Creating Innovative Solutions that Simplify Life Drives Clover Imaging Group Difference Maker Aldo Spensieri

Aldo Spensieri, Clover Imaging Group

For the better part of 30 years, Aldo Spensieri has been a solutions aficionado. The vice president, MPS Solutions for Clover Imaging Group (CIG), loves being able to bring innovative solutions to the industry. His resume includes a number of impressive accomplishments, including seat-based billing and CIG’s Axess Managed Print Services program.

Spensieri has also participated in teams that have produced innovations such as smart machine learning algorithms to bring predictive actions for device supply and service. He’s currently working with CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community to gain a better perspective on the latest technologies and their impact across multiple industries, as well as how they can be applied to the office technology sector.

“I’m not afraid of innovation and I want to use it to make processes and chores easier for the dealer community,” said Spensieri, a 2018 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “I’m open to all ideas and will use and adopt new solutions if it fits my goal of helping the dealers and resellers.”

Spensieri studied data processing in college, yet his first major gig was in customer service and sales in the envelope industry. After an eight-year stint, he decided to leverage his IT education and sales experience to find a more suitable calling in the office technology space. He worked for a Canadian firm that sold data products and imaging supplies to end users, which was a gateway to the cartridge remanufacturing industry in 2001. The IT background and an understanding of software technology and imaging supplies served as catalysts for his move into MPS.

Having been well-traveled professionally, Spensieri has benefitted from interactions with many key influences across the technologies universe. Alain Lachambre, with whom he worked at Tecknolaser, always sought to create a differentiating factor, that uniqueness in marketing a product or solution to create a “wow” factor. In FlexPrint’s Tom Callinan, Spensieri found an early MPS mentor who provided critical insight for Tecknolaser’s Remote Print Management solution, an MPS forerunner. Tom Day, the former CEO of West Point Products, impressed Spensieri with his leadership by example and belief in employee empowerment.

“They all had one thing in common—no one is greater than the whole,” Spensieri related. “Regardless of whether one is a leader or a team member, everyone has an equal role.”

Striking a Balance

Spensieri also gained an appreciation for the importance of striking a work and life balance. Early in his career, Spensieri sat next to his firm’s president at a company kickoff event. They discussed work and personal life, and the top exec passed on some words of wisdom. “Work hard,” the president said, “but don’t be stupid about it. Go home when it’s time to be with your wife and family. I didn’t take my own advice, and I’m on my third marriage.”

“Life is too short to be focused on only work and your career,” Spensieri added. “Make sure you enjoy what you do and that will reflect in your success.”

Spensieri is proud of his team being awarded the MPSA Best MPS Innovation Award in collaboration with Print Audit and GreatAmerica Financial Services for its seat-based billing solution. Looking ahead, he is determined to keep innovating and bringing new ideas and solutions to CIG’s dealer base.

“I’m honored to lead a team of true MPS and business professionals who understand the industry and who can help push the limits and break through some of the barriers that come with a mature industry,” Spensieri remarked. “Our team goal is to promote and educate the dealers in how to market the new solutions to their customers allowing the dealer to be a solution partner rather than just a transactional vendor.”

Spensieri is also an avid member of several committees aimed at educating and leveraging technologies, from MPSA’s Education Committee to CompTIA’s Technology Lifecycle Services Community and the SBB Council.

On the personal front, Spensieri and his wife, Rosie, have been married 39 years. The couple enjoys traveling, particularly in Europe, while he loves to play racquetball, ski and hike. They have two children (Melissa and Daniel) who are both married, and the Spensieris will soon be welcoming their first grandchild.

Erik Cagle
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