Difference Maker Spotlight: Toshiba’s Joe Contreras

Toshiba's Joe Contreras

Toshiba’s Joe Contreras

After working in the networking hardware industry, Toshiba’s Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing Joe Contreras recalls that he decided to join the organization in 2000 because it was a great opportunity to be part of a leading company in the technology space. Beginning as a product manager with fax products, his leadership role soon expanded and he quickly took on additional responsibilities beyond marketing. “Today, my core responsibilities consist of overseeing Toshiba’s entire product and solutions portfolio for the U.S. and Latin American markets,” he says. “This past year I was also charged with managing Toshiba’s digital signage business as well as developing that line of business globally through our sister company, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.”

Contreras’ work days are primarily focused on planning for the release of Toshiba’s new offerings, but they also include working with channel partners, dealers and Toshiba engineers to define the markets’ needs and to plan for future offerings — from a hardware, solutions and services perspective.

“I’m also engaging with dealers, end user clients and business partners on a daily basis to evangelize Toshiba’s capabilities around managing business content and communications.”

Contreras explains that the breadth of Toshiba’s solutions offerings has grown significantly over the last several years, expanding well beyond printing. He points out that whether it is printed information, electronic document workflow, or digital content on screen, Toshiba provides a very broad spectrum of solutions and services to address client’s content and communication needs.

Unquestionably, it’s been a great year for Toshiba. Contreras says that for the remainder of the quarter his focus will be on helping to grow their business with the 23 new e-STUDIO multifunction printers they introduced earlier this summer. “We’ve revamped the entire product line,” he says. “Our new line of MFPs was designed to cater to a variety of vertical markets through a customizable and simplified User Interface. Through the introduction of vertical centric education and solutions, we also provide a deeper understanding of our client’s needs and the workflow to streamline business processes.”

Contreras also pointed out the opportunities around digital signage. “The strategic partnerships we have established around this business have allowed us to create a marketing and branding platform to promote Toshiba’s capabilities worldwide,” he says.

Asked about being recognized by his peers as an ENX Magazine Difference Maker, Contreras replies that he was truly honored to represent Toshiba as a leader. He says that he had the pleasure of working with a number of great executives throughout his career, both at Toshiba and prior, but, as he was quick to point out, the most influential people in his life are his parents. “From an early age they instilled a strong work ethic, discipline and integrity” he says. “I’m thankful for the life lessons that have helped me succeed in business.”

He adds: “I try to learn something from every person that I encounter and also do my best to leave a lasting an impression through those interactions. I then apply what I’ve learned in my daily life.”

As for his thoughts on the state of the office technology industry, Contreras notes the trend of acquisitions, consolidations and other disruptions, but emphasizes the opportunities to grow market share as companies look to restructure. “Beyond that, the greater market is really mature,” he adds. “We’re continuously looking to broaden our offering of solutions and services and providing more value to our clients. We want to be that trusted advisor and sole-source managed service provider for our clients.”

Asked about what he likes most about his job, Contreras points to his colleagues with whom he collaborates on a daily basis. “The best thing about working for Toshiba is the people,” he says. “We have an exceptional team that strives to make a positive impact in all that we do.”


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