Why You Don’t Buy a Copier from the Web

With a recent appointment, my sales process took a few steps back when my prospect (net new client) challenged my pricing for a new A3 black Ricoh device. They stated that the price of the same device on the web was $2,500 less than my price and wanted to know why we were so much more expensive.

Just as my prospect has the power of the web, so do I. After asking a few questions, I was able to find the same web store and model that they were referencing. After a few minutes I was able to produce many bullet points to the prospect as to why they do not want to take that risk.

  • There was no stapler/finisher and cabinet with the device.
  • The seller could not provide the manufacturers warranty–meaning don’t expect us to provide the 90-day warranty.
  • Installation was not included. The client would have to pay for unboxing of system and install.
  • Network installation for scan and print was not included.
  • Delivery was lift-gate only, which meant that the client would need to move the device on their own up two flights of stairs.
  • No phone support from the web store/company that they would make the purchase from.
  • Web store/company a.k.a. “dealer” was not an authorized Ricoh provider.
  • If you had to return the device, you would have to pay to have the system shipped back to California and probably fight to get your dough back.

As I was writing these notes, I wanted to double-check that I was correct with all of my bullet points. When I returned to the site, I noticed in a smaller font that the device was refurbished, which added these bullet points:

  • The statement of “certified tech” is pretty much BS. How does a non-authorized dealer provide a certified tech?
  • No service history for the device is available.
  • No serial number is provided.
  • The device could be a lemon since it is listed as “refurbished” and it’s a current model.
  • Shipping a refurbished copier from California means you’re asking for problems and issues once it arrives via common freight carrier.

In the end, I was able to secure the order from the net new client. However, there have been times when I haven’t been able to convince the client that we are the right choice. There are always going to be  price buyers, and I’m hoping that this short blog can prove that there is enough risk to make them think twice about that purchase. I also hope these bullet points can help other copier sales reps point out those potential pitfalls to their prospects and clients.

Editor’s note: This guest post first appeared on the P4PHotel.com blog.


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