Newly-formed Virtulytix Acquires the Assets of Photizo Group

Lexington, KY (Aug. 16, 2017) — Virtulytix has acquired the assets of Photizo Group, including their intellectual property and current client base, from Meritus Ventures. According to a report by The Recycler, Meritus seized the assets of Photizo following defaults on loans and interest payments of $4 million.

Photizo Founder and CEO Ed Crowley has agreed to take on the debt and will head up the new company, the report said, but unsecured and junior secured creditors stand to lose more than $2 million.

Virtulytix is a new company focused on providing advanced analytics to clients across a broad range of industries. According to the company’s President, Scott Hornbuckle, Virtulytix is on the leading edge of advanced analytics with the specific goal of “making the Industrial IoT smart!” While the company is new, it is leveraging the experience of a group of seasoned industry executives including:

Scott Hornbuckle, president, built the Advanced Analytics team at Photizo Group as the group’s director. Hornbuckle has a unique combination of advanced analytics expertise, customer understanding, technical expertise, and business management skills which make him the logical choice to be ‘face’ of Virtulytix.

Mario Diaz, vice president of consulting, another 30-plus year veteran of the technology industry with key management roles at QMS, Toshiba, Apple Computer, Avnet, and IO Datacenters. Diaz leads the consulting practice for Virtulytix where he applies his deep insight in customer experience and marketing to helping clients address their specific transformational and management challenges.

Ron Iversen, vice president of market intelligence services, rounds out the management team, another 30-plus year executive, brings exceptionally strong depth in the imaging industry in addition to deep expertise in product strategy and product development.

In addition to the Photizo Group alumni, a number of new faces have been added to the analytical bench including Nameeta Raj and Junying (Allison) Zhang.

Raj graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Science in Information Systems with a Data Analysis Certification in SQL, SAS, IBM DB2, Tableau, SPSS, Python, R, and Microsoft Excel. She has a rich background in Data Analytics and work experience with ABN AMRO bank in India. Besides her certifications, she has strengths in statistical concepts like multi-variate regression, decision trees, and clustering.

Zhang recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Carl H. Lindner College of Business with a Master of Science in Information Systems. Along with her Master of Science in Accounting and software skills in SAP, SPSS, SAS, SQL and Tableau, Allison will be a specialist in developing advanced analytics solutions.

Raj and Zhang are joining an existing team of project management and data engineering professionals who have been successful in building industrial IoT solutions using a variety of platforms and technologies including Mike Huster (project management director) and Eric Crowley (senior data engineer).

Virtulytix serves clients in the semiconductor, nuclear energy, imaging and other industrial markets which are becoming IoT enabled. In addition to developing predictive analytics solutions (both cloud based and on premise), Virtulytix was one of the first firms to develop an ‘as a service’ offering for accurately predicting Industrial IoT enabled device needs using the IBM Watson Cognitive platform called Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) in partnership with SIS. In addition to Advanced Analytics, the firm provides market data, consulting, and other analytical intelligence services.

For more information, contact Scott Hornbuckle at or (502) 664-0733.