Passion for Learning Pushes ECMSI Difference Maker Jerry Savo to Find His Better Self

Jerry Savo

As chief financial officers go, one gets the impression that Jerry Savo is a no-nonsense guy who doesn’t tolerate transparent alibis. On the other side of the coin (more on that shortly), Savo has a passion for learning and teaching, which he continues to do in equal measure.

Truth be known, Savo holds himself accountable as well, so the no-BS door swings both ways. And whoever said CFOs were boring number-crunchers?

“I approach each day to learn, to embrace solutions, not excuses, and to listen,” said Savo, a 2023 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. “[My goal is] to be an example to others, not only in what I say, but by my actions.”

Savo has spearheaded the financial fortunes of corporate and non-profit businesses for more than 25 years, including the last seven with ECMSI. His tours of duty have included stops at InVision Human Services, Easterseals and Meridian HealthCare. He’s also served in the banking and legal industries, providing him with a wealth of experience across key business verticals.

The Youngstown State University product and MBA holder consulted for ECMSI before joining the managed IT service provider. And for the past four years, he’s served as an adjunct professor at Eastern Gateway Community College, underscoring his penchant for helping others become proficient in finances.

“The rewarding part is helping others, my teammates and the company, to reach financial goals,” he said. “I was raised with a great work ethic and a drive to just be the best I could be for my family and organization.”

His greatest industry influence is ECMSI’s owner Ralph Blanco. It was Blanco who observed, “If we all keep bettering ourselves, it will have a huge impact on our company mission.” It’s a message that has resonated with Savo.

Winning Formula

Repeatable performances also appeal to Savo, and 2022 provided its share of milestones. ECMSI opened a new location and surpassed its budget expectations for a seventh consecutive year. As an encore, Savo notes the company has set out to achieve its most aggressive budget to date, with the goal of opening another facility before the end of 2023.

Keeping the financials trending north is a task Savo relishes, and he’s convinced ECMSI has the personnel to make it a reality. “Don’t settle for mediocrity,” he admonished. “Our team can continue to row in the same direction, which will keep improving our traction.”

Away from the ledger, Savo and his wife of 18 years, Charlene, have four children between the ages of 16 and 28. The Savos love to plan beach excursions. An avid golfer, he also enjoys spending some relaxing time with his coin collection.

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