Tigerpaw Unveils New Modern User Interface

Bellevue, NE (June 2, 2018) — Tigerpaw Software, creator of the technology industry’s first and most complete end-to-end business automation platform, is releasing the beta version for its new modern user interface in June 2018.

The updated UI represents the company’s single biggest redesign of its all-in-one software solution since the late 1990s. The newest look will be released as part of Tigerpaw 18.1.

“Tigerpaw One is the most feature-rich software on the market today that touches all areas of a small- to medium-size technology business (SMB) — from inventory and service ticketing to CRM, proposals and reporting,” says Tigerpaw President & CEO James Foxall. “With this complete user interface overhaul, Tigerpaw One now looks like the modern, robust business automation platform it already is.”

The redesigned Tigerpaw required the overhaul of more than 600 icons and over 500 forms. Everything from color schemes, fonts, data indicators and frames were updated. Design highlights include:

  • Cleaner Look — The monochromatic design more closely matches the Tigerpaw brand and all of the 3D effects are now flat, creating a simpler, clean environment for the user’s eye.
  • Revamped Icons — Instead of multi-colored boxes, the icons are white to allow unused icons to fade into the background, and many of the symbols have been updated to more closely reflect its function.
  • Modern Navigation — In place of side grids and square buttons, the new UI offers a more intuitive, modern and popular web browser-like navigation with larger horizontal buttons above each section.

“We set out to create a new user experience for Tigerpaw — one where not only the ‘old heads’ who have been with us for decades can still feel comfortable, but also an experience that a younger generation can embrace as fresh and new,” Foxall says. “This new UI is a radical change on the surface, but rest assured this is still the same great Tigerpaw that has made it an industry leader for decades.”

The updated UI and every other feature are included within Tigerpaw’s versatile business software Tigerpaw One that offers all of the best functions of a CRM, PSA, ERP and BPM. The award-winning SaaS solution recently was named the top MPS Software Provider for 2018 by the Managed Print Services Association.

Click here to watch a video about the new Tigerpaw UI.

About Tigerpaw Software
Founded in 1984, Tigerpaw created the only end-to-end software solution that ties all aspects of your business into a single, robust application. Today, our business management platform empowers more than 40,000 technology services providers around the world to automate processes, increase collaboration, streamline project management, increase cash-flow, expand the sales pipeline, minimize costs and improve customer service.