All the Big Wins from Our 2015 Elite Dealers

big winsAYou can’t tell the big winners in the document imaging dealer community without a scorecard, and throughout December we’re highlighting the big wins of the past 12 months from our 2015 Elite Dealers. In case you’ve been wondering how some of your peers in the industry fared this year and where they enjoyed their biggest wins, here’s your opportunity. Each week this month we’re going to share with you a dozen or more of these big wins. This week we’re presenting our final group of wins, followed by the big wins we published the first four weeks of December.

“Systel, teaming with Ricoh, just renewed a very large military base account this year, consisting of more than 700 MFDs. Our strong relationship with the local military has led to other federal opportunities state and nationwide.” Systel Business Equipment Co., Fayetteville, NC 

“This year we sold our first color production machine, a Bizhub Press C1060. We also just landed a major account with a nationwide 300+ franchises. These were both huge accomplishments and successes we’re very proud of.” Consolidated Copier Services, McDonough, GA 

“Our largest sale this past year was a $2.5 million print center and MFP contract with the Cedar Rapids Community School District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.” Marco, Inc., St. Cloud, MN 

“Without naming any specific accounts, GFC has been especially successful at securing several large school districts/Universities in our fiscal year ending 9/15.” Gordon Flesch Company, Madison, WI

“Our biggest win in the past 12 months came in the form of new customers acquired. Although we had multiple large deals (at least by our standards) we have had the largest percentage of new business in the past 12 months that we have ever had. This ability to acquire new customers is our growth engine and by far our biggest win.” Coordinated Business Systems, Burnsville, MN

“We have had several large wins, one of which came from a law firm with offices around the southeast. They were not happy with the level of support or the equipment from the direct operation. Another was a large construction company that was tired of the poor support and service from a competitive dealer. The customer had done business with this dealer for about 25 years and we replaced their entire fleet of machines due to the dealer not returning the clients phone calls and missing service appointments and having poor response time.” Vision Office Systems, Charlotte, NC

Our biggest win in the past year was landing a partnership with one of the largest real estate companies in the nation, serving 100 office locations in Northeast Ohio and bringing in $433.9K in business so far in 2015.” Blue Technologies, Cleveland, OH

“The company has had multiple solution sales to large schools and manufacturing companies when implementing the Kyocera Total Document Solution selling process.” Century Business Products, Sioux Falls, SD

“The acquisition of Keystone Business Products (Bethlehem, PA), a 100+ machine and copy room/center for a large healthcare facility, and a big Managed IT win, a complex, 10-location fully-managed IT and business continuity/backup and disaster recovery for a wholesale distributor.” Stratix Systems, Wyomissing, PA

“We provided five Xerox D95 production printers to a food distributor to print their invoice and pick tickets. They print an excess of 375,000 pages per month. The sale was in excess of $100,000.00. We won this business over the Ricoh branch.” Corporate Business Systems, Madison, WI 

“This past year EBS upgraded a large Pennsylvania school district with over 120 MFP’s. Despite not being the lowest cost provider in this extremely competitive environment, our exceptional service history and customer service helped secure the business. The customized solution utilizing Print Audit, our First Pass Help Desk and strategic dispatching of loaner equipment was able to guarantee uptime for their entire fleet. We are extremely proud of the team effort by all of our employees to be selected by this client.” Edwards Business Systems & Virginia Business Systems, Bethlehem, PA

“Our biggest win was not huge in revenue, but it was massive in satisfaction. We have a small local school district that we had done business with for decades and although they always solicited several competitive quotes we always maintained their business. Several years ago a competitor came in and did what we often see in the business, they dropped their prices and painted a picture that their products were equivalent if not superior and the school was wasting money. We ended up losing the business.

“However, we kept in contact over the term of the lease and over time we were able to learn of their dissatisfaction. The systems and support sold as equal to or better to what the school was used to with our company performed poorly. We heard the stories of machines that jammed constantly, required multiple service calls for the same issue and of waiting at least to the next day sometimes three days for the technician to arrive.

“So when the time came to refresh their systems they again solicited quotes and we were happy to hear that they were not being swayed by the cheapest price but by the best value. The school realized they only had to pay a slightly higher price to have a far superior product and the accompanying support. We were able to welcome them back to the Martin family and we are happy to say they have noticed a big change in the performance of their systems.” Martin Group, Lake Geneva, WI

“A large Fortune 500 retailer.” FlexPrint, Inc.

