Mentoring Teammates is One Way Sharp Difference Maker Moonsun Park Pays it Forward

Moonsun Park, Sharp

When she was named senior vice president, CFO of Sharp Electronics in 2018 after nearly five years as a controller, Moonsun Park saw it as validation of not just the faith the company had in her abilities, but also the tools she possessed to reconcile challenges. And despite the many curve balls the pandemic threw at the venerable manufacturer, Park believes her company emerged stronger, and possessed the ability to turn on a dime.

In a sense, Park was able to add CFO and “battle-tested” to her resume. And of all the industries Sharp has a hand in, she finds the office technology sector one of the most complicated, yet compelling and rewarding.

“Individuals in this industry are incredibly passionate about what they do and it comes across in the relationships across organizations and supporting one another in various ways,” said Park, a 2023 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “I believe my approach to listening and working with others to achieve the best results for all transcends all industries, but is especially important in the office technology business. I realize that I don’t have all the answers, so to learn from others and add my perspective is one way that I hope I am giving back.”

It is not the only way of giving back. Making an impact in the lives of others has long been a motivating factor for Park. Grateful for the individuals she’s been uplifted by at various junctures during her career, she was inspired to start a mentorship program at Sharp. The second iteration is being finalized, and a third group is in the works for April of 2024.

From all indications, the program has made a material difference in the lives of fellow team members. “I have received overwhelmingly positive responses from the individuals who have participated in the program, so I know that we are impacting our employees through these relationships,” she remarked.

It is really her way of paying it forward. Sharp President and CEO Mike Marusic has served as a critical influence for Park. She’s most impressed by his ability to carve out meaningful relationships on a wide scale, and for the level of attention he provides in serving clients and partners.

“Mike is always thinking about the future of the industry and where he or Sharp can make an impact,” Park added.

A graduate of Tufts University, where she earned a BA in international relations and Asian studies, Park later pivoted and earned an MBA in accounting from Farleigh Dickinson University. While she spent a four-year stint at LG Electronics as an assistant manager in accounting, Park has fashioned a nearly 26-year career with Sharp.

Of all the highlights 2022 had to offer, Park cited fellow Sharp Difference Maker Dave Dwyer, who was instrumental in helping the company navigate through the supply chain challenges. “Thanks to his leadership, we were recognized as an organization that made decisions to benefit our customers,” she noted. “Dave was the main driver, but the entire team worked together to meet the goals.”

Technologies such as AI and machine learning may have an impact on the industry moving forward, and Park is keen to learn more about potential use cases. While there are concerns surrounding platforms such as ChatGPT and other AI tools, she’s hopeful Sharp and the industry at large can leverage them to the benefit of business partners.

Park is always on the lookout for ways to improve processes within her group; not settling is one way of ensuring things can be done better and more efficiently. “It’s a matter of prioritizing what we do and understanding how we can make a difference,” she said.

Next June, Park and her husband, John, will be married 30 years. They have two children, Dylan and Rachel, and the Parks enjoy traveling abroad and absorbing different cultures—not to mention local delicacies. The family is also a huge supporter of sports at her alma mater, Tufts University, where the Jumbos lacrosse squad has captured 11 national championships.

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