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Difference Maker Eric Smith a True Patriot for Small Businesses Everywhere

Given this week’s Fourth of July celebration, it seems only appropriate to pay homage to a Difference Maker who, in the face of long odds and potentially damning consequences, took a defiant stance that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court…and won. One of the
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Supreme Court Rules in Impression Products v. Lexmark: No Patent Rights After Domestic and Foreign Sales

In a blow to Lexmark International, the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, in an almost unanimous opinion (7-1), ruled against Lexmark in the landmark Impression Products v. Lexmark International patent-exhaustion case. In an opinion written by Chief U.S. Supreme Court Justice John
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Impression Products vs. Lexmark: Supreme Court Leans Toward Aftermarket in Oral Arguments

After a chilly, even hostile reception at the appellate level, the US Supreme Court appears warmly open to domestic patent exhaustion. As for international patent exhaustion after the first sale of a cartridge, it appears ready to overturn the lower court on that issue as well.
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