Driving Greater Customer Success Motivates GreatAmerica Difference Maker Arial Harland

Whether we like it or not, business is a results-driven game. A company can have all the right people, processes and technologies necessary to set the stage for success, but in the end we’re measured, judged and evaluated on outcomes.

Arial Harland
Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant
PathShare HR Services, a service of GreatAmerica Financial

Like a fitness instructor in a room full of overweight individuals, Arial Harland knows that her ability to deliver results will largely be reflected by the success of whatever program she implements for clients. As the human resources and organizational development consultant for PathShare HR Services, a service of GreatAmerica Financial, she works in tandem with clients to source and identify the perfect fit to not only benefit the client but bring a mutually rewarding opportunity for new employees as well.

“I fundamentally believe when we help to get the right talent in the right seats and design a culture where that talent can thrive, those folks will be happier and more engaged people who will then continue the ripple of impact to their customers and their families,” said Harland, a 2018 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “But it all starts within the organization. That’s what makes my job not only rewarding but very inspiring.”

Following the Dream

A certified AVA Analyst through Bizet Human Asset Management who also obtained a BA degree in Organizational Sciences and Psychology at Coe College, Harland studied optimizing people through organizational practices. Harland hoped that while she may not land her dream job immediately, she might find a dream employer instead who could provide that desired path.

At GreatAmerica, she began her career as a sales support specialist before moving into a learning and development coordinator role for the core HR team. Sally Brause, director of PathShare HR Services for GreatAmerica, soon approached Harland regarding a position in PathShare HR Services’ Consulting division, providing that avenue to the dream job she desired. Harland relishes the opportunity to share her passion and expertise with clients to effect a positive impact on their organizations.

“I feel my accomplishments are directly tied to those of the companies I work with in the industry,” she said. “When I receive calls from customers stating the Sourcing Strategy I put together is helping them to reach their hiring goals, then I know it’s made an impact. That also holds true when they call and state the culture we’ve been building through aligning their organizational processes is not only being noted among their current employees but is starting to attract top talent as well.

“The human resource and organizational development knowledge and expertise my team brings to the industry are specific to needs we hear from our customers and I feel we truly make an impact by delivering a solution that helps to solve some of their most critical challenges.”

Life, Work Inspirations

Harland credits Brause’s leadership skills as having a significant impact on her own body of work. Brause carefully listens to customer challenges and strives to create solutions tailored to those needs, a blueprint Harland has followed in crafting resolutions during her tenure with the team. She also follows the teachings of her grandmother, who maintained that while life may throw you the occasional curveball, you still maintain absolute control over your perspective and response.

“I choose a positive attitude and always look for the silver lining, both in business and in life,” Harland added.

Like the aforementioned fitness trainer, Harland has gained much satisfaction in seeing clients realize their goals. Her team engaged with a dealership that sought to cultivate an organizational culture back in 2016, and during the past seven months, this client has garnered recognition for its efforts, both on a local and national level. Seeing the company get cited for its cultural growth was akin to “feeling as though my child had just won the Super Bowl,” she noted, and validated the investments of time and money made by the dealer. It was also a significant feather in PathShare’s cap.

Culture and People

Heading into 2019, Harland believes the critical importance of hiring will continue to grow and that dealers are developing a greater appreciation for the value that culture plays in the engagement of employees and ultimately enjoying bottom-line success. She will continue to leverage her strengths to keep adding value to the industry while seeking new growth by stepping outside her comfort zone.

“I believe in the power of mentorship, and I’m surrounded by so many great mentors,” Harland observed. “I know in order to improve, I need to learn from others before me and share that knowledge with those who will come after me.”

An avid reader, Harland enjoys spending free time with her two Chihuahuas, Mac and Chi. She also loves doing arts and crafts with her grandmother; the duo teamed up to make eight bridesmaid dresses for Harland’s best friend.

“Some of the best memories I have are from our 24-hour sewing sessions, which would inevitably end up in wild laughter around 4 a.m. due to some sewing mishap,” Harland added.

Erik Cagle
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