coverage in a competitive California marketplace. Caltronics has been awarded “Top 50 Dealers” designation in the United States for the past seven years and earned recognition as the number-one Western Region dealer for Konica Minolta during the past 21 years, which is a testament to Phipps’ leadership and guidance.

“Mike is one of the most-trusted sales professionals in our industry due to his profound product knowledge and visionary capabilities. He is definitely a difference maker in the document technology industry.”

–Dan Reilly, President, Caltronics Business Systems, A Flex Technology Group Company

Why Jim Pierce is a difference maker:

Jim Pierce
Vice President of Operations
Fraser Advanced Information Systems

Perhaps they should erect a statue at Fraser Advanced Information Systems in Pierce’s honor, as his career with the firm dates back an astonishing 45 years, when he became a field service technician. He’s held a number of different roles at Fraser, including branch service manager, general service manager and vice president of operations, his current position. Today, he is responsible for managing Fraser’s logistics, service, customer service, IT and global support divisions. Pierce serves as a mentor to others in the industry for outstanding service to customers, and heads Fraser’s Triple A Platinum-rated service department. The classic car aficionado is also the COO of Fraser’s sister company, ImagEze, a managed network services provider.

“Jim is an integral part of our business at Fraser. His leadership in our industry is unparalleled, and his longevity in tenure is one that is rarely seen today. He has helped Fraser grow from a one-room company in 1973 to the successful dealership we are today. His dedication to our customers and the industry has shaped the way in which our dealership works. With a Net Promoter Score of 92, this is evidence of how satisfied and loyal Fraser’s customers are, and how pleased they are with the service we provide, and Jim is the leader of those efforts. His guidance on the service side of the business is unmatched, and without his guidance, I would not be nearly as successful in this business.”

–Melissa Confalone, Vice President of Sales, Fraser Advanced Information Systems

Why Victor “Buddy” Puente is a difference maker:

Victor “Buddy” Puente President of Finance/Operations Southwest Office Systems

In focusing on operations and finance, Puente concentrates on relationships with team members, technology and service to customers. He coaches managers to look for avenues toward improvement, either through operational efficiency or by increasing service value to customers—always endeavoring to strengthen process improvements. Under Puente’s guidance, every aspect of operations (parts, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable) has flourished to reach the cutting edge of technology. Along with brother and co-President Vince, the executive tandem is a pillar of community involvement, participating in food and toy drives. Southwest Office Systems’ campus includes a community center that is available for use by non-profit groups.

“Buddy’s mentoring style is a winning combination of his experience, sense of humor and brilliant open mind. Over 50% of Buddy’s team has worked for SOS longer than 10 years, and several have worked for him longer than 25 years. I’ve had the good fortune to work with him on several projects and really appreciate his willingness to listen and discuss ideas and solutions. Many leaders may fear change, but I believe Buddy is one of those visionaries who is always facing forward, trying to see ahead of the curve, so they can embrace what comes next.”

–Lizz Larsen, Project Manager, Southwest Office Systems

Why Vince Puente Sr. is a difference maker:

Vince Puente Sr.
President of Sales/Marketing
Southwest Office Systems

Leadership by example is a driving force for Puente, who rolls up his sleeves and works incessantly alongside employees to see projects through to their successful completion. Puente adds his signature style to a variety of roles: creating strategy, driving advertising and marketing, creating monthly specials and pricing, attending community events and going on sales calls with his team. His hands-on style provides for a consultative approach with clients to meet their specific business needs. As a result, Southwest Office Systems has created many longstanding relationships—forging “customers for life.” Puente constantly endeavors to expand the dealership’s product and service offerings while insisting that any new undertaking maintains the company’s quality standards.

“Vince’s passion for this industry, his business and his life are definitely awe inspiring. He lives his beliefs daily and transparently, making it easier for his team to succeed and grow with him. His gift for marketing is inherent—basically a part of who he is—instinctual and never ending. I’ve worked closely with Vince on many sales and marketing projects and can attest to his talent and determination. He’s a visionary, and will continue to keep SOS at the top of its game and ready for the future.”

