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Pandemic Forces Elite Dealers to Find Creative Ways to Deliver Value

Having a business plan is one thing. Having a BDR program in place is another. But prior to last March, not one office technology dealer boasted a pandemic playbook. It seems life has that way of giving you the test first and teaching the lesson after the fact. And one thing we
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Adieu to 2019: Final Thoughts on Dealer Challenges as New Year Begins

Call us sappy or sentimental, as while the calendar has turned the page, we wanted to squeeze in a handful of final thoughts as to what our Elite Dealers view as their primary challenges. After all, it may be a New Year, but our problems travel well and have a way of ignoring the
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New Year Beckons, but Same Old Challenges on Horizon for 2019

It seems that 2018 flashed before our eyes in a heartbeat, leaving nothing but a fond memory from a year awash in black ink on the financial ledger. MFP and copier placements may be flat for some, but many companies managed to wring out a respectable margin during the course of
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