Attention Sales World: Somebody is Marketing Your Company. Who’s Marketing You?

Marketing is more than just advertising and selling products, solutions or services. Marketing addresses all aspects of growing a business’ client base as well as attracting new clients to their business.

Highly effective marketing is a necessity, a make or break for some businesses. It’s really impossible for businesses to be successful without good marketing and sales techniques. This is what brings dollars through the business door.

Marketing is more than simply letting people know about your products or services. First, you need to know who your customers are. Then you need to get so close to them that you can anticipate their needs and their desires. Businesses must be able to communicate to them the WHY and what your business can provide in order to help.

Sales and Marketing Harmony

How many times have we all heard, “Marketing and sales must work simultaneously in a cohesive and harmonious environment?” After all, they have the same goal which is to contribute to the overall success of the company by growing pipeline and closing more deals.

While your marketing department has likely invested much around researching the buyer, creating unique selling points and strategically positioning your product, solutions or services in the market, isn’t it left to the sales team to successfully communicate this in real-world relatable terms?

I get it, a cooperative relationship between sales and marketing is crucial. However, let’s face the facts and get real for a moment, most sales people don’t have the luxury of a finely-tuned marketing department. Therefore, of equal importance is how are sales people today marketing to their clients and prospects directly?

Sales People are Entrepreneurs, CEOs of their Business

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or inside a small business, as a sales professional you are running your own business. In essence, aren’t you independent contractors who happen to receive a paycheck from a larger entity? The companies you all work for provide training, resource and support. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to develop new business opportunities, manage existing client relationships and drive sales revenue. Remember, you are running your own business so you must approach each day with the mindset of a CEO.

Being a sales professional is the ultimate form of entrepreneurship. We all know entrepreneurs wear many hats for their business. Today’s entrepreneurial world of sales is multifaceted and fast-moving. Arguably, sales’ most crucial role, in addition to closing deals, is maintaining a healthy and abundant sales pipeline. To do this, sales professionals must act as their own marketers, even as their marketing department creates leads.

The Marketing of You

Marketing a company or a company’s products isn’t the only type of marketing sales professionals do. Equally important is how they build out, maintain and market their unique personal brand to build trust and credibility with their clients and prospects.

Your potential clients expect a certain set of quality traits from sales professionals. If you have a recognizable brand and reputation, then the effectiveness of client retention, upselling or cross-selling greatly increases.

Conversely, word of a great sales professional spreads like wildfire throughout your clients’ networks and greatly improves your ability to develop relationships with new prospects as well.

Develop Your Identity and Market Yourself

As sales professionals, you work for companies that have a brand, mission and values. While you represent their company, you have your own brand. Sales professionals must go beyond their company brand to develop their own identities and then proactively market themselves. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What value do YOU bring to your clients and prospects as a person?
  • What relevant experience do you have that could benefit your clients and prospects?
  • Who are you? What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about?
  • What can clients and prospects expect from you?

Set aside some alone time to self-reflect. Give thought to how you can communicate and market your meaningful difference to those who matter most. What is unique about you?

What is your positioning message and how do you want to communicate it to your target market? What is your value proposition and how will you use it to open up new conversations?

Market Your Unique Value Proposition

In order to successfully market you, every sales professional needs to focus on what makes them special and different. The best way to do this is to express your uniqueness in a single statement. If you can’t clearly, concisely and with conviction describe the uniqueness around you then how can you successfully go out and grow your business?

What is unique about you versus your competition? What sets you apart from everybody else? How can you drive this message out into the marketplace?

Think of what social platforms you can use to communicate this message to your clients and prospects.

Market Your Value and Uniqueness

This is a tough one for sales people. It is hard to market yourself and grow your business if you are not clear about the value and your uniqueness you bring to the marketplace. As a tenured sales professional, I urge you to go back to your clients who know, like and trust you and ask them, “What is the value I bring to your business?” A true gut check time in testing just how well you know your client and they know you.

A young sales professional who may not have the client base formed yet, go back to your friends, family or centers of influence and ask them the same question. You can phrase it differently, “What is the value you think I bring out into the marketplace based on what you know of me?”

Broadcast out into the business community your value. Become the difference maker!

Sales professionals must clearly communicate and proactively market how they will help to implement a solution and ultimately solve business problems and challenges problem.

Salespeople must be empowered with the tools and resources to market themselves and their company’s offerings. This enables sales people to help create and maintain a sales pipeline that is flowing, growing and constantly evolving which leads to higher conversion rates and greater customer retention.

Larry Levine
About the Author
Larry Levine coaches copier sales reps to use LinkedIn to build out their credibility, prospect for new business opportunities and to protect their current account base. Larry brings 27 years of copier sales experience in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive markets in the world. In 2009 Larry started incorporating LinkedIn into his sales process. Using the LinkedIn platform and techniques he perfected, Larry closed over $650,000 in new business in 2014 in conjunction with $1,300,000 in total revenue. This was a net new corporate account position with a major OEM. Larry built a pipeline of $1,700,000 by developing relationships and using connections made through LinkedIn. Now Larry coaches copier sales reps to use LinkedIn to maximize their success.