Executive Connection Summit Aims to Unite Industry and Move Forward Together

Mike Stramaglio has accrued many impressive skill sets in his 40-plus years in the technology space. Unfortunately for him, perhaps, but luckily for the office technology dealer space, taking flight to Italy en route to a well-earned retirement was one project that appears to be beyond his scope.

And since Stramaglio just can’t quit the industry, the upshot is that the Executive Connection Summit (ECS) he founded is back in 2023, offering the dealer community a blueprint for digital transformation and a roadmap for moving forward during the most challenging business conditions in at least a generation. This ninth event will take place Jan. 15-18, 2023, at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The 2023 edition should prove to be bigger and bolder than its 2022 predecessor, which attracted 220 attendees. An august lineup of nationally recognized dealers is already slated to attend, including DEX Imaging, Marco, Novatech, Milner and Pulse Technology. Stramaglio anticipates as many as 300 people will be attending, with upwards of 130 dealerships represented.

Mike Stramaglio

“One of the objectives was to present the Executive Connection Summit with a more diverse agenda on digital transformation,” Stramaglio said. “It will include a mixture of experienced folks, younger people, female leaders and really powerful companies—all people who can help carry the industry forward. We’re focused on bringing in new blood, fresh thinking and different perspectives. It’s coming together really well.”

Stramaglio has also assembled an unassailable cast of keynote speakers (Tony Pater, Mike Marusic, Mike Riordan and Maurice Allen), along with panels and presentations from top-flight technology leaders including Microsoft, Dell, ConnectWise, GreatAmerica Financial Services, DLL, Toshiba, Keypoint Intelligence, Nextworld, HP, Konica Minolta, Katun and others.  

ECS has partnered with the Business Technology Association, which will be holding a meeting at the event. BTA general counsel Bob Goldberg will be lending his emcee talents and decades of experience in the dealer space.

With a diverse agenda of topics, Stramaglio is confident ECS will provide an abundance of takeaways for all attendees, with the aim of keeping the industry on a forward-moving track. A golf outing at the Talking Stick Golf Club on the final day provides additional enticement.

“It’s a wonderful mix of inspirational speakers, motivational speakers, strategic innovation companies, and tactical companies—all with the mission of digital transformation and business agility,” he said. “It’ll bring excitement, enthusiasm, knowledge and opportunity into the next generation of business. It’s all about learning, helping each other and floating all boats.”

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Erik Cagle
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