Sometimes We Forget to Mention All of the Value We Provide When Selling Copiers

Tonight, I find myself doing an overnight in Philadelphia. My day tomorrow will consist of consuming additional knowledge about ink technology which will one day replace toner technology.  However, that’s not want I want to blog about tonight.

Last night I found myself working two quotes and emailing potential new clients all the way up until 10:30 p.m. or so.  One of those clients was in the market for a replacement of their current A4 color device.  For starters, I’m in no position to give the A4’s away.  I want to sell every A4 at MSRP. Thus, I asked myself, how can I create additional value with replacing an A4 color device with another A4 color device?

Even I get caught in the trap of preparing numbers and just listing the device, the accessories and then the price.  When that’s the meat and potatoes of your proposal, then what options does the client have but to shop your price?

Last night I added a “what’s included” and “what’s not” in my proposal and email to the client.  I’ve listed these below.

Here’s what’s included:

  • De-installation of existing MP C305SPF
  • Return ship to Stratix warehouse of MP C305SPF
  • Inspect and repair or replace any broken parts so that your device ships back to the leasing company in good working order
  • Prep and package MP C305SPF to leasing companies return facility
  • Ship MP C305SPF to return facility
  • Buy out of existing lease (only one payment left)
  • Delivery of new MP C307SPF
  • Network Installation of new MP C307SP for scan, print & fax (up to four hours included)
  • On-Site Training for new MP C305SPF
  • Black Toner (good for about 17,000 pages)
  • Color Toner (cyan, magenta, & yellow each one is good for about 6,000 pages)
  • One year maintenance agreement that includes 24,000 black pages and 1,000 color pages.  If you go over the 1,000 pages in the year we would send an invoice for the overage. Example, you went 100 pages over, we would send invoice for 100 x .05 = $5.00
  • Performance Guarantee

Take a look at some of these, this is what we do with almost every order, but do we list them for the clients? Most times we don’t, and it’s the “when we don’t” that prompts many buyers to then shop price.

I even took a stab at what’s not included. I can tell you that virtually no one is including that line.

What’s Not Included:

Maintenance agreement for additional years after the first year (Your cost would be about $320 for subsequent years).


It’s all about perceived value, and if we don’t promote our value points, then you and I are just like everyone else trying to move a box for a buck. Personally, I’m tired of moving the box for a buck bit.

Every now and then you find someone that works as hard as you do or even harder. I finally called it quits at 11 p.m. last night.  In the a.m., after a cup of coffee, and walking the dog, I checked my email and there it was. “How soon get I get the new system?” (That email came in at 11:30 p.m.)

Now, I’m not going to jinx it, and I need to get the docs signed, but the client recognized the perceived value and opted not to shop. I was pretty pumped that the plan came to fruition.

Will it come to fruition all of the time, absolutely not.  But, if you don’t ask you don’t get and if you don’t tell you won’t sell.

Maybe give it shot and see if something like this can bring home the bacon for you also.

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