“Completion of phase three of a 400-unit nationwide A3 MFP installation.” Image Matters, Knoxville, TN

“We were able to secure a net new county contract for $1 million (equipment) and $2.3 million (service and supplies).” Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS), Las Vegas, NV

Our most significant win this year is exceeding our Production Print goals for the year at the mid-way point. This confirms the dedication and commitment our team has made to become a true business partner for organizations who depend on Production Print technology. We attribute this win to the enhanced training our sales and service teams have received to become experts in not only the technology, but also the workflow needs connected to the devices, the implementation of our Production Print Showroom, and the focus we have on providing workshops to our customers and prospects to showcase best practices and the latest technology in the Production Print space.” Advance Business Systems, Cockeysville, MD

“A school district with 13 schools and 94 Konica Minolta copiers.” ABC Office Equipment, Spokane Valley, WA

“Our biggest sale was a Miami-based bank, with more than 130 equipment and over 20 locations throughout Florida. This deal was our biggest not because of number of equipment but because of the limited time the customer requested all machines be installed and personnel trained. It was a huge success thanks to the support we had from Ricoh and OKI Data, and our technicians and sales team that were part of the assessments, training and installations.” Barlop Business Systems, Miami, FL

“Fisher’s biggest win this year was the continued retention of our best employees. While we grew 17 percent and had lots of great wins, it is the people of our company that form our greatest success story. Our people landed big deals and continued to retain all major clients despite being tested by large RFPs, and their energy and enthusiasm allows us to continue to hire the best people around.” Fisher’s Technology, Boise, ID

“We increased our average number of units per sale by 20 percent. A couple of notable additions was an eye doctor with several locations, 43 units—all large MFP’s plus a walk-in clinic with seven locations doing over 2.5 millions click per year.” Upstream Office Solutions, Tampa, FL

 “A large commercial and residential energy provider.” Prosource, Cincinnati, OH 

“A $320,000 hardware sale to a non-profit association.” Commonwealth Digital Office Systems, Sterling, VA 

“Winning a large charter school customer away from a competitor who had a long standing relationship with the customer. This resulted in the placement of 24 machines in eight locations and two states. We are also the Preferred Provider of copiers and document services for the Cleveland Browns.” Ohio Business Machines (OBM), Holland, OH 

“A large real estate company and a large corporate tax office.” On Demand, Houston, TX 

“Our dealership’s largest victory was a sale to a large agricultural provider in the Midwest. This was a huge win-win. Access added a software solution on the front end automating the process, reducing time, increasing productivity and drove more money to the customer’s bottom line.” Access Systems, Waukee, IA 

“Des Plaines Office Equipment was selected to do a video wall and conference room re-design for a Chicago area liquor distributor. This enables the company to maximize videoconferencing and utilize the latest technology, including touch screen. At the same time, Des Plaines Office Equipment has been working to complete a similar project for a Chicago area educational facility. A multi-panel video screen in this location will provide a place for students to undertake independent study. Video walls are becoming a strong area of growth for the company.” Des Plaines Office Equipment, Elk Grove Village, IL 

“A significant increase in MPS business and expanding Bay Copy’s relationship in a major area health care network. This resulted in Bay Copy now managing all of the organization’s output devices, including copiers, printers, MFPs and Copy Centers. This consolidated all operations across multiple locations to one imaging vendor. As part of the expanded relationship over 400 devices were updated.” Bay Copy, Rockland, MA 

“Impact’s biggest sale was with a transportation logistics company for close to $400,000. This company is a moving and storage company for both residential and corporate clients. Because this moving company has a variety of clients they work for, it was very paper intensive. After giving the company a 6-month full document assessment, we were able to show them at a quick glance how significant savings they would be getting. Impact provided a full solution that encompasses both our technology and software solutions. On the technology side, we supplied them with an entire fleet of copier and scanners that would prove to be the most cost effective for their company. With the software side, we integrated our Document Management solutions. Using our document management solutions helped to reduce paper usage, and allowed their employees to achieve maximum efficiency in customer service, accounting, etc. After signing a five-year contract, we were instantly able to give them a 30 percent return on investment.” Impact Networking, Waukegan, IL 

“Woodhull has over 30 percent of the education market in Southwest Ohio with the past year being exceptional as we added four net new school districts.” Woodhull, LLC, Springboro, OH

“[Providing] Mary Lanning Healthcare in Hastings, Nebraska with a total Managed Print Solution, including a fax server, PaperCut, and Secure Print Release.” Eakes Office Solutions, Grand Island, NE

“We sold a large MPS engagement to one of Omaha’s largest accounting firms.” SolutionOne, Omaha, NE

