color copying

Between the Lines: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I was reminiscing the other day to no one in particular, just myself as I’m sometimes prone to do, about the year of color. How many remember that year? I can’t place it though. Was it 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002? I seem to remember that every year for maybe a half dozen years
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Color Cost Per Page for 2 Cents; Are You Crazy?

Many years ago while I was on my way to sales call, I would travel south on Broad Street in Red Bank, New Jersey.  Located on the northbound side was a copy center, and every day when I passed that shop, I eyed a purple neon sign that touted “Copies for 3 cents per
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The 25 Most Significant Events in the Office Imaging Industry of the Past 25 Years Part 3

And the 25 Most Significant Events beat goes on as we present five more significant events from the past 25 years. If you’ve been following along, it’s interesting to see the connection, and not slight connections either, between many of the trends on this list. That whole analog
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