A Hack to Help You Sell More Copiers

With many athletes, practice makes perfect. It’s that repetition of completing certain tasks over and over again the create muscle memory. That muscle memory then becomes an instinctive reaction when that athlete puts those skills in motion.

Since I’m pretty familiar with baseball, it’s the day-to-day tasks of taking batting practice, long tossing and fielding that builds the muscle memory of the athlete.

Over the years, there are many tasks that I perform daily, weekly and monthly that have helped me to be successful in the copier industry. In many cases, I’m not thinking about the tasks that I perform. It’s just that I’ve been doing them for so long that they become muscle memory for my sales processes.

Thus, I’d like to share some of these tasks and I guess you can call them tips that can help you sell more copiers.

Many times, it’s hard to connect with a net-new prospect via phone, social media and or in person. Most of us understand that before we call that prospect, we should also pay a visit to their website. Visiting their website enables us to get a better understanding of what that company does and who some of the decision makers may be.

On many occasions, I will scout the “contact us” page to see if there is an email contact form. If there is, I will send my intro email through their website. It’s definitely going to get read and makes a cold call on the phone a bit easier when you can tell the receptionist that it’s in reference to an email I sent through your website.

Now, there’s another little trick that works from time to time when you’re on that company’s “contact us” page. While on that page, you may be able to capture the email address that is being used for that contact form. In most cases, that email address is usually used by a person that has some authority within the company.

You can capture that email address by right-clicking on your mouse. You’ll then see a pop-up appear on your screen. You want to find “view source,” then click it. You will then see the source code or the HTML that was used to create that page. Now, somewhere on that page, there may be that email address that we’re looking for. The quickest and easiest way to find that address is to type the “at” (@) sign in the search field and then press enter. All of the @ signs on the page will then be highlighted.

I’ll be posting more hack tips in upcoming blogs.

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Art Post
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