“We actually had two very large wins within the last year. One was for a $250,000 enterprise document management system for an insurance company and one was for a $450,000, 32-machine non-profit MFP and mailing machine deal.” Premium Digital Office Solutions, Pine Brook, NJ

Our biggest sale this year was a major national account with more than 300 new networked MFPs and over 150 service-able devices in their existing fleet, generating over $1.7 million dollars in hardware revenue.”Centric Business Systems, Owing Mills, MD 

“We lost a six figure MFP account four years ago because of price. We maintained our relationship with the client on the MPS contract for their HP printers during that time. They decided to return to NBM and we are now in the process of installing brand new Konica Minolta hardware.” Northern Business Machines, Burlington, MA

This past year, CBE earned a $350,000 deal with a large multi-office law firm. The initial software and hardware placement was in their Los Angeles office. CBE was up against their current vendor and several other local and out of state office equipment dealers. By offering a unique software and hardware solution, CBE did not have to compete on price.  CBE’s customized suggestions stood out from all the other dealers’ proposals.” Cell Business Equipment (CBE), Irvine, CA

In late 2014, after an initial controversial bid process, Fraser was awarded the five-year contract of the East Penn School District for their multifunction printers and copiers. East Penn School District had been with Xerox for more than 20 years, was familiar with their machines, and was happy with their service. However, Fraser offered comparable machines and their signature best-in-class service for less money than Xerox’s bid.” Fraser Advanced Information Systems, West Reading, PA

“Our largest win was a 240K sale to a government agency. We were able to displace Xerox and sell 15-6560’s. We were able to in the door through a sale’s reps relationship; the deal did not even have to go out to bid. A year later Xerox was back in and removed two of our Toshiba machines. This reign was short lived as the equipment did not perform as well as the Toshiba’s it replaced. Our service and brand spoke for itself. We were able to once again displace Xerox.” Nauticon Imaging Systems, Gaithersburg, MD

“We have won two large school district’s Managed Print contracts with over 3,500 printers combined and $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue.” Stargel Office Solutions, Houston, TX

We had several big sales this year in health care, education, and commercial. They all resulted in great revenue and many units placed, but our biggest wins weren’t necessarily our biggest sales. We had two substantial customized software solution deals where we took over after several miserable failures by our competitors and we came through with flying colors. The confidence level of our staff taking on this challenge has positioned us to be able to handle whatever anyone else can and then some. For a smaller dealer competing against a lot of direct operations that is a really big win!” ACT Group, Cromwell, CT

Our biggest sale of the year was Hospice of Michigan. Serving over 1,700 patients daily in 56 counties, they are one of the largest advanced illness management organizations in the United States.” Applied Imaging, Grand Rapids, MI

“[We won the business] of a local Junior College and are now providing Managed Services to a local non-profit organization.” Yuma Office Equipment, Yuma, AZ

“In the past year MOM was able to win about three quarters of the categories on the State CPC contract. This win was significant because it was our first attempt at going after this business. Most of the business was won with a single provider, a provider that we had on boarded for just this type of business. The opportunity at the State is to help them reduce cost and streamline their businesses, but all of that business is new business to us. Plus the State has proven to be a great business partner and they have an IT road-map that aligns their long term strategy with the product and services they feel will be important for them to get there.” Modern Office Methods, Cincinnati, OH

“Our most significant win is exceeding our production print goals for the year at the midway point. This confirms the dedication and commitment our team has made to become a true business partner for organizations who depend on production print technology. We attribute this win to the enhanced training our sales and service teams have received to become experts in not only the technology, but also the workflow needs connected to the devices, the implementation of our production print showroom, and the focus we have on providing workshops to our customers and prospects to showcase best practices and the latest technology in the production print space.” Advance Business Systems, Cockeysville, MD

“A $2M sale to a University.” ImageNet Consulting, Oklahoma City, OK 

“We added two dedicated area sales managers. As we continue to expand our business offerings, bench strength and field support are critical. With dedicated field managers we can increase our transaction successes, improve customer retention with multi-layer support and improve our market positioning with improved coaching and leadership

Externally we have been able to secure Managed Service relationships that are better suited to our capabilities. As our offerings have become more defined, we are now targeting higher profile environments that are healthier relationships for both ASI and the client. With the use of our assessment tools and a defined ‘technology stack’ (offerings), we have improved our Operational Maturity Level (OML) allowing ASI to maximize our resources and improve profitability.” ASI Business Solutions, Dallas, TX

“We secured our sixth major school corporation for copiers and printers. We’ve also sold several large copier deals to manufacturers in the area and a large Managed Network Services program to a school system. “ Allen Business Machines (ABM), Fort Wayne, IN

One of our most significant accomplishments has been reinstating a contract for private global University comprised of 13 schools, colleges, and divisions at five major centers. Naturally, this client relies heavily on technology to support their activities. TGI worked closely with Ricoh/Lanier to provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of each location and department. TGI implemented over 500 multifunction devices as well as our custom Managed Print Services program and software solutions.