–Lizz Larsen, Project Manager, Southwest Office Systems

Why Joe Reeves is a difference maker:

Joe Reeves
President and CEO
Smile Business Products

Reeves ingenuity and passion developed during a 37-year career in the office technology universe have paid innumerous dividends for Smile Business Products. He has assembled a network operations center that rates with the industry’s finest, and his state-of-the-art mobile showroom—known affectionately as Big Red—has given Smile a significant advantage in a highly competitive California market. Reeves has leveraged his relationship with Sharp to become the provider of choice for the government space. During his career, Reeves has served in various executive positions on multiple dealer councils and peer groups, including Sharp, the American Co-op Group and the Select Dealer Group.

“When I think of Joe, ‘vision’ comes to mind. He’s always had the propensity to visualize processes, applications and ideas in advance. Our network operating center and a sales service annuity commission are two perfect examples. Back in 2000, when our industry was moving out of the analog age and into the digital, Joe had a vision of expanding traditional service to include IT responsibilities for print, network scanning and remote assistance. Within a matter of years, Smile’s NOC was introduced. It was the first-of-its-kind help desk in our industry that provided immediate assistance and remote desktop support to our customers. Today, Smile has expanded its services to a comprehensive IT division providing a suite of IT services.”

–Patsy Cutler, Marketing and eCommerce Manager, Smile Business Products

Why Corey Rivard is a difference maker:

Corey Rivard
Vice President of Sales
FlexPrint Inc., A Flex Technology Group Company

Rivard has more than three decades of national managed print services experience, with specific expertise in sales strategy, execution and major client management. This has enabled him to lead his organization as they focus on constantly improving client services, profitability and expanding market base. The Kettering University graduate joined FlexPrint as vice president of sales in 2005, and under his guidance, FlexPrint has become nationally recognized as a premier managed services organization. Rivard champions the dealer’s efforts to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities and align the company’s sales and support organization with key customer segments. In this role, he is responsible for the strategy and direction of FlexPrint’s sales operations across the company’s diverse managed service offerings.

“Year after year, FlexPrint has grown to be recognized as a national company with extensive coverage. Fueled by organic growth and strategic acquisitions, this company has become a prominent force in the industry. Corey has played a pivotal role in this growth. He’s an innovative problem solver who works hard to understand his customers before customizing unique solutions to fit their business needs. More importantly, he inspires and motivates his team to do the same.”

–Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Business Development, Flex Technology Group

Why Lauren Ruiz a difference maker:

Lauren Ruiz
General Manager
Nauticon Office Solutions

Ruiz has played a pivotal role in diversifying Nauticon Office Solutions’ offerings into managed IT services. She has built a phenomenal team that delivers a comprehensive offering, matching an excellent customer service experience that has been a trademark of the company during the past three decades. The organization’s “service first” mantra draws much of its reputation from Ruiz’s tireless dedication toward the customer, an attribute that has rubbed off on the talented core she has assembled at Nauticon Office Solutions.

“It has truly been a pleasure getting to know Lauren and the rest of the leadership team at Nauticon. Lauren has an energetic attitude and a passion for delivering best-in-class services and solutions to their valued customers. She surrounds herself with great team members and challenges them to achieve greatness both in their professional and personal lives.”

–Michael Amiri, Senior Director, Continuum

Why Steven Sauer is a difference maker:

Steven Sauer
Toshiba Business Solutions Regional President
Toshiba America Business Solutions

An entrepreneurial leadership style and business acumen, paired with the desire to help develop the next generation of business leaders, has marked much of Sauer’s career. An MBA holder from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a graduate of Harvard’s Business School Management Program, he worked for a copier company, Business Methods (BMI), as a college intern. Upon graduating, Sauer entered the world of corporate banking and became a second vice president at Chase Manhattan Bank. BMI recruited him back to become COO, and he ascended to the role of president, where he tripled the dealer’s business. Sauer became majority owner and later sold BMI to Toshiba, where he became a regional president of the direct sales operation, which continues to excel.

“The success of the Toshiba Business Solutions brand, within the Northcentral United States in particular, is due in large part to Steven’s leadership. His theory for success is to surround himself with a great team and then let them do their jobs. Steven is both articulate and inspiring, which is why he is an excellent motivator and leader. Steven is admired within and outside the company for his true professionalism, intelligence, ethics and style. Steven possesses a unique ability to balance his myriad responsibilities while building a rock-solid business.”

–Jim Hawkins, Vice President-Americas, Toshiba America Business Solutions

“I have known Steven for nearly a decade and enjoy every interaction I have with him. Steven is passionate, goal oriented, and well respected by his peers, and he continually looks at better ways to grow his business and the Toshiba name. He is forward-thinking and always looking to provide the best employee and customer experience possible. I enjoy meeting with Steven and always leave motivated in ways to make our partnership stronger. I truly look up to him as one of my mentors and am proud to say he is my friend.”

