Supporting the Dealer: Manufacturers Offer Variety of Managed Print Services Programs

As the calendar turns toward the final quarter of what has been an exciting 2018 on a number of different levels, we encourage you to check out our extensive coverage of MPS in the September issue of ENX Magazine. The issue is crammed with MPS talking points—five stories in all—including sales and service considerations from dealers, manufacturers and our core of experts.

We had more content than we could handle, so for your consideration is a trio of manufacturer MPS offerings from Toshiba, Lexmark and Xerox, along with a brief description of how their offerings can enable dealers and resellers to optimize a program that will give end users more bang for their buck while providing recurring profit streams.

Lexmark International

Lexmark uses a three-step approach to deploying managed print solutions: 1. infrastructure optimization; 2. Proactive management and 3. Streamlining business processes.

The first step Lexmark takes is in optimizing a customers’ output infrastructure. Industry-specific assessments ensure placement of smart multifunction products (MFPs) in the right places based on the worker and the task being performed. Intuitive icon-driven processes can be initiated right from the MFP touch screen, creating a bridge between necessary hard copy and the client’s core business processes.

The next step Lexmark initiates is around proactive management. This provides visibility, continuity and control of the entire fleet of devices. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for consumables is automatically detected and the entire process is completely automated—a key differentiator for the manufacturer.

Finally, Lexmark utilizes a mix of analytics, best practices and a combination of output, content and process management technology to create automated workflow solutions that streamline cumbersome paper-dependent processes. These solutions enable dealers to create value for their customers by improving access to information, enhancing productivity and reducing print.

Toshiba America Business Solutions

Toshiba offers a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of a customer’s communication needs. Through its Encompass program, Toshiba analyzes a customer’s business and operational requirements, including product utilization, network infrastructure, workflow, document processing, security protocols, user experience and total cost of ownership to identify opportunities for improvement. Toshiba additionally develops specific recommendations to enhance user productivity, streamline operations and enhance efficiencies.

Toshiba has a multi-faceted sales strategy:

  • Direct channel focused on enterprise accounts
  • Direct dealer network (Toshiba Business Solutions), primarily focused on small- and mid-market customers
  • Independent dealers
  • IT value-added resellers

Toshiba empowers its resellers with the tools and resources necessary to design and deliver successful MPS engagements. Toshiba’s Encompass X tool guides resellers through the assessment and proposal stage. Toshiba then comprehensively manages client engagements via its PageSmart program. Its latest user interface Elevate, which is customized for individual businesses, further helps simplify client communication activities.

Xerox Corp.

A market leader in managed print services, Xerox offers a configurable portfolio of offerings to partners, ranging from a full resale model (where Xerox provides services) to a fully partner-enabled model (where partners perform the services and functions). Partners are backed by direct and virtual resources to assist with detailed assessments, pricing, bid support and consulting.

Xerox offers a full breadth of training and development programs for sales, consulting and operations resources along with lead-generation and co-selling support. A wide range of diagnostic, operations and development tools are provided to accredited partners, along with access to software solutions that continues to expand and encompass specific vertical market segments.

Erik Cagle
About the Author
Erik Cagle is the editorial director of ENX Magazine. He is an author, writer and editor who spent 18 years covering the commercial printing industry.