Ghosting, smudging, or not fusing properly on “Plain” paper HP Enterprise M601, M602 and M603 Series

Issue Description:

  • Poor fusing and smearing print when running normal 20-24lb printer paper (75-90gsm).
  • Paper type identified as “Light” rather than “Normal” causing the fusing of the toner to weaken over long print jobs or on different quality papers.

Identify if the Paper type for “Plain” paper is set to “Normal”

How to check and change Paper Type “Plain” from “Light” to “Normal.”

NOTE: This can be done at the printer’s control panel or through EWS (Embedded Web Server).

Using printer’s control panel:

With the printer turned on, press the following buttons:

  1. Press the Home button on the control panel that looks like a little house.
  2. Press the down button until “Admin” is reached, then press “OK.”
  3. Select “General Settings” then press “OK.”
  4. Select “Print Quality” then press “OK.”
  5. Select “Adjust Paper Types” then press “OK.”
  6. Select “Plain” then press “OK.”
  7. Select “Print Mode” then press “OK.”
  8. Select “Normal” then press “OK.”
  9. The new setting is now saved and you can now press the Home (Little house) button to return to main screen.
  10. Turn the printer off then back on again and you can start printing again.

Using EWS (Embedded Web Server):

  1. Select “General tab”
  2. “Control Panel Administration Menu”
  3. “Administration”
  4. “General Settings”
  5. “Print Quality”
  6. “Adjust Paper Types”
  7. Click on “Go to Primary Setup Page”
  8. Select “Plain”
  9. Click on “Modify” at bottom of page
  10. In the Print mode box if it says “Normal” then no change is needed If it says “Light Mode,” then select the drop down arrow and select “Normal” and then click on “Apply”

Service Technician steps:

It is not necessary to send a Service Technician out to change this setting unless needed by contract.

Noted from firmware: ljM601_602_603fw_ 2302786_433718.bdl – 3-24-14 THROUGH firmware: ljM601_602_603fw_2305090_ 000468.bdl 6-10-15

As this is a user setting which firmware should not change, the first 3-24-2014 version actually did change the plain setting to “light.” However even though the version after 6-10-15 is correct, the user/tech still has to manually change this. (Or if anyone performs a cold reset, partial clean, or format disk.)

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