–Hans Zahrbock, National Program Manager, US Bank

Why Aaron Smith is a difference maker:

Aaron Smith
Vice President-Western Region
Xerox, United States
Channels Unit

The University of Iowa alumnus is the former owner and president of Digital Insights, an IT VAR in Florida offering Xerox solutions. Smith grew the business to $5 million in five years before joining Xerox as an account manager in Georgia. He has contributed significantly to the marketplace successes of Xerox DTP partners, helping them navigate onboarding processes and leverage Xerox resources to grow their businesses. Smith has shown many businesses the value of partnering with Xerox in order to expand, and to that end, has brought on experienced channel salespeople and picked the cream of the crop to offer partners resources and knowledge. Smith and his team have fostered high-revenue growth through channels, and they are on pace to achieve 60 percent growth in 2019.

“Aaron is a hard-working, energized executive who leads with a highly-
engaged style which motivates everyone, including me. He is quick to dive in regardless of the circumstances and he keeps his eye on the prize, which is satisfying customers and employees.”

–Jim Morrissey, Vice President, DTP Channel, Xerox Corp.

Why David Snyder is a difference maker:

David Snyder
President and CEO
Elite Imaging Systems

Exponential growth has driven Elite Imaging Systems to greater heights. Snyder has doubled down on that growth by opening a new headquarters in Troy, Michigan, along with a new office in downtown Detroit, helping to fuel the Motor City’s celebrated comeback. Snyder has a penchant for success; a 25-plus year veteran of the industry, he served in various capacities for Savin prior to founding Elite Imaging Systems in 1994. Gifted with high energy and infectious enthusiasm, Snyder has an endearing personality that draws in others. A kind and gentle spirit, Snyder’s motivational skills help create an atmosphere that brings out the best in those around him.

“David is a kind, considerate, compassionate soul who inspires people around him in both his personal and professional life. I have worked with him for many years and have always admired his magnanimous personality. Producing his video commercials has given me an opportunity to interview both his employees and his customers, thus confirming my aforementioned statements on an even grander scale. His work ethic is impeccable; I do not know anyone as dedicated to his customers and his employees as he is. His heart is as big as his personality, he loves giving back to his community by supporting local charities and helping others.”

–Tabitha Mendez, President and CEO, Savvy Advertising Solutions

Why Daniel Spatuzzi is a difference maker:

Daniel Spatuzzi
Vice President of Originations for TIAA Commercial Finance

Spatuzzi has worked alongside office technology dealers for more than 20 years. His career began at Wells Fargo Commercial Finance, and in 2004 he joined US Express Leasing, which would eventually become TIAA Commercial Finance. He was the top individual contributor until 2014, when he took a sales management position. Spatuzzi has attained Most Valuable Player status with TIAA Commercial Finance, embodying the organization’s core values of putting the client first, delivering excellence, valuing people, taking personal accountability, acting with integrity and operating as a team. Recently, he has conducted training presentations with various independent dealer groups and manufacturers on the upcoming FASB lease accounting changes.

“Dan is an extremely talented salesperson and now manager. He combines a high level of industry and business knowledge with a great ability to negotiate. I had the pleasure of being Dan’s manager while he was a territory rep. If all salespeople were as disciplined and knowledgeable as Dan, sales managers would not have a job. Dan is the epitome of being a trusted advisor to our customer base. TIAA Commercial Finance is very lucky to have him leading one of our teams.”

–Fred Carollo, Vice President of Originations, Office Products Platform, TIAA Bank

“My experience working with Dan has been extremely positive. He’s not only very knowledgeable about the industry and helpful in providing key insights into areas that other successful companies are doing, but he has been highly professional and responsive in solving specific issues that relate to our customer base. He’s been a real pleasure to work with.”

–Armen Manoogian, CEO, United Business Technologies

“Dan is exceptionally personable with high character. He takes the time to understand issues and provides real-world solutions. As a manager and leader, he has earned the respect of employees and partners. TIAA Commercial Finance does the right things with their policies on insurance, late fees and personal property tax, etc., that communicates to the dealer community they are a different type of leasing company.”

