Top Ten MFP Copier Industry Predictions for 2013

2012 a not so good year for the MFP copier industry or a good year for the MFP copier industry.  I’m thinking that most will answer a not so good year at least for the industry as a whole. I guess the biggest question that will need to be answered in 2013 is related to
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Selling Copiers & MFP’s: Running With the Big Dogs

What’s the Golden Rule when selling office equipment? Know your competition or least what they are quoting. Ever notice every time you walk the dog that he or she stops at every tree or fire hydrant? Ever wonder what they’re doing? They are checking out the
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The Week in Imaging’s 2012 Elite Dealers

It’s my pleasure for the second consecutive year to present The Week in Imaging’s Elite Dealer Awards. This award honors the best and the brightest in the dealer community. The dealers being honored each week starting today and throughout the month of October aren’t necessarily
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