“Another opportunity that TGI has secured is an installation of a MakerBot Starter Lab in a large public state college in South Florida. The MakerBot Starter Lab is a preset group of MakerBot Hardware, accessories, supplies, training, and support ideal for organizations looking for a starting point to introduce 3D printing. TGI and MakerBot will be installing four MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers, one MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer, one MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer, one MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, and 10 swappable MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruders. Department heads will be trained on the new tools and software in workshops hosted by TGI and MakerBot.” TGI, Brooklyn, NY 

“We renewed and refreshed the print fleet for a national retailer, including its nationwide retail locations, totaling over one million dollars.” RJ Young, Nashville, TN 

“We sold and installed over 100 Canon iRAC6275s to a government agency; 45 copiers consisting of Canon iRA400if, Canon iRA6265 and iRA6255s to a mortgage company with multiple locations.” Offix, LLC, Gainesville, VA 

“Our partnership with the Sabres, which started in 2014 was just the beginning of a truly spectacular partnership. The Sabres are owned by a person that is on a mission to completely revive Buffalo and the surrounding areas. With our partnership, there have been numerous new partnerships that have spread, including restaurants, hotels, and yet another hockey arena that holds world hockey tournaments and major college hockey tournaments. It has been truly rewarding.” Copier Fax Business Technologies, Buffalo, NY 

“Our biggest win was the renewal and upgrade of a Facilities Management contract with a premier college in upstate New York, totaling $4.5 million.” Usherwood Office Technology, Syracuse, NY 

“We signed a large retailer with over 400 locations to a MPS agreement. While we typically do not entertain enterprise accounts, we were given a referral and captured the win.” OneDOC Managed Print Services, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK 

“We’ve continued to expand within the education space.” Southwest Copy Systems, Albuquerque, NM

We had a large healthcare provider change from a competitor to us. We also won the business of a print shop with more than $200K in equipment and solutions.”  Stone’s Office Equipment, Richmond, VA

“Our most significant accomplishment in the last year was the complicated integration of high-volume Toshiba e-STUDIOs copiers within a large law firm with 65-ppm machines while scanning live to the firm’s database.” Team Office Technologies, Youngstown, OH

“Our most significant sales win during the past year was a large law firm.” United Imaging, Woodland Hills, CA

“We recently upgraded a two hospital health system who has been a long-term customer for many years. We were able to provide them with all new equipment, including MPS services without going through a bid process. Projected revenue exceeds $2M over the contract period.” Word Processing Services, Inc., Hagerstown, MD

“Government business—during the past five years this has grown to represent a $25-million piece of Atlantic’s business (copiers, document management software, MPS).” Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office, New York, NY

“We closed a deal with a $220-million company [with offices] in eight States.” Advanced Business Solutions, St. John’s, FL

“A large law firm—a $1.2-million deal and a national installation.” United Business Technologies, McLean, VA

“We are very proud of a huge project with an area school that encompassed every facet of our business. West Liberty-Salem put a bond issue on a recent ballet and their voters approved the levy. Part of this was for their current facility and included a new roof, air conditioning, a new science wing, and a new wing for kindergarten through second grade. We were invited into this program to complete their technology upgrade. The copier team put in 35 imaging units and contracted 3.3-million clicks annually. This includes managing all of their printing devices and mobile printing carts that move between classes so students can print from their iPads with an AirPrint program.