–Jim Dotter, President, Virginia Business Systems

“I’ve known Dan for many years. His positive, always can-do demeanor creates a great business and personal relationship. Above all, Dan’s honesty is what puts him over the top. You can trust him to always put you first.”

–Mike Sarelson, President, Commonwealth Digital Office Solutions

Why Jack Stargel is a difference maker:

Jack Stargel
Owner and President
Stargel Office Solutions

The Texas Tech University product assembled Stargel Office Solutions from the ground up, from its humble beginnings with just four employees and no customers to an organization with 100 employees and more than 6,000 clients, not to mention annual revenues in excess of $20 million. Driving core values that include honesty and integrity, a customer-first mentality, professionalism and passion, Stargel Office Solutions has become the largest independent office technology dealership in Houston. Stargel has demonstrated that building relationships with business clients and the community is the best approach to providing support for those who need it most. His Stargel Gives Back program, launched in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the organization’s staunch support of many non-profit organizations, illustrates the lynchpin between business and society as a fundamental necessity.

“Jack is one of the most caring and generous individuals for whom I have worked. In fact, he looks for those similar qualities in his employees and instills the Stargel Core Values—honesty, integrity, customer first, professional, competitive and passionate—in everyday business. Stargel’s Core Values have laid the foundation for building a successful company focused on providing excellent service and placing the customer first. His mission is ‘To completely satisfy our customers by providing them with quality solutions and superior services.’ Jack is not only an intelligent businessman, but also a great mentor and role model.”

–Emelie Holden, Marketing Coordinator, Stargel Office Solutions

Why Mike Stramaglio is a difference maker:

Mike Stramaglio
President, MWA Business Unit
All Covered

Stramaglio’s career and motorcycle have taken him down many roads during the course of the last 45 years, and he has successfully navigated his way through many technological obstacles. His journey has been quite eventful: Stramaglio served as president and COO of Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions, held senior management positions with Minolta Corp. and Ricoh Corp., served as CEO of Imaging Portals, and was a general manager for EFI. It was at EFI that Stramaglio was responsible for automated dispatch systems (ADS) and the Intelligent Device Management solution set, which led to the genesis of Mobile Workforce Automation (MWA) in 2006. He brought FORZA to the imaging channel as a viable, modern and stable ERP alternative to the current business systems in the industry. In 2018, MWA was acquired by Konica Minolta, which added it to the All Covered Business Consulting Services division.

“Safety first and safety always! That’s the war cry I hear on every planning call for Mike ‘Paco’ Stramaglio’s Ride for The Jillian Fund. The Ride, as it is called, is in its seventh year and was the brainchild of Mike and his riding pack. The Ride begins in Phoenix and ends in Washington, DC with a dozen riders, all from the office imaging industry. It was Mike’s passion for riding and his earnest desire to help veterans organizations that inspired this spirited run across the country. Four years ago, Paco and the Pack added focus to The Jillian Fund, raising more than $275,000. Mike is one of those unique personalities who transcends time, technology and relationships, almost movie-star like. He not only crosses these thresholds himself, but often pulls others along with him. People want to get involved with his causes and he has a knack for being in the right place at the right time while surrounding himself with quality people. When you hear him talk about his ‘brothers,’ he is not just talking about those who ride. He is referring to all of those that support the Pack and its causes; bosses and companies that give the riders time off to ride and families for sacrificing time away from their loved ones.”

–Raj Thadani, President, Mars International

Why Steve Tamburrino is a difference maker:

Steve Tamburrino
Senior Vice President
ONNYX, A Flex Technology Group Company

Tamburrino has played a considerable role in the organization’s success over his 33-year journey with ONNYX, formerly RS Business Machines and MCPc Imaging and Printing. He is also credited with the renaming of the company, having chosen the name ONNYX during a 4 a.m. burst of creativity. Tamburrino began his career as a sales rep in 1986, then skillfully worked his way up the organizational ladder. He has helped to continuously drive sales and advance the business, employing a combination of family values and business acumen to outstanding results.

“Steve has been an integral part of the company since his start back when it was still RS Business Machines. He has become a thought leader in the industry and continues to drive business outcomes at ONNYX. An influential source over the course of two transitions, he is a definite difference maker.”

