Corporate Business Systems’ Johns Values KDA Relationship

Las Vegas — ENX Magazine spoke with several dealers during Kyocera’s Fiscal Year 2018 Business and Technology Conference, held here April 18-20, to understand their perspectives on the company, the conference and how to succeed in this competitive market. Part four of our series features Tyson Johns, president of Corporate Business Systems in Springfield, MO.

Tell us what it’s like to work with KDA.

Tyson Johns, right, Corporate Business Systems.

Johns: I guess the biggest thing I notice about working with KDA is their attitude. When you’re a dealer, you often feel like you’re working for the manufacturer. KDA seems to have the attitude that they’re working for us. They came to 2017 with a lot of flexibility and commitment to growth right from the top down. They’ve been really aggressive to achieve that growth.

KDA provides strong support. For example, they give great training on their apps. KDA has some superb internal people who do initial training, but they also provide ongoing support with a willingness to train more people and even to directly help with customers. Kyocera seems to be going in all the right directions.

Everyone seems to mention their apps. Tell me more about how you use them in your sales.

Johns: Kyocera does a great job of creating their own apps and this has several benefits. First, they are able to really support their own apps a lot better than if they were outsourced from some third-party partner. Second, these apps tend to be inexpensive and very robust. This allows us to sell solutions rather than just a box and give more bang for the buck while still having a competitive price.

And third, they are really well designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Kyocera has done a particularly good job at designing apps around the education space. There are a lot of pages moving in school systems, so we’ve really focused on that industry. These apps help solve real customer problems and that closes business.”

And what about Kyocera Fleet Services?

Johns: We aren’t currently using KFS but it looks nice. That’s probably an area we’re going to be looking into this year.

Gregory Cholmondeley
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