HP LaserJet Enterprise M607-M608-M609 and HP LaserJet Managed E60055-E60065-E60075: “13.B2.D2” or “Tray Overfill” Error When Printing from Tray Two


The error message “13.B2.D2” or “Tray overfill” displays frequently on the control panel when printing from Tray 2.

Recommended action

See if any of these steps resolve the jam issue:

1. Check if the pickup rollers are installed correctly as shown.

If the white arm is pushed in, the roller bracket should drop down.

2. Check if the pickup rollers are worn out.

3. If the pickup rollers are uneven or have increased wear, replace the pickup and separation rollers using the Tray 2-X rollers kit (includes separation and pick up rollers), part number J8J70-67904.

4. Check that the printer displays “tray 2 empty” when the tray is empty.

Figure: Paper sensor flag shown in correct position: rear side of tray cavity, right side. If the white arm is pushed in, the flag should drop down for correct operation.

If the paper sensor flag is missing, damaged or dislodged, replace the paper pickup assembly RM2-6771.

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