2024 Elite Dealer Nomination Page

ENX Magazine is accepting nominations for its annual Elite Dealer Awards. To submit a nomination, please fill in this form completely in the space provided below and click submit.  Please do not use any special characters (such as smiley faces, etc.) as this will cause an error message.

Nominations must be received by Sept. 15, 2024.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Individual dealers acquired by larger companies such as UBEO, DEX, FTG, etc., are not eligible for inclusion unless the parent company opts not to enter as a single entity. This is to avoid duplication of revenue reporting. Please check with your parent company’s marketing department for confirmation.

Once you complete the entry form, we’ll send you a copy of your entry as a confirmation.

Dealers who are selected as Elite Dealers will be notified in early October with profiles appearing in the December issue of ENX Magazine.

Elite Dealer Nomination Form

  • Enter your website info as shown to avoid error message: http://www.example.com
  • Use this field if you have more than one website
  • Please list the name(s) and exact title(s)
  • Please include your top eight OEM providers.
  • Up to 12 non-MFP/copier offerings, please use the manufacturer name along with product title. Example: Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft, instead of Office 365. List vendor associated with offering.
  • This number should be based on the most recent fiscal year ended. If it ends in December, it would be from Jan-Dec 2023 figure. If it ends in March, it would be from April 2023-March 2024 etc. (If you don’t release actual figures, please note a range in $5 million increments, i.e., less than $5 million, $5-$10 million, $10-$15 million, etc.)
  • (Example: MPS 24%, MNS 18%)
  • You may attach your supporting information, here. If the file is too large, Please contact us at susan@enxmag.com.
    Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • From time to time, we may seek contributions from the dealer community for our editorial projects. Please list your communications point person and their email address. List NA if you do not wish to be interviewed for stories.
  • Please select each area of interest that applies to your business and you would feel comfortable discussing for editorial projects.