Bryan Bonacum

The Year in Preview: The Document Imaging Industry Shares Their Big Plans for the Coming Year

The past three years we’ve asked an assortment of players from the document imaging industry to share with us the trends that will be affecting their businesses in the coming year. Often, there’s a consensus on those trends, which often leads to a lot of repetition.  This ye
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Looking Back on 2014 through the Highlights of the Year in the Document Imaging Industry

We have arrived at the end of another year and with it our final group of highlights. Not everyone I asked to share a highlight with ENX and The Week in Imaging responded to my request. After all, it was the end of the year, and lot’s to do before the holidays, particularly those
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Static Control: The Remanufacturing Industry’s Dependable Source for Quality Parts and Components

Static Control enjoys a well-earned position as one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket imaging systems and components supporting laser and ink jet cartridge remanufacturers. Their customers represent the best of the best in the remanufacturing industry and can credit
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