The New Customer

Make no mistake about it: the market is in charge. As a provider of services, the best you can hope for is to understand your customer better than the competition, give them what they want, anticipate their wants, needs and demands, and be as multimodal as possible in your
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The IT Skills Gap is Real, But Not Impossible to Overcome

What is a skills gap? According to Gary Beach, best-selling author of “The U.S. Technology Skills Gap” and former publisher at CIO Magazine, a skills gap exists when a company is no longer able to execute its strategies or grow its revenue because it cannot hire and
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Between the Lines: Talking About a Different Generation

What’s the matter with kids today? Remember that song from Bye Bye Birdie? It remains just as relevant in 2015 as in 1963. It’s just that now it’s a different generation complaining about the current generation, which was kind of the point of the song in the movie. And when I say
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