–Gina Selvey, President and CEO, ONNYX, A Flex Technology Group Company

Why Chris Taylor is a difference maker:

Chris Taylor
Fisher’s Technology

Upon taking control of what was then a 70-year-old office technology firm, Taylor has quadrupled Fisher’s in size during his 11 years, earning the dealer a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. The performance has earned Fisher’s and its top executive numerous other accolades, including the 2014 CEOs of Influence by the Idaho Business Review. Taylor is president-elect of the board of directors for the Copier Dealers’ Association and serves on the Canon Dealer Advisory Council. His past experiences include managing projects for organizations around the world. Taylor worked for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting) as a consultant and manager of strategic systems implementations. He received an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management and graduated Summa cum Laude with a chemical engineering degree from the University of Idaho.

“Chris is highly involved in the community and recognized for his strengths. Not only does Chris exceed in leadership roles, he also strives to create fun and healthy cultures in the workplace. He regularly speaks on health conflict in the workplace.”

–Emily Robb, Marketing Project Coordinator, Fisher’s Technology

Why Greg VanDeWalker is a difference maker:

Greg VanDeWalker
Senior Vice President of IT Channel & Services
GreatAmerica Financial Services and Collabrance

Known for pushing the limits on traditional approaches to IT, particularly in regards to IT financing, his presence inside GreatAmerica Financial Services and Collabrance (a wholly owned subsidiary of GreatAmerica) has helped blend the two industries toward a better understanding of the client’s financial needs, as well as the best solution for the customer. VanDeWalker has supplied leadership in many different roles with GreatAmerica, and he currently provides strategic guidance to its Connected Technology Group. Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 2003, he was general manager for the transportation division of U.S. Bancorp in Denver. He previously served as a tax accountant for Arthur Andersen & Company. A three-time Channel Chief honoree by CRN, VanDeWalker served as chair of the inaugural Managed Print Services Community of CompTIA and has helped various advisory boards in the IT, telephony and office equipment channels.

“Greg has a unique skillset in being able to understand the needs of the end user, the business needs of the end user’s company, the challenges a reseller like DOCUmation faces, and the solutions the channel partner is trying to provide. All four of these elements are a feat on their own, let alone being able to solve these problems from upstream. I’ve found that Greg has a unique perspective in all of these arenas and adds value to any step in the process. Greg is a TRUE difference maker in his field.”

–Preston Woolfolk, Co-President, DOCUmation

Why Tim Ward is a difference maker:

Tim Ward
CEO and Founder

The creation of Total Technology Solutions Group (TTSG) arose from Ward’s desire to provide a better choice for customers in the face of market consolidation. In his previous role, he had become a successful district sales manager for a large, multinational document management company, with oversight of more than 20 sales reps. Then, at the age of 29, the Western Illinois University graduate “started from a cardboard box” with TTSG in the teeth of the nation’s biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Ward endeavored to address the needs of clients and help them leverage the growing technology advancements the industry had to offer, while providing an advanced level of customer service. TTSG enjoyed rapid growth and landed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. TTSG’s double-digit growth has accelerated the company’s infrastructure greatly, and paved the way toward Ward’s goal of reaching $50 million in revenue by 2021.

“The driving force behind Tim’s personal and professional life is his genuine concern for people. He knows he has been gifted with a brilliant business mind, and it is his deepest desire to use it for the betterment of others. People are his passion. He often finds himself helping other financial officers and business owners assess and manage difficult business situations they have unwittingly fallen into through contracts with the larger corporations against which he competes. Yes, of course he wants to transact business with them and make a sale, but many times he finds the larger part of what he is doing to be helping them out of bad financial situations or improving how their workplaces operate. His primary mission is to help business owners and managers understand their current state of affairs both financially and legally, so that they can make informed, intelligent decisions, and take action toward stabilizing and building their companies. Some clients have been saved from letting people go, downsizing or even closing their doors. Tim often hires people in whom he sees potential, even if at first they do not seem to be strictly suited for the position being filled or created. He has an ability to look past shortcomings and draw out strengths in those who come under his leadership and guidance. He helps his employees grow both professionally and personally, which contributes to the strength of the community fabric.”

–Katy Gurney, Marketing Manager, TTSG

Why Mike Weetman is a difference maker:

Mike Weetman
Chief Financial Officer
Flex Technology Group

Weetman brought his portfolio of success to Flex Technology Group in 2017, where the CFO built a world-class finance and accounting team, and played a key role in onboarding seven partner companies via acquisition. His 30-year career of finance leadership includes roles with heavy hitters including Yahoo, DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox. Prior to joining Flex Technology Group, he was CFO/COO of Whalerock Digital, where he helped grow the company from a startup to a $100 million-plus concern. Weetman holds a bachelor of commerce, accounting and finance from Stellenbosch University, and his significant background in finance and other operational business areas is a tremendous benefit to the FTG family of companies.

