Bringing Life to Inventions Sparks Imagination of Konica Minolta Difference Maker Dennis Curry

It really comes as no surprise that some of the most intelligent and transformative performers in the world of technology innovation embark on a never-ending quest for knowledge that merely begins from the time they emerge from university, touting degrees without a sense of entitlement, mindful of the possibilities that present themselves to those willing to open their minds.

Dennis Curry, Konica Minolta

A curiosity of technology fueled the learning process for Dr. Dennis Curry, executive director and deputy chief technology officer for Konica Minolta Inc. He’d been fascinated with electronics as a child, and that carried him through his formal educational experience, which included East London University and the University of Greenwich, as well as post-graduate research for NATO. To this day, he loves to read textbooks, at least one per month, on a variety of subjects from science and history to astronomy.

“I’ve always been interested in technologies, inventions or anything that relates to environments where people get together to address complex things that need to be solved in order to move forward,” said Dr. Curry, a 2017 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “It’s that ad hoc need to do something that we didn’t do before, and that’s led me to where I am today.”

Dr. Curry began to make his impact felt in the industry during a seven-year stint with HP, where he led enterprise innovations and help amass one of the world’s largest innovation programs. He was recruited by Konica Minolta, attracted by the company’s quest to transform itself and do something truly different in the marketplace.

That opportunity offered by Konica Minolta spoke directly to Dr. Curry’s desire to leverage technology in a new and exciting way that brought value to its clients. Even further, the prospect of creating, inventing and building something that previously did not exist provides him with a great deal of satisfaction.

“Seeing things through relationships with others or through my own work transpiring into something others use or find useful that become prolific in its own right and moves on beyond me, gives me the greatest pleasure,” he said. “From a working perspective, the thing that gives me the most pleasure is working with really bright and intelligent people in environments that are very progressive and don’t accept the norm as a way forward.”

A critical factor for Dr. Curry is the notion that despite whatever an individual does in an industry or with an organization, the key lies in the actual value of the work that drives that person’s impact, and understanding that the value tends to be driven from free perspective. “Cost, quality and creativity are the three pillars of value that are most important,” he said. “Understanding on a personal level, in your interactions or what you build or deliver to the market and your customers, is the thing that creates the greatest amount of impact.”

Dr. Curry feels fortunate to have been surrounded by individuals during his career who have shared their intelligence, experience and elements of wisdom at all levels not only in his interactions at HP and Konica Minolta but throughout life. One nugget of advice he subscribes to is the value of moderation, in being moderate, thoughtful and objective in everything he does.

“Ultimately, it’s the people around you who are the ones that make your life happy or unhappy, and make your life successful or not,” he said. “It’s taking care and understanding their needs, desires and aspirations, as well as your own. On a personal level, your career, work and business are important, and if you’re lucky like me, they make a difference to a lot of people. But at the end of the day, ultimately the most important thing is your family. Never get lost in your work…always consider your family.”

Dr. Curry and Konica Minolta brought the Workplace Hub to market in 2016 in an effort to revolutionize the industry. He believes the way in which the company has taken it forward with precision, belief and broadness in the marketplace is a great achievement, driven from the top by CEO Shoei Yamana. The company spent 2017 delivering on the promise of the Workplace Hub, and moving forward the aim is to expand upon the platform, create new offerings and evolve the new business of technologies, drilling further to offer new solutions based around the Internet of Things.

Dr. Curry is also excited about the possibilities offered with its Cognitive Hub, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and analytics while creating sophisticated decision support systems. “We continuously listen to what the customers want, continuously test and be bold in what we’re trying to accomplish,” he said. “To improve upon what we’ve done, I think we have to continue driving forward and don’t stop or be satisfied with where we are.”

Family is the central focus for Dr. Curry, who has been married for 25 years and has three children. He comes from a large family; his mother is Italian and his father Scottish. The Currys frequently visit relatives in Italy, where they lived prior to returning to the United Kingdom 12 years ago. Dr. Curry is an ardent sports lover who enjoys partaking in running, swimming and squash, as well as trips to the gym. Traveling for work is one of many perks, as it provides the opportunity for him to meet people from different cultures.

Erik Cagle
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