“The IT team also completed an infrastructure upgrade that covered updates to the current Voice over IP phone system, new switches and wireless LAN to accommodate new offerings and processes. This included new cabling, projectors, Blu-ray optical disc data storage, Apple TVs, and video on demand. The security team implemented access control solutions, a mass notification paging system, high definition cameras through the facility and on all buses, and a panic system in case of an emergency situation.” Perry proTECH, Lima, OH

“Our dealership’s biggest “win” was a bundled solution that included over 125 MFPs, 50 printers, 25 scanners, and two software solutions. The entire analysis revolved around workflow process improvement and output management, and our business plan was selected as the best. The implementation has earned us accolades from all areas of the organization.” Rhyme, Portage, WI

“Our biggest sales over the past year have been in the real estate sector, primarily in homeowner and condominium owners’ associations (HOA and COA). We are fortunate to live in a part of the country that has a large amount of HOA and COA groups along the Gulf Coast, whether they are vacation or year-round residences. These groups not only need equipment for their on-site offices, but oftentimes for their resident’s use as well. As the real estate market comes back to life in this area of the country, these groups have seen an uptick in sales and residency not had since the pre-Recession years.” Copy Concepts, Fort Myers, FL

“The biggest win wasn’t any one customer it was the ability to enter the production segment of our industry. The C and D Series from Xerox will no doubt lead to sizable opportunities and revenues. We also continue to see excellent growth and profitability in print management and the A4 Market.” 4 the Office, Pittstown, PA

“We earned sales with a large financial institution, a publishing media company, several law firms, a board of education, and a large county municipality.” ABS Business Products, Cincinnati, OH

“Our biggest sales win within the last year was a large real estate company,” Allied Business Solutions, Boise, ID

“The large sale of over 75 units with service to a healthcare facility, resulting in $400,000 of revenue in addition to one large nonprofit organization beating out 13 other vendors and manufacturers.” Business Copier Solutions, Poway, CA

“We were awarded the largest school district in our area for the fourth consecutive bid within a 12-year span. This would not happen if we were not providing the best service and value available. This account runs approximately 50 million pages per year so it requires constant attention from a dedicated staff.” Copy Products, Springfield, MO

“Our Managed Print division was awarded a huge national account in the healthcare vertical.” DEX Imaging, Inc., Tampa, FL

“DNT’s biggest sale during the past year was a local law firm with more than 100 multifunction devices throughout 60 markets in the United States, which was experiencing difficulty in fleet management and was in need of additional functionality. The law firm sought a local partner that could deliver a solution to replace the existing contract with all new devices throughout its 60 locations.  Challenges were many, and DNT and partner, Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS), were able to deliver a solution that included deployment of 100+ Toshiba devices in a 45-day period. During the changeover, DNT and TABS were tasked with the pick-up and safe return of the customer’s 100 leased machines. Since the install, the account has grown by 20 percent and has continued its partnership with DNT and TABS. Today the more than 100 devices are managed through Toshiba’s GEM portal that gives 24 hour access to meters, supplies, service calls and more.” Document & Network Technologies, Fenton, MO

“EO Johnson has experienced great success in vertical markets: • Healthcare is our primary vertical market. Through our national accounts program our largest healthcare customer has 2,300 devices. We are a true business technology partner with organizations in these verticals, providing the hardware, software, and consulting with workflow issues. These “wins” are long-term relationship orientated and devices are installed on an ongoing basis. • Education and government – through our Managed Print Services program we have hundreds of customers ranging from under 20 devices to nearly 300 devices. Typically when MPS contracts are initiated all devices are installed. • Financial institutions – Our  Managed IT Services specializes in the high-level security needs of financial institutions. Approximately half of our IT Services business is in this vertical.” EO Johnson, Wausau, WI

“Our most notable sales win during the past year was a large auto dealership, which required $750,000 in Toshiba equipment and services.” Imagine Solutions for Business, Portland, OR

“We enjoyed success in the construction business by contracting with two of the top five construction companies in the state of Arizona, both with the help of Toshiba.” Imagine Technology Group, Phoenix, AZ

“[Our biggest win] was replacing a competitor at a location with 80 devices, both MFPs and printers. We also got one of the Seattle area top insurance companies to go with Kelley for all of their mailing needs at their offices throughout the country.” Kelley Imaging Systems, Kent, WA

“[Our big win was] providing an integrated solution to a large insurance provider that included 100-plus devices; On-Site Managed People-Based Services to run their print, copy, mail, shipping, fulfillment, and graphic design services; Managed Print Services; and Consulting Services worth more than $1.5 million.” Loffler Companies, Bloomington, MN

“Mid Ohio recently implemented a complete document management solution for a nationwide pharmaceutical repacking company, which included software, MFP’s, printers and scanners. We also just completed integrating a complete MPS solution for a large automotive manufacturing company and is now in the process of implementing barcode printers and scanners for the automotive company. Moreover, we were recently named the office equipment provider to a nationwide criminal forensic testing company.” Mid Ohio Strategic Technologies, Columbus, OH

“Our biggest sale of the year was a large university and public school.” Millennium Business Systems, Livonia, MI

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