Between the Lines: Celebrating Entrepreneurship in the Document Imaging Industry

2015 Elite Dealer updatedLet’s talk entrepreneurship in the document imaging industry. After all, that’s the foundation of this industry stretching back to the earliest days.

I’ve interviewed dozens and dozens of dealer principals in my day and what strikes me about these individuals is their focus. These folks are focused on winning and sustaining a business in what we all know is a competitive, evolving, and unforgiving environment. That’s why we celebrate them every year in our Elite Dealer issue.

What makes this issue so special for us here at ENX is the opportunity to acknowledge dealers of all shapes and sizes from across the nation. If we were to only honor the dealers with the largest revenue numbers or an OEM’s biggest dealers, that list would be limited to the same dealerships year in and year out.  We would be ignoring many of the midsize and smaller dealerships that excel in meeting their customer’s needs while also serving as valuable members of the communities in which they operate.

In order to be acknowledged as an Elite Dealer, the first step has always been to fill out the nomination form that we post on our Website and include in our newsletter starting the end of April with a deadline of early September.  We then review the submissions throughout the month of September and into early October, and then make our selections. We value innovative marketing programs, the ability to successfully market new products and services as well as legacy products, community and charitable involvement, work culture, and vendor recognition and other outside recognition. As we continue to emphasize, it’s not just one trait that makes for an Elite Dealer — it’s a combination of traits.

You’ll find in this issue brief profiles of this year’s honorees segmented by revenue. You might wonder why some worthy and notable dealers aren’t included here. That’s because they did not submit a nomination form. We can’t force anyone to participate. It’s as simple as that. However, we are grateful for those that do.

We hope you enjoy reading the profiles and seeing what your peers are doing. If you didn’t participate this year, we’ll be doing this again next year so you’ll have another chance.

Additional Elite Dealer coverage can be found this month online at and in the ENX/The Week in Imaging newsletter as each of this year’s Elite Dealers identifies  its biggest win(s) of the past year.

Thanks for reading.

Scott Cullen
About the Author
Scott Cullen has been writing about the office technology industry since 1986. He can be reached at