Why You Should Hire During the Holidays

As the saying goes, timing is everything. This is extremely true in the recruiting industry. If you’re a client looking to reach headcount with your annual budget, the best time to find a candidate is during the holidays.

Here are a couple reasons why the best time to find your top candidate is during November and December.

O Come All Ye Candidates

Your top-shelf candidate is at home right now, having a Thanksgiving meal with their family. Maybe it’s Christmas Eve and they just flew home for the weekend. Family members are asking the same questions over and over: How are you doing? How is work going? Your future candidate is answering these questions from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31 as the holiday season takes its toll on the candidates of the world.

“Work is good” they say, in the most convincing tone. However, it’s not “good.” These top-shelf candidates are beginning to realize that work is actually pretty dull. They didn’t get their annual bonus because of budget cuts. They didn’t receive the promotion they’ve been wanting for ages. Their managers aren’t recognizing their hard work anymore. This triggers them to update their resume. What else do they have to do with tons of family time on their hands? Job sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn all have mobile apps so that candidates are able to update on the go.

Candidates are more likely to search for a new job in the months of November and December. The question is, are you the type of client to close the doors early and push those recruiters to voicemail? Don’t be! Most clients tend to put off hiring until the new year, missing out on their perfect candidate.

As a client, statistically, you’re going to have a larger candidate pool to choose from during the holiday months.

Deck the Halls with Resumes

Hiring Managers are typically the first group to mentally “check out” for the holidays, making January a very congested month for all clients. Deck the halls with resumes, take a little extra time to review the most qualified candidates in your area. It’s going to be nice and quiet in the office with most people out for the holidays; why not spend a few hours, distraction-free, developing a schedule and setting up a few phone interviews?

It’s no secret that hiring slows down in December, however, that does not stop candidates from applying and searching for a new job. That should be your motivation, as a client, to beat out your cross-town rival for the best and most qualified candidates on the market. Don’t wait until January to hire! According to Workopolis, a candidate’s “odds of getting hired in January are negatively affected by the fact that so many people launch new job searches at the beginning of the year. This causes greater competition for every available job.” It’s supply and demand people. Your largest supply of candidates are during the time when the demand is low.

Get through the interviewing and hiring process early, and still have ample time to spend opening presents on Christmas morning, or lighting the menorah with your family.

I Saw Mommy…Signing an Offer Letter

Holidays can be stressful. Buying presents, visiting with family members, worrying about project deadlines at work, meeting headcount within your annual budget. As a client, it is important to stay organized, no matter what month. Don’t put off hiring until after the New Year. There’s a massive candidate pool out there right now. The individuals that are looking to make a move will certainly create time to speak to a hiring manager, even during the holidays. Wouldn’t the best present be to send someone an offer letter to open on Christmas day?

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Mike Taback
About the Author
Michael Taback is the social media manager at Crawford Thomas Recruiting, a nationwide executive recruiting firm based in Orlando, FL., with offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Tampa, and Atlanta. He has extensive knowledge with recruiting in multiple industries, working directly with OEMs and independent dealerships around the country. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn or reach him at social@crawfordthomas.com