Industry Verticals: Standing Tall Among the Competition

No question…the more clients the better. To dealers in the print solutions industry, having a diversified client base is the main objective, but let’s not overlook “industry verticals.” By that, I mean identifying specific industries with needs that include a variety of products and/or programs. In a nutshell,  industry verticals are narrow markets whose specific needs make them more likely to want your offerings.

Dealers with offices near colleges or universities, for example, have the potential to provide copiers, printers and MPS programs to all other campuses associated with the school. The same goes for health care, insurance, banking industries, and let’s not forget municipalities. If you become the print solutions dealer of choice for one town, neighboring communities may likely follow suit. All the above are industries that are sensitive to the need for security and data protection, and naturally, cost-effectiveness.

There are many good reasons to embrace vertical marketing. One main advantage is better brand recognition. By concentrating on a small number of specific industries and providing stellar service, you’re in a better position to become known as the dealership of choice for insurance companies or colleges in your region. Vertical selling also allows dealerships to take advantage of industries where there is less competition.

So, how can you connect with verticals? Look for associations serving specific industries and sign up to participate in and/or host events. Offer free seminars on MPS, security and other related topics.

Certain industries often publish newsletters – and where there’s a newsletter, there exists an opportunity to advertise!  And don’t forget about offering your knowledge and advice in the form of a “thought leadership” article. Industry publications are constantly on the lookout for free articles that speak to niche topics. You may not receive payment for authoring such an article, but if you get a few leads or client in return, the payoff can be large.

Consider hosting a breakfast or lunch session and invite representatives from key targeted industries. Here’s an opportunity to let those attending know the range of product you provide and how your dealership can help streamline their workload.

By directing a portion of your concentration to a specific industry in your local area you may become the “go-to” niche market dealership.

Ray Belanger
About the Author
Ray Belanger is the owner and CEO of Bay Copy, a second-generation family dealership in Rockland, MA, that sells and services Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Muratec and Lexmark equipment. Bay Copy serves a variety of industries, with a concentration in the health care and financial industries.