Backups Become the Focus as Three-Fourths of Organizations Experienced Ransomware Attacks

New data puts the spotlight on how most organizations are unable to completely recover their data after a ransomware attack, making the case for better data protection for improved incident response. It appears that organizations simply aren’t prepared in the face of a ransomware
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Continuum’s Fully-Managed BDR Platform Empowers Itek Systems Management to Focus on Strategic Growth

Boston, MA, and Fife, Scotland (February 23, 2017) – Continuum, the exclusive provider of the only vertically integrated IT service delivery platform that enables MSPs to scale rapidly and profitably, released a case study on Scotland-based Itek Systems Management’s delivery of
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Where’s the Sizzle for Selling Managed IT or BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery)?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past week or so. Where is the sizzle for selling Managed IT or BDR (backup disaster recovery)? Selling Managed IT and BDR is boring! As my wife states, “it’s a real snooze!” Where is the sizzle?  Am I missing
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