“It’s an understatement to say that Mike is an expert in his field. His relentless passion for accuracy and for driving results makes him an invaluable asset to the Flex Technology Group team.”

–Chase Cabanillas, Chief Information Officer, Flex Technology Group

Why Adam Weiss is a difference maker:

Adam Weiss
General Manager
Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

Weiss represents the next generation of industry leaders who are transforming their businesses from selling copiers to providing advanced document management, managed IT and data security services. The University of Miami graduate, who holds a degree in business administration and management, has been a fixture at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office since joining the team in May of 2007. Weiss is a positive, open-minded leader who is quick to adopt new ideas that will benefit his customers and his people. His ability to think progressively, gain consensus and capitalize on new opportunities has made him an indispensable asset with the dealership.

“Adam’s passion for excellence is demonstrated in everything he does, which brings tremendous value to Atlantic customers and their employees. Adam is the perfect example of the new breed of industry leader who is able to bridge the best of the past with the future potential of business technology.”

–Rick Lambert, CEO, IN2communications

Why Larry White is a difference maker:

Larry White
Chief Revenue Officer
Toshiba America Business Solutions

Driving revenue has long been the calling card for White, a three-time Difference Maker and a graduate of Texas Tech University, and his 20-year track record at Toshiba America Business Solutions is a testament to this. As chief revenue officer, White has consistently achieved company revenue objectives by developing sales and profit growth strategies and driving customer value through both the company’s direct and indirect channels in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. In 2018, he was selected to The Cannata Report: Cannata Watchlist as an executive poised to make a positive impact. White was also a 2017 and 2018 Frank Award Best Male Executive nominee.

“Larry has the unique ability to put himself in his client’s shoes. I have dealt with Toshiba and Larry for the last 18 years. During this period of time, on countless occasions, Larry has come up with unique solutions to work with Higher Information Group and our clientele. This uncanny ability of Larry’s makes Toshiba the easiest manufacturer to do business with.”

–John Frisch, President, Higher Information Group LLC

Why Monte White is a difference maker:

Monte White
Vice President of Product Marketing
Supplies Network

As the vice president of product marketing, White oversees all vendor engagements and buying functions for Supplies Network. In a career that spans 30 years, beginning with Daisytek in 1989, he’s leveraged a wealth of industry knowledge to skillfully navigate vendor relationships within the imaging channel. White has held many positions over the years, from operations to sales management, but it’s his artful negotiating skills and ability to arrive at mutually successful engagements that earn him accolades among his peers.

“As a seasoned industry veteran, Monte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our engagement as an HP distributor. We put great effort into delivering holistic programs to our reseller partners and it’s critical that our distributors are able to execute our vision. Monte’s expertise ensures the successful deployment of those programs and provides the critical support our reseller partners need.”

–David Lary, Vice President, Americas Supplies Sales, HP

Why Deepak Yadav is a difference maker:

Deepak Yadav
Associate Vice President—Supply Chain and Operations
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

Yadav is responsible for all channel operations, including order processing, customer service, the execution of marketing programs, the Sharp national account program, Sharp leasing program and reverse logistics functions. He is the operations’ escalation point for dealers using tech data to provide them with the best-in-class second-tier customer service and support. Yadav and his team pride themselves in having a client-centric approach that focuses on creating a positive experience for Sharp’s customers. He is supported by a team of highly motivated operations professionals who are driven by one simple principle—how do they exceed customers’ expectations and provide innovative service solutions to support Sharp dealers. Yadav hopes to create and implement intelligent contact solutions through CRM/artificial intelligence tools that will offer multi-
channel visibility to Sharp customers.

“I met Deepak many years ago at a conference during the time Sharp was partnering with Tech Data in Clearwater, Florida. Before this, Deepak had helped me solve some logistic challenges we had been having with hardware arriving damaged to our warehouses. We hit it off right away as we shared our immigrant experience in this great country, but mostly it was his gentle, trustworthy, knowledgeable, relatable approach that impressed me. Deepak always takes an open-minded approach to issues and is willing to do whatever it takes to solve an issue.”

–William Quintanilla, Purchasing Manager, Gordon Flesch Company

Erik Cagle
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