Best of the Best: Submit Your Nomination for 2020 Elite Dealer Awards

Elite Dealer 2020 logo
Elite Dealer 2020 logo

While 2020 may go down as perhaps the most bizarre year in our lifetimes (and memorable for all of the wrong reasons), we here at ENX Magazine want you to know there are still many wonderful things you can still count on. And the Elite Dealer program is one of them!

As we plod our way into September, we’d like to remind you that there’s still time to fill out the 2020 Elite Dealer nomination form. We invite you to take a 15-minute break from those Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings to make your case as to why your dealership should be listed among the crème-de-la-crème of the office technology dealership universe. The deadline for submission is Sunday, Sept. 13 (please let us know if you need extra time to submit).

Our Elite Dealer list continues to grow. In 2019, we registered 137 companies as meeting the criteria for excellence in a number of key areas, including major takedowns, acquisitions, branch openings, new product rollouts, marketing endeavors and charitable initiatives. That December issue was replete with many fascinating tidbits that illustrate how an Elite Dealer distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack.

Submit your 2020 Elite Dealer nomination form.

What qualifies a dealer as being Elite? Well, it goes far beyond the bottom line. In our eyes, an Elite Dealer abides by a set of core values in dealing with customers, employees, vendors and the community. It strives for continuous improvement in sales and service. An Elite Dealer is deeply attuned to the changing needs of its client base, and that has become more important than ever as the business world grapples with the new realities created by COVID-19.

While COVID-19 may have impacted your annual revenue, all of the aforementioned qualities significantly outweigh the numbers for our intents and purposes. The industry is getting a mulligan for 2020, so do not let a downturn in revenues detract from the hard work, sacrifices and successes your dealership has earned.

Again, the deadline for nominations is Sunday, Sept. 13. Those companies selected will be notified in October and will be featured in the December issue. Feel free to contact me at or you can touch base with Susan Neimes at if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and best of luck!

Erik Cagle
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Erik Cagle is the editorial director of ENX Magazine. He is an author, writer and editor who spent 18 years covering the commercial printing industry.