Relentless Passion and Drive Propels Supplies Network Difference Maker David Concors

David Concors will be the first to admit that some of his Supplies Network teammates may find his approach to business “relentless and annoying.” But the price of fulfilling a determined, specific business strategy and its goals can be high for those who release their feet from the gas pedal too soon or too often.

David Concors
Vice President of Sales
Supplies Network

The vice president of sales for Supplies Network is just making sure his team reaches its destination. But during his 10-year journey with the firm, and nearly 25 years in the distribution channels, Concors has shifted gears numerous times.

“I used to find the hunt of closing new business most gratifying,” said Concors, a 2018 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “That transitioned into helping sales reps and managers excel at their jobs and building long-term career planning. Today, it is more about contributing in a business that exceeds customers’ expectations and helping build our plan for continued growth and success.”

The holder of an MBA and BS in marketing from the University of St. Louis-Missouri, Concors first plied his craft in the foodservice industry. But after 10 years of “getting beat up over the price of ketchup,” Concors found his true calling when an opportunity with Boise Cascade Office Products presented itself. He soon fell in love with the company and the business space.

Executive Wisdom

Concors’ journey ultimately led him to Supplies Network, where he has drawn upon the teachings of several executive mentors. In founder Tom Fleming, he found an individual with a contagious work ethic and determination for success. CEO Sean Fleming is a master at underscoring the roles and responsibilities of all his team members, and the part they play in the company’s overall success. President Greg Welchans, Concors maintains, thrives at networking and remaining close to industry relationships that move the distributor forward.

To thrive in the game of sales, Concors abides by one fundamental truth. “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” he said.

Concors counts 2017 as one of the most successful years for Supplies Network, with the company experiencing a great transformation from a product and service expansion standpoint. With numerous initiatives met during the course of this year, Concors believes Supplies Network is positioned for continued scale and success.

Finding Success

Looking ahead to 2019, Concors’ goal is to continue the company’s momentum into new product and service categories while maintaining the trust and confidence of its customer base. He hopes to leverage the wealth of valuable information available in the industry and find a way to incorporate it into his business.

“Finding success in our industry is growing more challenging, and it’s imperative to know what you want to be and become very good at it,” he added.

David and Kim Concors have been married 24 years and are the parents of a 13-year-old son. The family enjoys traveling and makes it a point to visit sunny Destin, FL, each year. An avid bike rider, Concors participated in the third annual Bike for Hope, riding 500 miles in five days to raise money for City of Hope, a leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases. When he’s not biking, Concors can often be found on a golf course.

Erik Cagle
About the Author
Erik Cagle is the editorial director of ENX Magazine. He is an author, writer and editor who spent 18 years covering the commercial printing industry.