Kyocera 5035 Jams

Subject: Kyocera 5035 Jams

Question: Machine was running well but then I started getting some jamming at the registration area. Now it jams almost every time at registration whether it’s single or two sided, from every tray. I’ve serviced the registration clutch and feed clutch one. I also checked the sensors for registration and feed switch one from the ops panel and they check out well. Any suggestions on other possible things to look at? Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer: Try this part number: 2FG27160. They are the pick-up/feed clutches and I replace them in pairs since they are a pain to get to.

Answer: If it is a similar registration sensor like the 4035 (photo reflector type) I’ve seen them have enough paper and toner dust on them to where not enough light is reflected back to the receiver side when a sheet of paper is present on every copy/print.  Just wiping both sides clean has taken care of it for me.

Question: Thanks for the replies and the suggestions. I replaced the photo reflective sensor and the middle feed assembly from another machine (a parts machine). The machine began working so one of the two sensors was most likely the culprit, although they both checked out through the ops panel sensor testing. The machine has 1.8K on it and this is the first sensor failure to date. Thanks again.

Subject: Sharp AR-M207 Double Imaging

Question: So, I am baffled, and this is my third post concerning this issue. I have been incredibly busy and have been putting this one to the side for more than 45 days now. I put a second drum blade on this machine from hell. It also has a rebuilt fuser unit. I stopped a copy before it goes into the fuser and the double imaging is coming from the drum unit. What in the world else could cause double imaging aside from the drum cleaning blade and the upper fuser roller?

Answer: The drum itself–put a new drum on it.

Answer: I believe I said the same thing on an earlier post.  New drum.

Answer: Does the machine use neutralizing lamps, and if so, are they coming on? How about the drum ground?

Answer: I have seen the transfer corona cause double images on older digital Sharps.

Subject: Toshiba LCF MP4004 Issue

Question: This is regarding the large paper source which attaches to the right side of the copier, for those that might be unaware, which I have on an ES855 that isn’t working. When you walk up to the copier, the icon on the panel is there. If you select the MP4004 the message “Add Paper” displays on the panel. If you open the door to the feeder the copier knows it, and if you move the feeder away from the copier the copier knows it. In other words, the copier is aware the MP4004 is attached. However, if you put paper in it and close the door nothing happens. The tray doesn’t lift, no motors turn, nothing. It just looks at you stupidly and says “Add Paper.” What’s up with that?

Answer: There is a sensor on the paper tray that senses when the paper tray is all the way down. I had one where the arm on the sensor was bent and it did the same thing. I think it’s in the back on the rear frame.

Question:  Ah, I see what you mean. I’ll be going back to the account on Monday and I’ll check it out and post what I find. I think you nailed it though.

Question:  Turns out a blob of white grease was blocking the “Drawer Open” sensor behind the rear cover. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Subject: Kyocera 1620 Weird Code and Blank Copy

Question: I went to the machine for a PM. 140K in 9 years–a longtime customer. They did not say the machine was down and I don’t think it was. But at arrival, I had a code AO-210. There is no such code for this machine but on a 1635 it means “Main Board or Engine Board.” When I powered off and on, the code went away and didn’t come back. Sometime during my mini-PM (nothing changed, just cleaning) I got blank copies and blank prints (maintenance printout). So I turned the power off and back on and all OK. I left an invoice and snuck out of there without saying a word and it’s been two days and no complaints. It’s a very cold day, like 10 degrees, so it would be nice to blame it on weather, dry air, static, etc. Any thoughts? If I don’t hear from them, I’ll be happy but…

Answer: If you check your temple, you probably have a graze mark just above the ear. This one will file with all your other “Damned if I know what I did” moments. If I added up the revenue that has come from those calls, I’d almost feel guilty…almost. Those “This thing ate my lunch!” calls immediately offset the guilt.

Answer: Hahaha. That was funny. Anytime I can laugh on a Monday it’s a plus.

Answer: I’ve seen an older CS 2550 do this also, only when running a maintenance report. Makes it tough to get the info, as there are a lot of blanks to fill in. I did a firmware update and it has never happened again.

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