Copier Network LLC: A Trusted Source for Used and Refurbished Equipment

copier-header_960 - CopyWhom do you trust?

In the refurbished and used copier world, thousands of dealers and resellers answer that question with the words “Copier Network LLC.” The company has been an honest and trustworthy business partner of dealers and resellers looking for quality refurbished and used business equipment for close to 20 years now.

It’s those two qualities—honesty and trust—above all others that have been instrumental for customer retention and growth.  Plus those two qualities define Copier Network’s President Mike Cain as well.

“I’m just a country boy from upstate New York; I’ve always found it easier to tell people the truth up front,” he says.

Truth is of utmost importance to those sourcing used and refurbished equipment.

Mike Cain

Mike Cain

“Generally, what we tell you you’re going to get you’re going to get that or better,” emphasizes Cain. “That’s what’s helped our business grow. As Mark Twain said, ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.’”

What the company’s customers remember, however, is that whenever they need used or refurbished equipment, the place to go is Copier Network LLC, an honest and forthright business partner who tells it like it is about the equipment they’re buying. Because of that there’s no need to back it up with fancy guarantees.

“There’s not much to back up if you tell the truth from the beginning,” states Cain.

Pier Pressure

Copier Network has a rich legacy in the used and refurbished copier industry. What started on a pier in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago has grown into a 50,000+ square feet facility with eight docks and 18-20 employees. The company services customers across the United States as well as internationally, primarily in Asian markets such as Vietnam, China, and Korea.

At any given time Copier Network has between 1,500-2,000 products in inventory, representing virtually every copier brand. That inventory is updated daily, and in some instances hourly. Inventory is tracked and managed by Copier Network’s own internally developed software. “That’s made it easier for us not only to track everything, but to let customers know exactly what we have since that changes rapidly and because there are so many variations and variables to a copy machine,” explains Cain. “That’s streamlined everything on our end.”

Any customer who has visited Copier Network’s website and browsed through its inventory can validate Cain’s claim.

Indeed, the ability to maintain an updated live inventory on its website is another reason why Copier Network stands out from the pack. Whereas a customer may call a competitor one day to find out if they have a machine in stock only to find out the next day they don’t have it, Copier Network’s online inventory is always up to date. “It’s either here or not here, and you know it; you’re not going to get the runaround,” says Cain.

Equipment is typically shipped within 72 hours depending on the destination.

Equipment is typically shipped within 72 hours depending on the destination.

Equipment is typically shipped within 72 hours depending on the destination.

Copier Network also handles special requests. “You can definitely give us your wish list because we’re always making collections and there are a lot of things not on inventory either because we haven’t picked it up yet or it hasn’t been released from a legal standpoint,” says Cain.

It’s not just copy machines that customers count on Copier Network for either. “We get a lot of one offs, interesting items now and again, such as cutters, folders, laminators, creasers, and plotters,” reports Cain.

He notes that there’s a decent market for most of these products although some are more desired than others. “Anything oddball there’s a market for,” observes Cain. “One of the most desirable things overseas is wide format engineering copiers—Ricoh, KIP, Océ. They hold their residual value quite well and are easy to sell.”

But that’s not all. Also available from time to time are mailing equipment, IT products such as computers and iPads, medical equipment, and scanners. That’s why it’s a good idea for dealers and resellers to make frequent visits to the Copier Network website to see what’s up…or in inventory.

Recycling Services & Data Cleansing

Copier Network also offers professional removal, transportation, and recycling/reduce/reuse services typically within 50 miles of its facility in San Leandro, California, starting at $50 per copier or large-format printer. Copier Network takes great care to properly dispose of any broken equipment it receives to help preserve the environment’s sustainability.

“It’s a part of the business that anyone who’s doing what I’m doing does,” says Cain about the recycling services. “There are obsolete pieces of equipment that can’t be sold, accessories that aren’t desired overseas and will have to be recycled. We are obligated by law to do recycling in an environmentally safe and sound way. The nature of the beast can’t be in this business without offering recycling.”

As consumers, dealers, and resellers have been made more aware of data security issues, hard drive scrubbing and data security has become an increasingly important service that Copier Network provides. Besides assuring for the proper disposal of electronic equipment, the company will also take the necessary security precautions for the information on the copier’s storage device. All data is wiped from hard drives and other storage media built into the equipment to the same specifications required by the major leasing companies and banks. That’s true whether the equipment is being disposed of or refurbished and resold.

Sense of Optimism

Cain expects this year to be a good one for Copier Network thanks to an increase in returned equipment and increased consumer confidence regarding the economy. “I’m definitely optimistic. We weathered the storm, the overseas market is still strong, and the domestic market is picking up.”

He acknowledges that domestically the profit margin for smaller vendors is greater for used equipment vs. new equipment. “That said, they’re still picky, looking for the newest they can get with the lowest copy counts,” notes Cain. “And they can get it because that stuff is out there.”

Making a Personal Connection

While Copier Network’s website is a terrific source for tracking the company’s inventory, Cain still appreciates talking with customers on the phone. “In the digital age a phone call is great, especially to initiate contact. Nothing beats a personal phone call. I’d rather talk first and then talk business. This way everybody feels comfortable.”

That said, he won’t discourage an e-mail or anyone from first visiting Copier Network’s website and pulling from current inventory and cutting and pasting and then letting his staff know what they want or what they’re looking for.

After nearly 20 years in the business Cain still enjoys what he’s doing. “I can’t see myself doing anything for anyone else. When you’ve been doing it for yourself for 20 years it’s pretty much all you know.”

Plus after all this time, long-time customers know that Cain and company are always there to meet their needs. That’s another reason why they keep coming back again and again.

“We really do retain our customer base,” says Cain.

He’s right because Copier Network wouldn’t still be here doing what it does so well if customers didn’t appreciate how well they do it and that aforementioned honesty and trust.

Contact Information

Copier Network LLC

1937 Davis St.

San Leandro, CA 94577

(800) 693-COPY

Why Customers Choose Copier Network LLC

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Online Inventory Updated Daily
  • Presses, Folders, Cutters, and Large Format Equipment
  • Employees Who Speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese
  • Local delivery in the S.F. Bay Area & throughout California
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