Team Genes: Emulating Father’s Model Proves Effective for Sharp Difference Maker Tony Titone

Tony Titone

At a superficial level, Tony Titone and his father, John, share a common career in that both of their lines of work involve putting ink to paper. As a 44-year veteran of newspaper production, the elder Titone did it the old-fashioned way, in a more physical, hands-on nature. Titone’s brand of information dissemination is decidedly more digital (and less noisy than a newspaper printer) though it still maintains many of the same qualities.

But perhaps the most relevant and meaningful common denominator between the two gentlemen is the manner in which they engage with team members. While John Titone managed a staff of more than 100 production personnel and ultimately had the final say over every key decision, his effectiveness as a manager stemmed from the practice of treating every staffer as an equal. Moreover, he incorporated the opinions of his crew into his decision-making process, and they understood that he valued their input.

Tony Titone’s work environment may be free of printing plates, ink and other production chemicals, he certainly has borrowed a page from his father’s book when it comes to aggregating the opinions of co-workers in arriving at solutions for any given project. It also illustrates that technology and processes may have changed over the years, but the core principles of teamwork remain intact.

“I approach work problems by getting co-workers (none who report to me) to rally around projects by making sure their concerns are heard,” said Titone, a 2022 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “This assists in encouraging them to take ownership and motivates them to complete the task at hand.”

The senior product marketing manager for Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America and a 27-year veteran of the firm, Titone has spent the majority of his time in the OEM’s retail office (business to consumer) products group. Ten years ago, he shifted over to the business-to-business office products division, where he has used his talents and vast experience to support the A4 segment.

Surrounded by Greatness

It comes as little surprise that Titone relishes the opportunity to work with equally-adept team members in advancing Sharp’s product platform. “The office tech industry is filled with skilled and knowledgeable individuals; Sharp is no exception,” he said. “If I didn’t work with great co-workers (as I do at Sharp), I would go work someplace else. The people make it worthwhile.”

Perhaps it is the opportunity to teach and train young Sharp employees that Titone finds most gratifying about his job. Helping them thrive and take the next step in their development is a legacy he takes pride in.

“I always keep up on their personal and professional advances, and like to know that I helped them and made the world a better place in some very small way,” he added.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Titone formerly served as the electronics channel manager for’s comparison shopping website and as marketing manager for Datatec. Over the past year, Titone and his team completed the launch of 14 new A4 products, a 16-month journey traveled in remote fashion.

Moving forward, Titone seeks to continue cross-training staff while ensuring his department’s achievements get greater exposure. “It’s all about making the products I manage among the best in the industry,” he noted.

Titone and his wife, Maura, have been married for 31 years. They enjoy traveling, with an affinity for sailing the Caribbean and visiting different countries around the world. He’s also active in his local lake community and serves on its board.

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