Jim Kahrs

Helping Dealers Realize Goals, Reap Profits the Driving Force Behind Prosperity Plus Difference Maker Jim Kahrs

At first blush, the key to becoming an astute consultant in any line of business is the ability to relate decades’ worth of experience and perspective to clients in search of a better path, whether it’s through the sale of an enterprise or business optimization guidance in sales
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Helping Dealers Achieve Prosperity is Underlying Mission for Difference Maker Jim Kahrs

There are few things as gratifying as taking on something in need of repair—a leaky faucet, a lawnmower that won’t start, a computer that’s operating slowly…even a baseball hitter who is pulling off the ball—and making it work properly again. That sense of accomplishment for a
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Annual Review vs. Annual Raise

It’s that time again; Time for the dreaded annual review with one of your key staff members.  For some companies, this is such an arduous process that they simply stop doing it. I’ve had many a dealer tell me that they believe it’s a waste of time.  “All the employee wants to
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