Between the Lines: The Final 12 Elite Dealers of 2012

Scott Cullen

And now the end is near. Actually it’s more than near, it’s here as I present the final 12 2012 Elite Dealers, including the Elite Dealer of the Year. First a word about that and how that’s determined; I decided to do that for the first time last year after reading a number of impressive submissions that went above and beyond all the other submissions. It’s almost like being in school and handing in work for extra credit. While last year’s task of was difficult, this year’s was difficult squared with more than a dozen dealers whose submissions were impressive. Each made a compelling case for being an Elite Dealer, and by extension, The Elite Dealer of the Year. After much internal debate and consulting with some industry consultants who I respect, a decision was made. You can read about the Elite Dealer of the Year in the Features section of The Week in Imaging.

To be honest I continue to struggle with singling one dealer out from the many submissions that I receive, but until someone can convince me otherwise, I’m going to continue next year as well because I think this makes the awards more interesting and raises the bar on the quality of the submissions.

I don’t know about you but I’m enjoying Art Post’s ongoing series on the transition of the copier industry. It’s like a history lesson and I’m starting to think of Art as the Doris Kearns or Stephen Ambrose of the copier industry. I may even have to start calling him Professor Post.

New content this week includes:

  • The Fifth & Final Round of the 2012 Elite Dealers
  • The Week in Imaging’s Elite Dealer of the Year
  • More from Art Post on the Transition of the Copier Industry
  • What’s Hot & What’s Not?
  • October News Bytes

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